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In the run-up to Wrath of the Lich King, everybody is doing their own preparation. For some, it's setting up an army of characters ready to Zerg level 80. But for others, it's just being high enough level to get into Northrend, and for a few, you're still waiting on Fresh to drop so you can actually play the game today.

You are playing at these are things that I think ideally you want to have done on at least your main, so you aren't having to come back to Classic or TBC content and you can focus all your attention on getting on with business in Northrend uninterrupted. I don't think there'll be anything too groundbreaking or surprising here, which I'm going to go over; they're just some good general use tips, so let's begin first.

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It is that easy. Get great games and save money. What's not to like? Thanks again to Instant Gaming for the sponsorship. Let's talk about professions. As the final stretch from 350 to 375 can often be the most expensive and time-consuming part of a profession in Wrath, there will be new items introduced across all professions that start at 350 that will include Wrath of the Lich King materials, such as handfuls of cobalt bolts for engineering, to name one.

This may end up being a lot cheaper and a lot easier than trying to break through that final barrier, with TBC leveling on top of that. When it comes to professions, make sure your first aid is capped. You want to be able to make the new first aid bandages in the expansion. And if you are a tailor specifically, make sure you talk to the profession trainers when you land in Northrend, wherever that may be, as they'll teach you a passive which allows you to collect more cloth from enemies next up in PVP.

World of Warcraft Classic - best mmo

So how is it going to work in regards to honor and marks from the battleground? So, in short, Blizzard has yet to confirm what their plans are, but judging from what has happened in the past, we can make some educated guesses. In 2008, when Wrath was released, Blizzard initially announced that they did plan to reset honor and marks so that all players were on an equal footing moving forward.

Understandably, a lot of players were not thrilled with this decision, and Blizzard ended up reversing it shortly after. Also, if we look at Classic and TBC, players also kept their honor points then, which was true to how it was originally as well. So overall, and yes, this has to be confirmed, but I would bet Blizzard did not reset honor and Marx's going into wrath this time around.

This means you should be able to farm out the honor cap of 75.000 as well as collect as many battleground marks as you possibly can, which you will then be able to turn in at a new vendor during the wrath pre-patch for honor as well. I'd like to note the Battleground marks. They stopped being a currency for the majority of PVP items, including the PVP Mouse.

World of Warcraft Classic - best mmo 2022

If you have lots of marks at the moment, it may be worth grinding out the rest to buy the black War Tiger or whichever other one you may want, because when the pre-patch drops, they're going to cost 50, 000 honor instead, which might take you longer to get. You can also buy the level 60 rank and level 14 gear for only a couple of marks each.

I completely forgot about this. That's a little easier than rank 14. Grime was all the same, but you will be ahead if you prepare for honor in advance. Games are hugely improved in Wrath compared to TBC, and the Savage Gladiator blue gear you're going to start off with costs a ton of points as well, so all in all you will be ahead, and if you're a hardcore pvpr, you'll probably want to look into it, but not enormously so.

Next, up is probably one of my least favorite things to talk about in classic weapons, skill. I legitimately can't wait for this stat to be removed from the game. Seriously, one of the weapon trainers even lets you go to them to learn how to use a weapon, and then you have to take that weapon that they've apparently taught you how to use and go out into the world and learn how to use it yourself.

World of Warcraft Classic - best mmorpg

So yeah, I just give them a thousand gold and they max my weapon skill for me. There we go, a new gold sync idea. How about that anyway? If you play melee, you've been there. I've been there. You get a brand new, shiny weapon. You get all excited. You click on your character's stats and find out you have like 57 skills out of 400.

By the way, as you already know, you got all of those points from hitting stuff when you were disarmed. So yeah, in short, go love all your weapon skills before Wrath happens. This goes for rogues more so than any other class because they learn how to use axes in Wrath and I've tested it on the pre-patch.

You can learn to use axes in the pre-patch and you start at skill level one. Also, druids, make sure you learn how to go and use pole arms. It's not like you need to train the weapon skills, but you do want to be able to equip them whenever they drop. In regards to training your weapon skills, I have two tips for you.

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One, you don't get weapon skills from training dummies. I tried it. It would be far too easy that way, wouldn't it? And secondly, you can no longer get weapon skills from targets that are immune. This used to work in TBC, where you could train on some units in Shadow Moon Valley, for example, who were banished, but now you actually have to be rolling on the hit table in order to gain skill, so the go-to training methods that should still work will be the Servants of Razzalik.

In the Blasted Lands, these are just outside the crater where the dark portal is, "Roller." He's also in the Blaster lands. He's in the building in the north west, or my personal favorite spot, the Ogre spirits. At the end of Diremore North, just make sure you don't kill the last boss, and they should persist and be attackable indefinitely.

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If you're fully AFK, just don't leave it too long, or your character will eventually stop attacking, and you'll get auto-logged out. If you're logged out for too long, you'll be pushed back to the start of the dungeon, and it's kind of a bit of a run back there. Also keep in mind that fist weapons are trained under the unarmed section, and there are a lot of very good fist weapons in Wrath, so that is definitely worth leveling up.

is going to be in the pre-patch. That means glyphs are going to be in the pre-patch, so you'll want to see which ones are best for your character early on before you reach level 80. Some of your best glyphs may not exist in the game for a while. Some of them are bought in Northrend from a vendor or discovered via dailies.

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