World of Tanks Blitz - Wot Blitz. Update 9. 2 Review: New Shot Sounds, Shell Hit Marks, And Ranks For Tier X Tanks

World of Tanks Blitz - blitz

Roach's diary entry: This city seems frozen in time. I should find out what's going on. Roach's diary entry: the sounds they changed the traces led me to a secret facility at 38. New shot sounds are tested here. They depend on the gun caliber and on the distance convenient. You can understand a lot even before you peep out from around the corner, but what is most interesting is that the sounds inside my tank changed too.

The sound of a falling shell casing i could listen to it forever. Roach's diary entry Three premium and collector vehicles filled the streets with contraband. To find out what's going on, I returned to the garage. It looks like someone added a new option that allows vehicles to be restored directly in the game client.

Roach's diary entry I found a letter under the door. It contained only an address. When I went there, I found only signs of struggle. I hadn't seen that before. He has a smaller caliber. I discovered that the shell type and surface affect the look of hit marks. They look good. Ranks for tier 10 tanks and soon for tier 9 and 7 tanks.

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2 sorting by rank, the ability to replace missions for gold if you have a license, and finally, the thing I've been waiting for so long, quick battle results animation. Hmm, not bad. Well, I think I should check the port.

Roacher's diary. Entry 1. Something changed in World of Tanks Blitz. First, I heard new shot sounds, then I saw new shell hit marks.
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