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I'm going to go through all the pros and cons that I have found so far, and I'm going to try to give as objective a review as possible. My initial thought when I heard about this game was actually not impressed. I started to get hyped about the game when we started to learn about the aging system and how complex the trophy scoring system and such was.

That has definitely turned me around a little bit, but getting to play the game has convinced me that it is a really good game and there is a lot of fun to be had in this game. It is by no means perfect, and let's get over some of the things. We're going to start off with the big positives of this game.

This game is bringing to the genre the DNA's less herd management thing with the gene pools and actually picking out your box and which ones you want to have going around and trying to breed off. I am very impressed with how that feels, and I haven't been able to really make a lot of impact because I've only played 20 hours, but I can see that being a huge thing that a lot of people are going to care a lot about down the line.

Way of the Hunter - early access

And with knowing that the animals also die of old age if you don't shoot them, it's just another level to it, and that alone brings something very interesting to the hunting game genre. If you also have other small things like this right here, the photo mode gives you the option to at least scout around, but it is very neat and it does offer the ability to get some really cool desktop wallpapers or something like that.

A big plus on that one too. The overall feel of the game and the handling of the game are excellent, but I feel some parts of the game are a little too saturated. But what really messes with my head is when you activate the hana senses while you're walking around. It gets this fish-eye view kind of thing, and it actually makes me a little dizzy after a while, so you have to turn it off.

I have to turn it off quite often to at least relax my brain a little bit, but it is actually working. In the beginning, when I started to play it, I struggled with it a lot because I was running around with it all the time. Now it's at a point where I just turn it on when I actually need it. So if I hear an animal, I'll turn it on.

Way of the Hunter - is any good

I'll look in the direction and it won't be as impactful as if I was walking around with it the entire time. Another really, really good thing—and this is a small thing, but it is a massive thing—is being able to place markers. You have a massively long render distance. We have some tears running out there, so I guess we'll just start walking towards those.

But being able to place markers with your binoculars You could do that in the Hana classic as well. You could not do that in Call of the Wild. If you want to place other markers, there are these ones as well. These are placed by holding down the key and can basically map out a path of how you get to wherever you want to go to.

Way of the Hunter - is better than cotw

This is a super neat feature as well. Another thing that I don't like personally about Hey Badger Okay, getting photobombed by a badger is simply the fact that most of the items in the game are bushes and such. They're not really there. I don't know if they provide any form of coverage. I don't think they do, but if it is not a rock or a tree, it is not solid, and you'll basically be able to walk right through, even trees that have fallen down, and such and such, and stuff like this just takes away from the immersion that this thing is not here if you're.

I would have loved more of these things to be solid, but it also does mean that when you're taking shots, you pretty quickly get used to the fact that you can basically shoot through anything that is not a rock or a tree because, well, they're not there. They're not going to hit the bullet. They're not going to impact anything other than your ability to see them, so if you're a hundred percent sure you know where the animal is, then you're all good to take the shot.

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The shooting in this game can feel a little off. I'm currently shooting the 338 in Lapua. In it there is a little bit of kickback, but I feel like it's lacking a little bit of sound. Maybe it's just because the other games that I've played have overdone the sound, but in my opinion, this does not sound like a massive big game rifle.

Way of the Hunter - is worth it

Again, all of this is based on personal feelings and personal preferences about hunting games, but to me, this does not seem like I'm packing a massive gun. It does, however, look incredibly good. While all of the guns in the game look amazing, they really do look stunning, and we have to put that into consideration as well, but shooting them there is something that doesn't feel quite right.

One of the other things that I've also been struggling quite a lot with in Hunter is that you're walking around just tracking around and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of what sounds to be a freaking flash flood or something, like this is just too loud. I'm playing on 55 game volume right now, and it's just too much.

Way of the Hunter - review

This is supposed to be a nice, quiet swamp, and it sounds like you're in the middle of the ocean. This is surely something that is going to get fixed eventually, because I am not the only one with the problem, and I do imagine that it is going to be quite easy to turn down a bit. Something that I also struggled with in the beginning, but you get more used to it the more you play, is the head bopping as well.

I felt it was way too aggressive in the beginning, and I still do feel like it is a little over what it needed to be compared to making it feel like you're walking through the woods. Because you are actually walking at a pretty fast pace right here. We are walking, and just have a look at how quickly we're taking down the meters from the marker.

It seems to be I don't run this fast in real life. I will be very honest, but I'm also kind of a thick guy, so it definitely seems to me that the maps might be really big, but the characters are also almost fine-tuned to be running like some kind of lightning bolt, and also. I gotta be honest, not having bows in the game at release is a pretty big deal for a lot of people as well.

Way of the Hunter - review of

You do have quite a lot of different firearms that you can use, but not having bows and there aren't any handguns or such either, I do feel like this is a little bit of a con to the game as well. Another really big thing for me is simply not being able to rebind my keybindings. When releasing a game in 2022, you are expecting pretty much full customization.

You are expecting to be able to have the game played exactly how you want, and this is just simply not an option. It is hurting the game quite a lot in my opinion. However, it is something that I do think is going to get implemented, via patch or something like that, because it just seems like a major oversight that you can't do that.

This quite possibly has the potential to be one of the greatest hunting games out there.
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