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Now we're going to be broken up into three different parts. The first part is going to be all about locating and fighting animals. The second part will be about shooting the animals and tracking them down, and the third will just be random tips that I wish I would have known when I got started that I think would have made things a whole lot easier.

So in order to have more luck finding animals, the first thing I would recommend is to walk. I know it can be really tempting to run and try to cover more ground, get over the next hill, around the next corner, and try to get on animals that way, but in my experience playing this game, walking seems to be the way to go.

The other thing which kind of goes hand in hand with that is spending time in open areas. Being able to see a long distance, out to four, five, or six hundred yards or more, really helps you out in finding those animals again before they see you. The render distance for animals in this game is 800 yards depending on your settings, and if you have lower settings, the render distance will be a little bit lower, but take advantage of the ability to see things that far away and try to get on them before they have any idea you're there, much like we can do with these mule deer out here.

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250, Yards or so, another main way to locate animals is to listen to audio clues, whether those be branches breaking or vocalizations. It can really help you hone in on where an animal may be. Sometimes with the branches breaking, it spookes the animals, but you can actually get audio clues from animals that are just feeding around in the forest.

You're not going to get those branches when they're running through a field or feeding in a field, but if you get them in the trees, often you can actually hear that sound and know to slow down and look around you and to tie those three together. Glassing can often give you a big advantage, and it can be the difference between spawning the animals first or having them run off long before you even see them, so finding a vantage point, whether it is a tower, a high point on a mountain, or anything like that, and just taking a couple of seconds to scan around can help you find some of those animals.

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Being out in the open is one thing, but the real difference for me has been in the tree line. I don't see those animals without binoculars, and on quite a few occasions. Those couple of seconds, as I mentioned, to get up your optics and take advantage of them can make all the difference in the world in getting those couple of kills.

And now for the last one in actually locating animals, maybe something a little less specific, and that is zones. If you find a zone, I would recommend kind of carefully exploring the area when you find it, especially if you've been fairly stealthy. If you haven't shot at anything in a while, they may still be in that area, and if you can just kind of move around and check out the vicinity, you might be able to get an animal from that zone that way.

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If you've spoken to the animals already, or maybe if they just simply weren't there, you can return at a later time and expect them to be somewhere in the general area. That is why I said it is less specific. I think that finding animals in Wave the Hunter is relatively simple, especially if you can just exercise a little bit of patience, take your time and use those tips that I mentioned when it comes to shooting animals.

However, I think this game kind of sets itself apart from others, specifically with the ballistics. That goes into my first tip, which is, basically, don't take a shot you wouldn't take in real life. The ballistics in Weight Hunter really do require good shot placement. Maybe if you don't hunt in real life or if you're not sure what I'm talking about basically, Look for bright side shots and aim for the crease behind the shoulder.

That's going to allow you to have to pass through the least amount of bone to get into the vitals, and generally speaking, you're going right into the lungs. Now if you're taking a shot in the crease of the shoulder when the animal is quartering to you, it might not work nearly as well because you have a lot more flesh to go through and that angle often ends up back in the intestines, but if you can get that fairly broadside shot, you're looking at a fairly consistent one to take the animal down.

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After you take the shot, what I would recommend is marking the location of the animal with the x key on the PC or the correct key on the controller and paying attention to the direction it flees in. I had a lot of trouble when I started with not paying attention to that, and oftentimes it would take me several minutes to figure out what direction it ran and find that next spot of blood.

Once you've located the initial blood, especially if you have that marker there to help you out and move in the direction that you saw the animal run, you can use common sense if needed to locate the next blood. And from there, you can start to track down the animal. Blood tracks indicate a direction of travel.

If you look at the blood, it always splatters forward, naturally, because the animal is moving forward, and if you look at this, the direction of the droplets is the direction the deer ran in, so you've got more blood towards the back, and it kind of starts to get into finer drops towards the front.

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That's the direction the animal is going in, and that's the direction you want to look for the next spot of blood. And if you're struggling, you can use the hunter's sense and just kind of slowly scan around, particularly in the trees, because you're in the shade. Oftentimes, you'll see the tracks light up in the harder to locate areas.

Now if you're in a field where it's very sunny, that can be tough, and I would even recommend just crouching around. I've done that on quite a few occasions in this game, just crouching forward looking for the next spot of blood, and oftentimes, again with a little bit of patience, it's enough to end up finding it and continue to track down the animal and eventually end up recovering it.

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I just kind of random tips to go for all different areas of the game. I wish I had known when I got started, and I think it would have made things easier. The first one is to buy a caller early in the game and use it. I'd recommend a deer caller and just calling it doze. It unlocks the higher level calls, which will be well worth the time later when you're able to call in maybe a high fitness.

On release day for Way of the Hunter, I thought I'd compile my best tips, tricks, and advice for a successful hunt in this fantastic new game! New Merch.
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