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The world was consumed by a new epidemic. The infected have spots on their skin, a terrible rash covers their entire face, they cough continuously, and their front teeth fall out. In order not to be isolated, people are inoculating on mass by buying the vaccine on the black market, deliberately putting themselves at risk as the vaccine has not yet been approved.

They do this so they can return to normal life as soon as possible. What are you doing here? If you're on a date, that's cool, but you sure could find a place more romantic than this cafe on the outskirts of the city. Here she is, what did you tell her to get her to come on a date with you? How did so many zombies get in here?

Arnold, It seems that Susie is in trouble. An average zombie has green skin and smells like my grandmother's feet. At first glance, it may seem that this is just your ordinary gamer who hasn't eaten for three days, but no zombies have their own diet. Usually, these cute creatures eat human brains.

Arnold, what are you going to do, that's what I call a gun. Who is that? No way that's Chuck Norris and he's got an entire arsenal here. Now he's gonna kick some butt. Yikes! This is kind of brutal even by my low standards, but very cool blimey. How many zombies are there? It looks like this big guy is the only one left.

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You call that a punch. This is a punch. Your date seems to have been cancelled due to the unforeseen zombie attack by Arnold. Don't forget about Susie. Crikey, are they immortal? Chuck hit the gas, and that went pretty Okay, no look. Arnie You and Susie have something in common. Just like you, she loses her fingers.

Hmm, it seems she's getting worse quickly. So this is the guy who can help us. Who the heck is he anyway? Gregory Rakutin is the most mysterious person of the 20th century. He's credited with hypnotic abilities and an extraordinary gift of healing. What a creepy place. even worse than that cafe.

You invited Susie to Arnold. What are we doing here? Where are we going? This is how I imagine the dentist's office 100. It is dreadful. Hey, can we maybe stop before it's too late? We need Grigori Rasputin. This Here's the big guy. It seems our healer has drunk an 80-proof potion. It looks like you're going to have to figure things out on your own.

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You don't need to worry about him. Everyone is talking about the new vaccine. Many have already tried it out on themselves, but it turns out it has a side effect. People turn into zombies. This resting putin guy turned out to be a real necromancer. He took advantage of the situation and invented a vaccine that destroys the virus but turns the living into zombies.

Even Chuck is shocked. So chuck your turn, darn it. How does he do it? He's even cooler than Walker, Texas Ranger, so that's who Van Damme took lessons from, ooh here comes Daddy. This big guy is not going to be taken down so easily, Arnie. You're the only one left. Remember all the things I taught you and, most importantly, remember that there is no enemy.

Arnold, is it me? I knew it. Arnold, you were a nice guy. Now I see the twist. Arnold, I congratulate you now that you're finally getting married to a zombie. Even zombies can love too.

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