Video Games Tutorials and News - Yes, The New Ryzen 6800u Win Max 2 Hand-held Can Emulate It All. Amd Emu Power

Video Games Tutorials and News - 6800u emulation

It's ETAP primetime. Back here again today, we're going to be testing out some high-end emulation on the all-new GPD Win Max 2.



This is the amd version powered by the Ryzen 7 6800u, and if you're interested in checking out some emulation on the intel version, I've also made a article. In this article, we're going to be taking a look at some high-end emulation on this device, and I know there are some people out there that aren't really familiar with this handheld, ultra portable gaming PC, so we will go over the specs in just a second.

We'll do a quick rundown, but as you can see, we do have built-in controls here using v-style buttons and a d-pad. We've got hull base sensors in the analog sticks, so we don't have to worry about stick drift in the future. There are tons of full-size USB ports all over this thing. Full size hdmi out the rear, so we can connect an egpu to this.

It actually makes it a really awesome gaming machine.

Specsgpd win max 2

And of course, we've got a massive screen here, which I'm a huge fan of when it comes to these handhelds, or ultra portable gaming PCs, which is what a lot of people are calling them, but I do consider this a handheld because we've got these built-in controls.

When it comes to the specs here, we've got the Ryzen 7 6800u. This is based on Zen 3 plus 8 cores. 16 threads It's got a base clock of 2.7 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.7. The brand new radeon 680m i gpu runs at 2200 megahertz, which is based on our Dna 2 16 gigabytes of lpddr5 ram running at 6400 megahertz.

You can also opt for a 32 gigabyte version, but that's going to be a little overkill. You can pick this up with a pre-installed one or two terabyte m.2 NVME SSD. We've got wi-fi six, bluetooth 5.2, a 67 watt-hour battery with 100 watt quick charging capabilities, and it does come with a 100 watt charger in the box, and it's running Windows 11.

Launchbox big box on the win max 2

Launchbox big box on the win max 2

So, Yeah, I'm super excited to test out some emulation on this device. The 6800u is an awesome chip, especially for a handheld like this, but when it comes down to it, one thing I always like to do with these handhelds is install a front end or a game launcher, and for me. I use launchbox and big box.

This is the latest version of Big Box with the new default theme, and I've actually set it up so we have a few different views per platform. That way, it gives you an idea of what kind of customization you can do with it. I've only imported a handful of games just to give me an idea of how it performs, and as you can see, it works flawlessly on the Winmax too.

I've also tested this on the Intel version. same kind of performance. I mean, it's going to work great, and the big box isn't just for retro games. You can actually import your PC games. It supports Steam, You Play, Gog, Epic, Amazon, Game Pass, you name it. You can import your PC games here, and you can actually set this up to automatically boot into the big box once you start the unit up, and from there you can launch your favorite PC games and retro games.

You can get all of the nice artwork and lots of information. If you want to give it a try, I'll leave a link to the website, but this is what I use on my handheld from the 1x player, obviously on these GPS devices and the ineo devices. And this is a question I always get from the community on these handhelds: how well do big boxes run on them?

And as you can see, you're not going to have an issue with the GPD Win Max 2. But with all that out of the way, it's time to see how this device really handles emulation, and we're going to start off light here, but then we'll work our way up.

Psp emulation gpd win max 2

Psp emulation gpd win max 2

So first on the list we've got the PSP using pp SSPP vulcan back in 4x resolution. One of the harder ones to emulate, believe it or not, is killzone liberation.

Go ahead and give it a try on a lower-end device. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Ps2 emulation gpd win max 2

Next on the list we've got some PS2 using PC sx2, Soul Calibur 3 720p, Directx 11 again at 15 watts, and with this game here, 15 watts 720p is going to work out. If you want to go up to 1080p, you will have to take it up to around 18.

But I kind of wanted to try to keep it as low as possible right now with these first emulators, and it does a really good job at 15 watts with PS2 emulation at 720p.

Wiiu cemu emulator gpd win max 2

Wiiu cemu emulator gpd win max 2

The Bayonetta 2 runs at full speed at 15 watts with the 6800u.

Orginal xbox emulation gpd win max 2

I mean, this thing does offer some really great Wii u performance using the CEMU emulator, Checking out some original Xbox emulation using Cxbx reloaded, we're at 720p, and DOA3 does pull over 15. I've actually got this set at 20 watts and we're right there at 18 to get this game running at full speed, but there are other games that pull a lot less wattage.

As you can see, Jet Set Radio Future only pulls about 9 watts at 720p. If you take a look at afterburner there, when it comes to original Xbox emulation using CxBx reloaded, the tdp will be all over the place per game. In order to get panzer dragoon to run at full speed, I actually had to take it up to around 27 watts, but as you can see, jet set is right there under 9.

Wii and gamecube emulation gpd win max 2

Wii and gamecube emulation gpd win max 2

Going into the dolphin emulator for wii and gamecube emulation. I knew we'd be good to go and this will actually handle 4k at a higher wattage, so if you did want to run out of hdmi, or usb type c to a larger display, you can do 4k, but you're going to be pulling around 28 watts from this, but if you're in dock mode, you should be good to go at 4k.

Now there is a harder one to emulate for the GameCube that pulls a little more wattage than the last one we saw, but we're still at 1080p here with Rogue Squadron 2, and if you've tested this on lower end hardware, you know exactly what I'm talking about. So this does pull up to 18 watts at 1080p, but at 720 you can keep it right around 15 and still get full speed.

I just wanted that fidelity, and it does run fine.

Ps3 rpcs3 emulator gpd win max 2

Video Games Tutorials and News - 6800u handheld

Moving over to PS3 using rpcs3, Vulcan is back in at 15 watts with demon souls. This is another one of those emulators that's really going to be all over the place when it comes to the tdp on the 6800u. And there are a lot of games you can run kind of right here at 15 watts.

Another one I tested was Tekken 6 and Ninja Gaiden sigma, both at 15 watts full speed, but when I moved over to something a bit harder to emulate, like Skate 3, at 15 watts, we did get those dips. I'm still pretty impressed by how well it's running at 15 watts, but we need a little extra. We're just kind of pulling a little too much power from that CPU and GPU at the same time, so for this one I just went ahead and took it up to 20 watts, and we're getting much better performance.

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