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I believe Caroline should start with either Baker or Darnold in that look. I believe Darnold will start. I believe Donald will get to start this week against the New England Patriots because he said they were going to go 50-50. They're going to each get equal reps, and I think in order to balance that, it's probably best to let Sam Darnold start this week and see how he goes.

Maybe he goes a series or two, and then Baker goes a series of two. It was a preseason game. I'm having a great time at training camp but skip look, just because Baker started. The first preseason game doesn't mean anything to me. Maybe you'll do something different than I did out of that, but I just think that's like, okay, we kind of have no idea.

I have an idea of what Sam Darnold is Let's give Baker an opportunity to start. Let's see how far he's come. Let's see how much of the offense that he's picked up. I'm not going to take anything away from that. Baker did lead them down on a field goal, but it should have been a touchdown had he not done what he normally does in the red zone, which is what Jack did.

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You know what, I'm glad you have. That's what Matt ruled said right after the game. The receiver went the wrong way. He had his first and only goal in the red zone, two incompletions, and a fumbled snap. That's what happened, which was his fault. It's never his fault that he got out of Cleveland.

It wasn't his fault in Cleveland. All I'm saying is this: neither guy took the bull by the horns and ran away with it, so I still believe that the job is still open for debate. I believe Sam Darling is going to start next week against the New England Patriots, and then that's probably going to be the determining factor who starts in week one.

Who do they play? As a matter of fact, they play Cleveland in Week One. So I think next week's skills will probably be the determining factor. If Matt or Sam Darnold plays well, I believe he gets the job. If Baker comes in, he plays well. Baker will probably get the job just fine. I will agree with only one point that you made.

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The baker started the other night simply because it was his turn to start. I believe he will start on i believe it's friday night against New England after they have two scrimmages against New England on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and I believe because Matt Rule is buffoonish. Sam Darnold will start the opener just for silly Matt's pride because they gave a two, a four, and a six for Sam Darnold and they are having to pay him 19.7 million dollars this year.

Their pride is invested. They think their job security is invested in one Sam Darnold, and they are so wrong, as you were about to be. I'm going to restate my case, Baker Mayfield, it will turn back into the steel of the century. He will be the biggest free agent bargain ever because of what you saw the other night on full display.

Have you seen 2020 Baker Mayfield? You saw a healthy baker's mayfield. His velocity was 50 percent better than any game I saw last year after he tore his labrum and fractured his left shoulder, both of which are now. I assume, fully fixed and repaired and 100 percent healthy because of Baker. You could just see the other night was back to the old baker.

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Baker Mayfield, all caps Baker Mayfield, has so much more energy, so much more intensity. So much more edge, so much more juice, so much more voltage than Sam Darnold. Sam Darl just puts me to sleep. Sam Darnold is a bust. He is living up to and he will continue to live up to being the first pick in the draft, and if Matt Rule wants to save his job, which is on the line after two seasons of going 5 and 11 and 5 and 12, he will wake up, he will wise up, and he will do the right thing, which is clearly to start Baker Mayfield in week one against the Cleveland Browns, because Baker Mayfield will light up whoever the quarterback is, and we're pretty sure it's going to be Jacob Bravec.

Well, I, what do you think, well, I, what I don't know. I'm just saying what do you think? No, no i'm not we already know because of the six games that are going to happen. You can't appeal that. I'm just saying you believe that he's going to light up the Cleveland branch. Well, he was lighting up who they were playing, right the commanders.

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That would have been a heck of a catch because the collision was probably going to jar. But it did. I believe if the collision had not come from the safety, he would have held on to it. Okay, I have to throw this out there. This is the same Robbie Anderson. Did he want to give up his body to Baker Mayfield?

I don't know. I don't know about that. You should stick up for the guys that are on your roster. And then when Baker said, "Hey, you know how the game is played, I'm sticking up for my guy." I've got nothing against you. Come on in here, let's ball out. Let's get it done. And then, on the flip side of this, a young man by the first name of Richard.

He came from Cleveland. Do you remember this guy? He was Baker's favorite target in Cleveland. And guess what he did for Sam Darnold? He caught the same touchdown pass. Did you want y'all to be talking about how you wanted the man to drop the ball so your sad daughter could look bad really? did just flash across my brain when I watched this.

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I said well, and yet Sam Darnold took them in after they got the ball. It was first and 10 at the commander's 19-yard line, so it wasn't much of a drive. If Baker drove them a distance to get a field goal and if the receiver didn't go the wrong direction on third and nine, maybe we're having a different conversation because I think Baker threw a high-velocity out-of-route throw that should have been caught for a first down.

I think the biggest difference between what you and I are saying is that I believe Baker Mayfield is good and I believe I'm still comparing bologna and spam. You like bologna, so you like Baker spam. I have no use for it. I don't believe Sam. I'm not saying that he can't be a competent quarterback in the national football league, but you believe you can win championships, you believe you can win lots of playoff games with Baker Mayfield.

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I do not agree with that statement. If you're telling me Christian McCaffrey is going to come back and be the old Cmax when he rushes for a thousand, receives four thousand, or something comparable, he's always been Cmac. He just can't remain seated because he can't remain on the football field. If you tell me that Trooper Hubbard is going to build on what he did last year, the offensive line is going to do a better job, the line's still terrible, they're still crappy.

According to Carolina Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold were quote 'both in command' during their preseason win against the Washington Commanders. Baker got the start and led Carolina to a field goal while Darnold threw a touchdown. Rhule did not say which quarterback will start in their next game against the New England Patriots. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate whether the Panthers should start Baker or Darnold.
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