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Video games are an expensive hobby, but at the same time, games are cheaper and more accessible today than ever before. When the Atari 2600 launched in 1977, it cost $200, which doesn't sound too horrible until you adjust for inflation and realize that it cost $900. Imagine paying 900 to play this, Some games some games.

Well, in those initial Atari days, games were going for twenty to thirty dollars, so pretty good deal. Wait a minute, A hundred and twenty dollars for plaque attack, no a hundred and twenty dollars to play oink ladies and gentlemen, 120 to play tax avoiders. Why did you have to avoid paying your taxes because article games cost 120?

God damn it, jump to NES times. There are now 60 games, which was once like 150. However, that price point would remain at 60 going into future council generations, so while the value of the dollar dropped, article games were suddenly becoming cheaper with each passing year, except when they tried to sell Turok for 80 dollars.

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There had better be over 80 dinosaurs in this game. The joke is how many sixty-dollar games meet that criteria. These are dumbass games out here. You should be paying me sixty dollars to play this sh*te. The price of a game has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of a game. Madden NFL costs as much as Mario Odyssey, Assassin's Creed is $60, and Red Dead 2 is $60.

This is an unfinished game, and it doesn't matter if it's 60 dollars. Doom Eternal is one of the best shooters of all time and also 60 dollars. It's like if you walked into a car dealership and you could buy a Rolls Royce for the same price as a used Pt Cruiser. Where it gets even more absurd is when you take into account indie games like Celeste, Cuphead, and Sonic mania inside Gungeon.

These are some of the best games you can play, and they cost 20 dollars. Meanwhile, Metal Gear survives at thirty, and Sonic Forces was a forty-blind wonder world at sixty. What the hell are these prices? They're just picking an arbitrary number out of a balloon's golden hat. Gamers will forever be manipulated by gamers into wanting to want to buy the brand new cutting edge game even when there's nothing new about the game because it's all built on recycled technology from years ago.

Video Games Tutorials and News - dunkey

My question is, why is everyone in such a rush to play a new silly game that isn't even finished yet and costs a lot of money? When you shit, haven't even played any of the classics that have been out for years, why are you trying to play mass effect? Andromeda when you haven't even played Mass Effect 2?

Why are you buying Metal Gear Survive when you haven't even played Metal Gear Solid? Why are you buying any games when you haven't even played Mario Galaxy yet? You big shit I feel like I just have to start showing up at game stops at this point. When I saw somebody pick up a dumbass game, I didn't knock it out of their hand.

Like, "no no, go pick a better game." I mean. God of War is 17. Uncharted is 16. Doom is 25. Phantom Pain is 18. Devil Me Crying is 23, so don't let me catch you out here spending 70 on a lawn mowing simulator, like I know you will. I will come down on you for doing some shite like this. Even good games drop in value fast.

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Ubisoft junk, even faster than ever. Video games are fighting over your money, and as the industry grows, so do your options as a consumer. When I said games drop in value fast two seconds ago, I was talking about every game that isn't made by Nintendo. Nintendo games are expensive. Skyward Sword is a 10-year-old Wii game.

Mario Kart came out in 2014. It doesn't matter if it's 60 bucks. Why are they so expensive? Because it says Nintendo on it. Nintendo is the leading brand in article games. They have one, two, three, four, and five games which could be considered the pinnacle of their genre, not to mention 3D platformers, which you might as well just call the 3D Mario game genre at this point.

Not only is Nintendo the best game developer today, but they have been for four decades, and this is how they get away with selling Kirby for 60 dollars. Nintendo games are not created equally, but they are sold as equals. At 38, and Splatoon 2 is 55, and I just gotta sit here and say okay, while I would gladly pay a hundred dollars for a game as good as Pikmin 3.

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I feel disgusted and insulted when you ask 60 dollars for a Pokemon sword. Get the shite out of here. I'll give you one dollar for this game. Have you ever heard the expression, the best things in life are free? League of Legends, Valorent, Fortnite, all of the best article games are free. Wait until the 60th annual franchise is now a dinosaur.

Call of Duty and Battlefield are higher quality games, but they've been monetized in such an exploitive way that people are flocking to free-to-play titles instead. Why pay $60 for a game with a one-year lifespan when they're still updating Fortnite with free content? Years later, you got Overwatch over here.

For a game that is ten times more powerless than replayable than any Call of Duty or Battlefield, and they added how many characters and maps to that game over the years, and now Halo Infinite is going free to play. 60 dollars for this shit. This is over. Happy New Year, Xbox. Now, back in my day, this must have been around 1910.

Video Games Tutorials and News - game prices

Back then, there was a rental store called Blockbuster. Back then, Blockbuster had a deal called Gamepass, where you could pay a monthly fee to keep out one or two games, and you could come in whenever you wanted and swap them out for another game. This was the best way to game the system. I remember Blockbuster always had that movie Pirates, and it didn't have Johnny Depp in it.

I think it was a different version of the movie. Today, that deal lives on as the Xbox game pass. For $15 a month, you can get access to a pretty decent library of games. I think it's something like 300 games, and there is some really good stuff in here. The only thing wrong with the Xbox Game Pass is that the second I recommend this to people, you already know that snake ass Microsoft is going to triple the price on this thing.

Video Games Tutorials and News - game pricing

Sadly, many of the best article games out there are not available on any modern device. Well, say you want to play a Sega Saturn game. Well, first you're going to need the console, what the shit, and then the game. Let's look for a panzer dragoon sag at seventeen hundred dollars [Laughter]. Remember when I said that games would drop in value?

We are at a point where remastered versions of games are now outdated. Metal Gear Solid 4 is still only playable on the PS3. The Ridge Racer doesn't exist. What are you talking about? Do you mean 'Reno Racer'? Go ahead, deny what the shit is. Are you talking about Golden Tea? That's not a real game.

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