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Hello, I am Mr. Beast Gaming, but really I'm not. In reality, I am the YouTuber article game. This is the power of action. When the article started, you actually thought I was Mr. Beast this is because a great actor is like a magician. They are creating an illusion. When an actor is doing their job, you shouldn't even notice them.

They should completely disappear into their role and convince you that this fictional character is actually a real person. In the world of article games, this is almost never the case. I really am eating. This morning I had some soup and bread. It's really hard to get a convincing performance in a article game because it's such a collaborative process.

You need good writers, good actors, and good animators all working in tandem at a consistently high level to get a good performance, and then on top of that, you now have to graft that work onto a highly volatile program and pray to Shadow Jesus that it somehow remains intact now bear my Arctic blast.

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You could give Daniel Day Lewis that octopath dialogue and you still aren't coming out the other side of that with a good performance. Your Excellency It's your Excellency. Your Excellency Your Excellency Cloud's "Famous Pizza Line" from Final Fantasy is actually pretty clever, but the way it's delivered makes it sound like Cloud is legitimately annoyed he isn't getting his pizza.

Yeah, you owe me a pizza. There are so many opportunities for acting to go horribly wrong in a article game, and that's why it usually goes horribly wrong. Let's live together in a world where only reploid Iris can exist. There's no world just for reploids. It's only a fantasy. I know, but the way I look at it, terrible acting can often make a game more fun.

It's like when a game ships with all these horrendous bugs and glitches. Yeah, they've ruined the game, but the game was going to suck ass anyway, so at least now you can laugh at it. That's Eggman i wonder what happened to Sonic. What I'm looking for are the two extremes. If I'm looking for the absolute worst thing ever made or the top of the line best stuff of all time, this is where true entertainment resides.

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I can't let you live. I'm sorry, please, for a cartoon character like Gex. You want the actor to bring a level of energy and vitality to the role, and this is just one of the 40 000 rooms in Aaron Spelling's house, but did you know that in the European version of Gex they get a different guy to be Gex?

It sounds weird. It's like, it's like Saturday morning at Timothy Leary's house at four. Kratos, one of the four, talked like this: "Go get in the boat, boy." "This way, boy, slow down." "Stay back, boy." "My Magic" embraced a whole new method of acting: the power of "my magic." If you're making a movie about talking cars, talking bugs, talking toys, or talking fish, we, the audience, still expect them to talk and act like human beings.

There is something in our DNA that makes us root for each other. When we see another human being in distress, we instinctively want to help them or see them overcome the situation. I understood i got it. Oops, what is wrong with you? You should see your face right now. I gotta drown. My mother knows what to do.

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Something is wrong. You never want to go full on Robo mode, even when your character is a robot. You've got to give the audience something to latch on to. There are so many games where the voice actor is just blatantly reading lines off of a piece of paper. Here we go. Let's fight our way into the war base.

The sword is closed. I could feel its power. Be careful it's powered by darkness. Remember when they straight up removed Peter Dinklage from Destiny because he sounded like he was about to fall asleep for the entire article game? If that wizard came from the moon, then you've got Japanese games. Animes are always getting mad at me for playing anime games with the English dub, but how about this: if you're going to do an English dub, don't have it suck completely, as it's unthinkable to act against the empire.

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Having a terrible English dub is like having a feature on the main menu where you select between normal mode and funny mode, and this is actually expecting me to pick funny mode. I live in a place called Yokosuka, Yokosuka. That's where my little brother lives. Works Metal Gear Solid. Sonic. Mario, and Final Fantasy Resident Evil Silent Hill Americans have been playing goofy ass local ass dubs for decades, and now you're acting like we're too good for them even though that's an American game, you cringing idiot, while we're talking about ghosts.

Shima Look at this. Look at how the camera zooms way out so you can't see their stupid automated facial animations. L a noor was the big breakthrough in face animation. From what I understand, the technology powering this game was very impractical, but the results speak for themselves. You know, I really thought that Hobo did it.

Video games use all different methods of capturing performance. It's famous for having its voice actors read lines of dialogue off of a list in alphabetical order. I heard the thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion compound, and the temple all on the same night. A minute, let me do that one again.

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I heard the thieves broke into the Arcane universe as voice actors. You're very prohibited, but once you introduce face capture, it's like you've opened a portal to a whole new dimension of acting. Think of all the mystery and nuance and expression that the human face can convey. What exactly did you see them take?

They were working on the tires. That's all that was taken, , sometimes you have nothing to play off of, other times with these big budget games, you're on a mocap set with other actors and you can actually develop a realistic rhythm of conversation, but there's got to be something if the Lord sees us making for that cross that they don't see us.

Jesus, you guys act like you have never spent time in prison. Acting in article games has come a long way, and there's still so much more to say, but I'm going to close this article out by saying I'm one of the absolute pinnacles of acting, and that is NBA 2K15. God damn it, you're right. He's right for this scene.

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The key word is enthusiasm. Try to notice how you become just as excited as the players are on screen. The key word is enthusiasm. Try to notice how you become just as excited as the players are on screen. We've got too much talent and we work too hard to be playing like this. I loved him. It was very fake and bad acting.

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