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I got to tell you guys what's going on here all right. Obviously, we're in the middle of the HQ at the moment, and the setup that is over here looks amazing. It's a large scale 85 inch this is a sony xbr 8k capable display, and the reason it's sitting there is because this is the announcement of our equipment choice for our collaboration here with Sony.

That includes the unbox therapy set and the loo later set down at the other end of the studio. So it's been a massive upgrade for us courtesy of Sony. Man, the satisfaction of clipping a lens on for someone who's never had an interchangeable lens camera, you know, like Am I right, though? How does that not get old?

The mechanical connection, camera noises, I didn't even realize this one had a lock on it. This article is in 8K that they're watching. That's incredible your computer might explode if you switch it to 8K right now. This is the Sony A1. It is sort of the holy grail of cameras for youtubers at the moment, at least from my point of view.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gadgets

I've been using Sony gear for a while now and it has only continued to improve and increase its lead in the space. When they reached out and wanted to partner up on something. I was like "absolutely, yes, all day 8K capable, slow motion at 4K, incredible." With the eye tracking the digital shoe on the top of the glass that we already own, it's just a no-brainer, so the entire studio has now been converted.

This is the Sony A1 and this is what you get in the package. If you were to pick one of these up now, on top of the box, you'll notice we have some special memories. This is CF express type A, and it's obviously very high speed. This is a 160 gigabyte card, and it's going to be capable of recording those exotic formats.

There's a card reader to go with it. And this is such a robust card reader. It may be the most robust I've ever handled, and it will still handle a typical SD card, so you don't have to have more than one card reader on your desk. It's quite small anyhow. You're going to want to have those if you're using a Sony A1 camera for unboxing articles.

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I haven't done this since the early days of the channel, but they're always quite interesting. You get many booklets. We have a Sony A1. We've also got a battery to power it up. This is the z-a usb type c to type a cable. This is one of those cable relief things that's in the body, so it'll charge over type C in the camera body, or you can use an external charger.

We have those lying around as well, so this is a substantial amount. As you can see here, this is a full frame, so actually in that sense, it's not that huge for a full-frame camera, but it's beefy, like it's, you know, you're holding something serious. We have the folding screen here, which can go into this sort of mode if you're handling down here.

Over here on the side, we have a full-size HDMI port. That's a beauty for an environment like ours where we're spitting out multiple article feeds to different places. Not one of these. You have mini HDMI ports and micro HDMI ports where you have to put an adapter on there and then you're worried you're going to tweak the port.

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Here you get a full-size nice hdmi, so all your cables work without adapters. Here's your charging port, a USB type-C port right there. You have analog audio inputs and outputs, so a headphone microphone, but what we like to use is actually this Sony digital adapter, which gives you XLR inputs and manual control over things like gain, like an audio interface essentially.

And since this is a digital shoe, on the top, you're actually getting some pretty high quality analog to digital conversion. I've been blown away with what that's capable of either with an xlr mic or even with Sony's dedicated shotgun mic that they make for this shoe networking for fast transfer. Mostly, photographers in a studio environment are going to utilize that, and we have a multi-port.

This is where you're going to insert your storage media. You have two slots, so you have a little bit of redundancy there, which is nice. You can also see your NFC. We have a very professional look. My goodness gracious, he just brought it out. We have the very professional Xperia One pro. I think so one pro, so anyways, if you have a sony device like this one, you can hook it up on top of a rig and use it as a much larger viewfinder, with some enhanced features.

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One thing I like about the camera is that you have a lot of customizability on the back as far as setting up your keys for things that you frequently use. This is a 24 to 70 f28. Man, we have such a variety at this point, it's kind of wild. I'm speaking in a 12 to 24, this is the f1-820 that I mentioned, 70 to 200 over here f28.

We have a 90 mil macro, so this is capable of getting those super close-up shots of a variety of products. What's unique about this lens is that you can switch between autofocus and manual focus just by shifting this ring. This huge focus ring gives you even more minute control when you're shooting.

I don't know the port of a particular gadget or something like that. I have been with Sony for so long. I mean, we are talking about a variety of a7s, plus before that, in the early days of YouTube, all the RX cameras, which are the pocket ones. Sony has just been taking article really seriously, I don't know.

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I mean, you're probably aware of that if you're watching this, but when it comes to this form factor, I don't know. It's tough to compete with Sony at this moment in time and it has been for a little while as far as article on small form factor cameras and full-frame cameras, xavc, hs 8k. And I'm going to roll a article clip, so this is a mini tour right here.

This is kind of like a table cam. It's like a poker cam. Obviously, the monitor below there is showcasing whatever this overhead camera is looking at right here. I guess you would call this a cam. This is the one that I happen to be speaking into, and there's that audio interface that I mentioned, and Kirk is currently handling the longest lens of the bunch.

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There you go. This is our newest lens that we've got. As I mentioned, 70 to 200 has lots of reach, fast autofocus, and quiet autofocus too, and is super smooth. Zoom, zooming look at the zooming very well. So look, you don't need AK cameras to be on YouTube, but you probably want really nice cameras to be on YouTube and certainly have 4k at 120 and also not have these things overheat, plus the full-size hdmi ports.

As far as the audio inputs are concerned, these things have just been rock-solid for both the show here in unbox therapy and also the long form show over there on Lou later, so I can't think of a better setup for us right now. The way we like to utilize having a bunch of cameras, the slenderness of each one, the usability of each one, the workability of the file formats, this is just it's made life a lot easier so far, so good as far as the a1 is concerned.

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