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Case in point, smash hits that we've all had the pleasure of seeing as well as the continued rise of anime's popularity will fall in 2022, not be able to maintain the momentum that spring and presumably summer will leave us with. Here are what I think are the top 10 most anticipated titles for fall 2022.

Starting off this list is reincarnated as a sword. We've seen people reincarnated as all sorts of things in the world of anime, but how about a sword for a change of pace? This is certainly treading some new horizons for the isekai genre, and it does actually lead to some interesting results. Our protagonist finds himself waking in the middle of a forest of beasts, and he encounters the catgirl Fran, saving her in the process and bearing a heavy past of persecution.

Fran longs for freedom and revenge, and this encounter with a sword turns out to be the major turning point in her life. With a new partner in hand, she embarks on a journey of redemption. The enemies are many, but the two will also need to learn to accept each other to survive on their perilous journey.

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How will this formidable team of fran and the newly christened Shisho fare against the challenges in the adventure ahead? Let's join the strongest duo's adventures this October 2022. Here's an old school show that I didn't expect to get a remake. Rumiko Takahashi's first manga gets the remake treatment, and it's one the fans haven't necessarily asked for, but do welcome with open arms the stories about the purvi and these encounters with alien invaders known as oni sent to represent humanity in a duel against the oni.

Ataru manages to win against the alien representative, Lam. However, victory turns into misfortune as Lum starts developing an attachment to our protagonist, deciding to move in with him. As if the consequences of his womanizing ways weren't bad enough, Ataru now must deal with this alien who can be more than a handful.

Urusai Yatsura has been one of the more influential titles in the 80s, a trendsetter if you will, in the realm of anime tropes and fanservice. I can only wonder how this will fear after being given modern treatment. We won't have to wait too long to find out as it comes to us this fall. We all have our moments of delusion.

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We imagine things and often bask in our grandeur. However, some are more like Sid Gargano, preferring to be the type of character who plays a mastermind behind the shadows. The Overlord is behind the scenes, if you will. He gets his wish granted after reincarnating. He takes the role of a mob character, recruiting a group of cute and badass girls into his organization, Shadow Garden.

Together, they look to take down a mysterious cart born from their own imaginations. Unfortunately, things may not be as smooth of a sail as Sid imagined, and even more real and sinister threats lurk past the facade of the Diobolas cult shadowgarden, versus the dear Bowler's cult, who will prevail against Sid and his team in this anime.

That's not just your everyday power fantasy. Just when you thought it was all over, Lloyd, you and Anya are coming back to our screens to give us more of the crazy, funny, wholesome, and exciting. It didn't take too long, but it's not surprising given the show's popularity and the stellar reception from the fans.

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Spy Family is easily a contender for one of the more popular anime this year, and those who've watched its first season can see why it just brings with it such a fresh approach and feel for modern anime. Spy Family is one of those shows you turn on to unwind, and as far as the entertainment goes, it does the job super well, with memes galore and genuinely touching moments for those who watch the hottest show in 2022.

I'm up for more spy family. I sure am and it's going to be one of the top highlights of fall 2022. It is all sheer coincidence, but one of the most popular shonen out there will be having its sixth season on the anime's 60th anniversary. Six years is a lot, and fans have had their share of awesome action, thrilling revelations, and tear-jerking drama, and guess what, they'll be back for more.

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This season looks to wrap up the rise of the villain saga in a big way. As someone who's read the manga, let me tell you to gear up for the end game. Nothing will ever be the same again once this arc is done. I can only hope that the anime adaptation will do justice to this arc that leads us towards the final stretch of the manga.

It's pretty much a shoe in that we're getting a full adaptation at this point, so here's hoping for another amazing season as we head to the finish line. I'm seeing a full adaptation to be around eight seasons, so there's that. It doesn't take too long and it will do a lot in helping the channel grow.

We've seen all shades of sports anime, from the dramatic to the high-tension action-packed blockbusters that have come to define the genre in the modern era, but I don't think we've seen anything as high-stakes as this. Frankly, I don't think the characters in this universe have either. The most promising strikers in Japan get sent to Blue Lock, a prison-like facility where they do battle.

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The survivor earns a slot to be the national team striker, and as for the losers, they get banned from joining the team forever. However, such a high-stakes environment only brings out the best in the strongest players, and one such contender is Yoichi Isagi. This is looking to be a dark horse title this fall, and I'm excited to see how this one's going to turn out.

This came as a bit of a surprise when it was announced. Honestly speaking, I sang a lot of praises to you, for your eternity, when I was previewing and recapping it in my seasonal list for 2021. However, I do admit that the show is quite niche. In spite of the good writing, it just doesn't have the elements for mass appeal to the mainstream audience, so I was surprised that they decided to give this one a second season.

Not that I'm complaining though, because I actually really enjoyed it. You just don't see supernatural dramas like this anymore. Something that's more of a slow burn and is more introspective. For lack of a better term, it's quite creative in its approach, and while the show is strongest at the start, I still do have high hopes for season two.

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There are still more people and places for Fooshi to explore, and, along with it, more faces of life that the creator could impart on us. After all, the season 2 arc starts off slow but ends up being some of the best material that the manga has had so far, and that alone makes me very excited about it.

Seeing mom's psycho gives me the same sense of nostalgia as my hero's academic life does. They aired alongside each other and have quickly built a legacy for themselves between the two. I do like Mob Psycho more, and it's largely due to the more focused scope and the themes that I feel resonate with me more.

If youre still wondering what kind of shows to pick up for the last quarter of the year, perhaps this list can help you choose. Here are what I think are the top 10 most anticipated anime titles this Fall 2022.
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