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He had a blank look in his eye. He didn't know who we were. He didn't know we were his daughters. Welcome to Watch Mojo. Today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. There's the president sitting there signing a document. What the heck were we worried about?

For this list, we'll be going over the strangest and most famous conspiracy theories that were actually conspiracy facts. Is there a theory you once believed that you now realize was a load of baloney? Number 10 the Roswell cover-up: In the summer of 1947, an object crashed down to earth in Roswell, New Mexico.

In that roar, the U.S. air force claimed that the object was merely a weather balloon, which only added fuel to the fire, and the conspiracy theorists were right; it was no weather balloon and there was a cover-up, but it wasn't an alien ship either. The object was a high-altitude balloon launched as part of Project Mogul.

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These balloons were intended to detect sound waves from Soviet atomic bomb tests during the Cold War. The U.S military couldn't exactly be honest about that in the papers now. Whether you think that's another damn cover story, well, this better not be another damn cover story. Russian spy job number nine: Big tobacco's big lie There's extensive use of this technology, which is called ammonia chemistry, that allows for nicotine to be more rapidly absorbed in the lungs and therefore affect the brain and central nervous system.

Smoking causes lung cancer and a lot of other adverse health effects. Scientists demonstrated this definitively in the 1950s. However, public opinion wavered for decades, with new sources springing up to generate controversy and debate. Some suspected that the tobacco industry was suppressing and distorting the facts through a coordinated campaign, and it eventually came out that they were together.

The world's largest tobacco companies initiated operation Berkshire to generate fake controversy and debate. Big tobacco knew that smoking caused cancer and that nicotine was addictive, so they decided not to make cigarettes less harmful because addiction made them a lot of money. Now the work we did here is confidential and not for public scrutiny.

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Any more than one's family matters You're threatening my family now too. It just goes to show that where there's smoke, there's often fire. See how camels agree with your throat; see how mild and good-tasting a cigarette can be. Number eight, the White Sox, through the World Series. The Chicago White Sox are on record for having one of the longest droughts between winning world series at 87 years.

However, they weren't always known for their bad luck back in the late 1910s. The Sox won in 1917, and they even had a wonder like shoeless Joe Jackson on the team, yet rumors during the 1919 series held that the games were fixed. The White Sox lost the series, but the rumors persisted into the next year.

Eventually, a grand jury found evidence that eight players, including Jackson, though his role is disputed, were involved in a conspiracy to receive money in exchange for throwing the series. I think the Black Sox players saw a high reward for what they were doing. They could make as much as their yearly salary in one week by fixing the world series.

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While a trial found them not guilty, they were nevertheless banned from the league permanently. Number seven, nefarious agents infiltrated the government. The Church of Scientology is infamously touchy about any criticism of its organization. I didn't mean anything by it. I don't even know. I'll run it by her.

Their influence over celebrities is well known, but theories about their influence over the government are also out there. And here's the thing: Scientologists really did infiltrate the government in the 1970s. At least 5, 000 members of the organization carried out espionage on government agencies and private organizations.

And this wasn't a fringe element either. The founder's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, pleaded guilty and went to prison. It was one of the largest-scale infiltrations of the U.S. government in history. All of this was done with the aim of destroying evidence that painted scientology in an unfavorable light.

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It arguably had quite the opposite effect. Those scientologists, they could be pretty sensitive. Number six The FBI spied on political activists. Those involved in political protests and other activist causes are often paranoid that they're being watched, and they should be because it's happened before and it can happen again.

The tapes from the hotel rooms, the FBI reports, those are pieces of information that we shouldn't have. From the late 50s to the early 70s, the FBI engaged in illegal surveillance, infiltration, and disruption of protest movements and other organizations deemed subversive. He realized how sick this country was.

We were trying to reveal the truth about segregation. These ranged from independence movements to civil rights movements to feminist organizations. They even had John Lennon, the former Beatle front man, under watch. While this program, named "Cointelpro," was abolished in 1971, others may have taken its place.

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This represents the darkest part of the bureau's history; number five, the first female U.S. President while the United States has yet to elect a woman to the office of President by the electoral college, some theorise that a woman has already assumed the duties of the office. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke.

This left him bedridden and partially paralyzed with some impaired judgment if I didn't help him be president. What a kind of wife am i for over a year, Wilson's wife Edith aided him in governing the country to the point where she was basically performing his job in all but name. The degree of her involvement was kept a close secret, and Wilson herself denied that she made executive decisions until her death.

So he's like sitting there, and they like move his arm, and then they just release that to the press, and that's how dumb people were back then. Number four: the government is spying on you. With the rise of smartphones and the internet, the government has had unprecedented access to information on its citizens.

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They're following us. In the wake of September 11, the Bush administration initiated far-reaching mass surveillance programs both abroad and domestically. The NSA's activities in the years since have included sucking up and storing online history emails. Metadata, text messages You name it. Edward Snowden revealed a lot of this information through his leaks, including how other governments were also implicated.

The truth is stranger than fiction. For this list, well be going over the strangest and most famous conspiracy theories that were actually conspiracy facts. Our countdown includes Roswell Cover-Up, The FBI Spied on Political Activists, Watergate Scandal, and more.
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