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Before we get into today's article, I want to mention a giveaway for all of the items in this cool gaming setup. Good luck to everybody. I don't want to sit on a pancake. No, I like a cushion. Today we are going to be looking at this product. I have a product here and it's called the OKIO. It's a true private webcam.

There are more products we're going to check out too. If you look behind me, it's part of an entire setup for true privacy. They trademarked it, the true privacy part, so you know it matters. You have a microphone mute circuit breaker, so it's not a software-based microphone mute but instead an actual circuit breaker, so the mic is off.

It's off it can't possibly function. You also have a smart magnetic privacy cover. Okay, so the orozi okyo. This is the camera unit. I feel the magnetic cover. There you go. Look bang you can take it off completely or just pivot it like this. That's kind of a genius little thing. dual microphones, and a light to indicate when it's on.

This is probably going to be your mute, I'm guessing. From the desk to the chair to the camera that we're talking about, and we're also talking about a height-adjustable desk, motorized height adjustable. And look at that, a built-in headphone hook as well, so you can hang your headset over here.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gadgets

There's like a net in there to hold all of your cables and adapters and such, so you have your cable management going on. There's a touch button on here and three different color temperatures, so I simply, well, this is obviously more my preference, and then off, so touch sensitive along the top, easy to find a natural position.

simply tap so obviously, here we have a warm color and this is a cool color and this looks to be kind of a mix of the two. I'll probably take the blue one. I'm partial, but yeah, give me the blue. Man, what is this? We've actually got gaming glasses in here as well for the eye fatigue. I realized when I came in here today that it was going to be a little different, and we've now fully achieved that status through this new profile which I've chosen to adopt.

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This is the trend right now. It's all the rage in lightweight, breathable with the honeycomb pattern, and you can actually see some of the components on the inside and even more rGB there, but less fatigue, greater responsiveness. I mean, I don't need to tell you; you're aware. Look at this holder.

What is the name of this thing? There's a name for these right cables: Cora, Mouse, and Bungie. All of the names of the rosie products sound like spots that I would want to go on vacation in all of them. I want to go to Okio and Ankora by the sea with the fresh seafood coming out or whatever you're into.

I don't know, maybe there's some olive oil involved. I'm just saying this sounds delicious. Yeah, but if it was a place, it would be a place that had delicious food. We got the name for the headset. It is the Aria Gaming Headset. One more thing to mention before I jump into this game is that the chair that I'm sitting in is robust and the seat will not turn into a pancake.

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That was officially that line was in there. The chair will not flatten out like a pancake over time. It seems to be a key. I don't want to sit on a pancake. I like a cushion. That's a promise from the company. I'm not sure if that's an official promise, but whatever, I mean, you know how these chairs work?

It sort of feels like a race car type seat, with lots of adjustability here. Look at that. I gotta have armrests that go up and down in and out. This is lumbar support. Let's try it. Yeah, big lumbar guy. Does that mean you have a big lumbar? No, it just means I appreciate our adjustments. We can also go, okay.

I was up late last night. I'll tell you what. I'll just give you a little inside scoop. You can ask Willy. Do you have it? I sent him a message at like 3 a.m. and he was not happy about it. I'm not even lying to you right now. I totally could have done what you thought I was going to do. Lights out, nap time.

You could just take a little break. Don't underestimate a five-minute break. Yo, I'm lit right now. It's lit yo do it. Travis Scott, no do you Travis Scott, what does Travis Scott do? He died yeah, I didn't even know that I was bright. This is now. We're recording here with the light and all the rest of it.

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Sick attack yes. I can't eat the boar, can I? I thought I was going to collect the meat from the boar. No, did you get it? You've got some meat in there. Well, I got the meat previously, but I couldn't cook it. You can't collect the boar. So you're doing the streaming, you're doing the gaming as you normally would be, but then circumstances change and you're like, you gotta get out of here quickly or I'm doing something else or whatever.

You just reach up and check it out. The boom camera cover light is off. Then flick the switch and the microphone is cut off and cannot be operated. I forgot I was wearing these glasses. Yeah, and don't forget, you have a chance to win one of these cool peripherals from a rosie. You could win. What can you win?

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You can win the chair. You could win the chair or the desk. It's like you could have a nice little upgrade to your setup. I presume you could win the camera as well. Anyway, it's super easy to enter, and Rose's going to take care of it. They're going to actually select some people, so good luck.

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