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A few months ago. Samsung Display gave us an early look at their unreleased quantum dot OLED TVs and gaming monitors, and we made a article telling you guys how blown away we were by the image quality. Except there was one small problem: that article was sponsored, so many of you accused us of being overly enthusiastic.

Well, guess what, right here is the Alienware, aw3423dw. It's 175 Hertz, it's got HDR and it's equipped with a brand new quantum dot OLED panel from Samsung display and because James was the one who did that last article. I get to experience this technology in the flesh for the very first time right in front of all of you and today, there's no Samsung display sponsorship to be found because this article is sponsored by Bitdefender Total Security is a complete solution to protect your Windows.

Mac OS. Android, and iOS devices. There's no time to waste, so I'm all set up on this chair that we literally found in the alley. I'm at the new house, so there's no furniture here yet, and we're going to get a game on this bad boy. What do we got for graphics horsepower here, a 3090 perfect Should we talk about specs at all?

You just have to get it all right. You just have to get it. I'm going to try it. I've been so excited to try these ever since James came back from the early sneak peek. The first thing I'm going to do is change it from HDR400 True Black, which is what you'd see on a typical OLED, to HDR Peak 1000.

That's right theoretically, it has all the advantages of OLED, which means perfect blacks but with a thousand nits of peak brightness.

Forza horizon 5

Forza horizon 5

And G-sync is enabled, and this isn't just regular g-sync, this is g-sync Ultimate, so that means we can have HDR and g-sync running at the same time, with all the bells and whistles. I can already tell HDR's working, even just in the menu. Here we go. Here we go. This is not as glinty and hard as I would have expected.

Yeah, normally you'd see like, really eye-searing, specular highlights on the car and stuff like that. It's just not that okay. This shaded house with the lit sky behind it is like, kind of a crazy amount of dynamic range here, like my eyes need to adjust to look from one part of the scene to the other.

There's still a lot of details in here, like when I look up into the sky with the sun behind it, I'm like, and then I look over here like it's funny. It really depends on how the game is mastered in HDR. It seems like in Forza they were really going for a more muted look. On a realistic HDR experience, it is crazy how photorealistic this game looks on a accurate display.

Color performance

Color performance

This thing will do 99.3 coverage of the DCI P3 color space, and out of the factory we measured just a Delta E of two in Creator mode using kelman, so that's accurate enough for pretty much professional work.

On a gaming display, we're in game mode right now, just not Creator mode because we want to run it in HDR 1000, but I was surprised at how not overdone Samsung made their game mode. Usually Samsung is the king of just ridiculous vibrancy. This looks great.

Halo infinite

Okay, this looks freaking awesome.

I mean, it won't make me good at article games, but boy does it ever look good.

Viewing angles

Viewing angles

and I do not see any discernible color shift. That is insane. It's more like looking at a picture almost. Of course it's self-emissive, just like it's illuminated, but you could forget you're looking at a monitor. It just looks awesome. Like, what else is there to say? The effects and explosions look awesome.

Of course, we've seen Super Color accurate displays in the past that were totally unsuitable for gaming, but that is not the case here.

Motion blur

One of the other big advantages of OLED is lightning fast pixel response times, and that's still true here. Samsung claims 0.1 milliseconds greater gray and I can't see any discernible motion blur even when whipping the camera around.

That's freaking awesome. Also, pixel response time is only part of the calculation.

Input lag

Input lag

We also need to factor in how much input lag there is from the display electronics, and we managed to manage about 16 milliseconds from click to photon with our Nvidia ldat, which is up there with the best gaming displays. That's so responsive, it's just what are the compromises? What are the compromises?

Find me one. I actually like the clarity. It feels almost strobing. It's clear to me, like as I'm panning around, there's just no blur now.


We should talk about Samsung's brightness claims for a little bit. We did manage to hit their claimed 1 000 nits of peak brightness in a one or two percent window, which doesn't sound like a lot, but in a scene like this, would you really have more than one or two percent of the screen that would actually be at peak brightness?

You wouldn't even want to look at something that's a thousand nits. Across the entire display, it does fall off. You see about 800 nits. The peak brightness is at 10 percent, and then once you make your way all the way to full screen, it sits in the neighborhood of 280 nits, which is a lot for this much of your field of view.

It's very respectable compared to other devices out there, and when you factor in that it's got perfect blacks, the perceived dynamic range is extremely wide. High man, we're going to suit up all glowy and yellow and stuff. Jake, are you ordering one right now? Get your shield back here. Where's your shield recharge?

Yeah, there we go. There we go, watch This looks so good, so crisp. Okay, sorry, I'm supposed to try a different game now. This game looks so good, like Forza had that realism kind of HDR effect, but this is like a fantasy environment.

Resident evil

Resident evil

You know, it's just different, it hits different, All right, we're in a much darker scene now, but this is a really good opportunity to talk about one of the big benefits of qdo-led, which is much better representations of red and yellow, which are traditionally really difficult to handle. It looks like gold, it looks shiny, and I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it.

I should shoot it, apparently. The thing about HDR is that it's not about just more FPS, which is what we think about in terms of what makes something better for gaming. It's about increasing the immersiveness, and when a game is mastered well in HDR, it's almost more realistic looking. This looks and feels like I'm standing in the room.

I have a confession to make: gamer. I have never played another game. disappointed, like your eyes need to adjust to perceive the difference. It doesn't let you jump up ladders. This is one of those Kane games. Something to note, though, is that our RTX 3090 is working pretty freaking hard to make this look this good.

We could even benefit from a 3090 TI upgrade. Get subscribed, by the way, because we do have a review of that coming. Here we go.

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