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See grandma told you to not take the golem for granted. I remember a time before golums when we suffered under monsters far worse than zombies. My dad and I were luckier than most. The farm was out of the way, and we always had enough to eat, but the village below was another story. Their stores were always empty, and so, with their hearts, my dad and I tried to feed them the best we could.

Fresh from the field, come and get it, but the monsters always get it on the first harvest day. My favorite day What have you got for us this month? That's funny you're funny you should leave us in peace. Seeing as we're an enlightened democratic society, let's put it up for a vote, but I warn you, if we go, there'll be no one to save you if a spider shows up, no one to chase off the zombies hungry for your flesh.

Now who wants us to leave? That's what I felt. We have to fight back. Why did you let them do this to you? We've been through so much war. We don't want any more deaths, but we're dying right now. Butcher's good with a knife. If we found him a sword, we could. I'm not risking my family to fight your battles.

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You don't even live here, but we're just up the cliff. Keep your eyes on your own business. Mom, you've got to help us. They had a sign, something to tell us how to help the village. Mom's not there, sweetie, she's in a better place now. If we want to solve this, we have got to do it ourselves.

What do you mean? I mean, we need to show the pillagers what we're made of. It's the only way they'll take us seriously. No, you can't fight them. We don't have any weapons. We'll make do. You don't have any armor. How will you protect yourself? How's this for armor? The pillagers won't know what hit them.

Please don't go if you leave. I'll be all alone. I'm not leaving. I'll be back. I promise well, at least take this for luck. I won't need it. But thank you. No, I can't show fear. I did it. This isn't so hard. Wait till the pillagers get a taste of my blade. Speaking of which, the villagers really are sorry.

Maybe we should put them out of their misery. Break down their houses for lumber! We could use the new barracks. My bum is sore from sleeping on all this gravel. A hungry villager is better than a dead one. If they're hungry, they'll work for you. They'll obey you. It's all that hard brain work I do.

And now a toast to stupid villages. I guess with the farmer out of the picture, we'll have to take over his crops. Well, vertical integration's all the rage these days on our new farm. I promised myself that by the time I woke, you would be back, but of course, I was alone. I'll show you what happens when you mess with my try, so the golden one, right, he sure did the columns.

The gifts are many, but we wouldn't have them without my dad's courage. My mom's armor and my love golems are awesome. I want to thank him. He's forgotten much of who he was, but I bet he'll remember this.

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