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I've waited so long to tell my story. Someone needs to know how I became this way. It began like so many stories do, on a night just like this, 20 000 years ago. The pillagers came out of nowhere and destroyed much of my city while they ransacked our buildings and killed our people. I was busy with a secret project.

If our cities were no longer safe, we'd have to build new ones in a new dimension, which we called the beginning. All our previous missions to the beginning had ended in failure, but I knew my new portal design would make the difference. I had to start it up. They sent in the explorer to reinforce the front line.

He's no longer an option. Good luck and Godspeed. I can't go. I need to monitor the pearls. You're the only one who can do this. What are you saying? At the beginning, it was supposed to be a paradise, but it was still uncharted and I was afraid. We've worked for too long to give up now. But wait, your bravery is most honorable.

You can't do this. I'm a noble. Do you hear me? I think I'm safe for now, but how can I reach that portal if I build straight up? I'll be a sitting duck for that monster. Maybe if I built up along one of those pillars, I could hide in the shadows. No way but do I have another choice? Blast no tools without a pickaxe.

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I'm sunk and there's no wood in sight. I'll never be able to break these rocks unless, Just stay in the shadow you'll be all right, by now the dragon hated me, but I didn't have time to be afraid. I had to keep going even when I thought I was out of energy. Hey, I'm here. I made it up. Trust me we do not want to settle in this place.

Build a bridge out to me now. What happened to you? The gravity's lower here, so I had a growth spurt. I mean, your eyes just have an allergy to the local plant life. Let me back up. We can cook up an antidote. No problem i don't think I can do that. What do you mean you could contaminate us?

You have to let me through. You're my only way out. Close the portal. I'm sorry, this is protocol. You look sick. You want me to jump? Fine i'll jump don't worry i'm not a freak. But I was the strange energies of this land that became part of my body. I wandered for days, months, or years. Gradually, I began to forget the world I had left behind.

I forgot my name. I forgot the sound of my own voice. The one thing I couldn't forget was the way my friend had looked at me. It burned like an ember in my brain. I was alone for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't forever because eventually, one by one, they arrived. What had once seemed like a promising new frontier became a place for the builders to throw their criminals, dissidents, and freaks thanks to a new one-way portal.

The beginning was now their end. I couldn't understand them. I had forgotten their language, but it was nice to have other beings around, especially when they started to build. I wanted to help, but what if they chased me off? I didn't look like them? I was worse. I wish I remembered how to smile, but with some practice I remembered how to build and that opened the door to other memories.

I had to make them understand we had lives out there and we could use the gifts of this world to find them again. Eventually, our teleportation abilities got so powerful that we were able to escape at the end and return to the overworld. We had found our way home, but we were too late. Thousands of years too late.

Everyone we knew was dead. I finally understood what the builders had taken from me. From us, entire lifetimes gone, we decided to return the favor. We would spread across the land and dismantle the remains of the builders' flock by block. Even the villagers who had come to worship the ruins weren't free from our crusade.

As long as we are here, the builders' will not be worshipped; their legacy will be screams and gnashing teeth.

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