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Yikes, a creeper that talks. I'm not just a creeper child, I'm the first creeper. The others are nothing compared to me. Please don't kill me. Great first creeper, sir. I'm just a lowly noob. I'm going to tell you the story of how I was born. If you can guess the moral of my story, I'll let you go free.

Okay, make sure you're sitting down. This one isn't for the faint of heart. My curse began on a night like tonight, over twenty thousand years ago, in the time of the ancient builders. Believe it or not, that's me. I didn't do much building, but I had a loving wife, and the fields kept food on our table until my hoe broke.

Instead of helping me, the builders just laughed. Look whose puny little hoe snapped. What use is a holist peasant? I could feel myself splitting away. I wanted to ask the builders why, but I already had a pretty good idea. What are you doing to me? Let me go. I want to see my wife. Are you sure when we're done, she probably won't recognize you?

Look on the bright side, peasant. You'll never be useless again. Now transform The process was more painful than anything you can imagine. My chest burned as my old organs disappeared and I grew new ones. The pillagers are coming. Even in its changed state, my brain knew to fear the pillagers.

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They were murderous, ruthless barbarians. Our golems were no match for them. We have to use our creation against the pillagers or the city will be destroyed. The crafting ritual isn't finished. He hasn't grown his new arms yet. Forget the arms, put in the power disc now. We don't have time to argue.

They're sacking the city as we speak, but don't blame me if he comes out wrong. Okay, we're done. How do you feel today, peasant? I feel wrong. Where are my arms? No time to complain, the pillagers are here. It's time to fulfill your destiny. Right here I found him. It looks like it's time for dinner, man.

Peasants attack, attack. What do I do? I don't have arms. It's quite simple really; just crawl over to the villagers and explode. That'll kill me. Yeah, duh, exploding tends to do that. I don't want to die. Well, neither do we. And our lives are worth a heck of a lot more than yours. No offense, no, I have to get back to my wife.

You really think she'll recognize you now? You're a walking bomb. Now do what bombs do best and blow this pillager to kingdom come. I can't i'm sorry, peasant. Come back and help me. No, Stevias, it's okay, I'm here, I'm with you. What are you? It's me alexa No, you're a monster. You ate him and stole his voice.

I'm your husband. Can you recognize me? Stay back, please go away. It's okay i don't know how I made it through the night without being attacked, but eventually the sun rose. How would I survive without my wife? I didn't know. Then I realized I only wanted one thing: my revenge, and I knew just how to get it.

Hello, builders is anybody still a peasant? How nice of you to return. For some reason, I thought you'd be too ashamed to ever show your face here again, but here you are. What do I have to be ashamed of? You are weak. If you had done what I said and accepted your destiny, we could have had a fighting chance.

My friend could still be alive. We need to put that behind us. You dare suggest I forget, so we can get our revenge. I like the sound of that, but we're just two people. The pillagers have huge numbers. I know how hard it is to haul heavy equipment. They can't have come from far away. I bet they're celebrating nearby.

All we have to do is sneak up to the chief and end the boom. So you're in. That might be crazy enough to work, but I'm the builder. You follow my lead and my orders and get it. As long as the pillagers died, we left our ruined city behind and went in search of the savages who had killed my wife.

It was a grim journey, but my building assistant seemed to be enjoying herself. Try to keep up okay. It's hard to walk on these stumpy little legs, and is the leash really necessary? You can't have you chicken out like last time and abandon the mission. I won't let's get this over with. The sun's getting too high.

We need to carp until nightfall. Nightfall That's when the monsters come out. What would you suggest? We saunter right up to the outpost in broad daylight. They'd kill us. We'll attack as soon as night falls. End of discussion. Fine my builder friend went out to hunt some pigs for our dinner, but that had been hours ago.

I started to worry that if she fell in a ravine, I'd be stuck in this tree until I died of thirst or of something else. I barely had control of my abilities. If a monster attacked, I was done for. I wandered for what felt like hours. The woods were crawling with monsters, and one wrong step could have ended my life.

I kept thinking about my wife and how, as long as I made it to the outpost, all this would be worth it. Ah, more zombies. Come on, elder, where are you? Sheesh, stop whining. Where were you? Did you get us dinner? Well, the bad news is that I didn't find any food. The good news is that I did a little recon and am bound to the pillar outpost.

It really is that easy. Come on, now's our chance to strike. Even then, I knew something was off. The builders' reports seemed too good to be true, but I was either too tired, too scared, or too hungry to protest, so off we went. This is it. Come on, wait, wasn't this going to be a stealth mission?

Sneak in and take out the chief. That was the old plan. This is the new plan. Okay, barge in and blow up as many of them as you can. That outpost was completely deserted, which didn't make much sense. Something wasn't right here. Where was everybody? Shouldn't there be pilgers celebrating everywhere upstairs?

I think there was probably only one way to find out. Let me fix your leash, builder. Is there something you're not telling me? Of course not. Let me snag you real quick. We're here with one biological super weapon as promised. You've done well, builder. Our chief will be most pleased. Wait, builder, how could you?

The revenge thing was fun at first, but we need to be realistic peasants. Spare our lives as long as you live in their dungeon and terrorize a few villages every week. It sounds good. Well, you don't really get to say here, feel free to round them up, stay back. It looked like my life was over, like I'd never get my revenge, but then something amazing happened.

But it wasn't over. The sheer force of my rage was enough to put me back together. Some of my pieces were furious enough to become entire new beings. Eventually, there were millions of us. The builders and pillagers who had wronged us came to know us by a single word: creeper. And creep we did across the land, into caverns, ravines, and their nightmares.

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