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I'm going to share it with you. So in this article, I want to talk about a style secret that no one ever talks about. If you want to step up your style game, you want to enhance your looks. This is the article for you, basically. The secret boils down to two simple, short words: take risks. I know that sounds simple to do, but it's not.

It is a process that can be very difficult to do. We are creatures of habit. We like things the way we like them. A lot of us can be trapped in certain decades. It's really hard to step outside of your style comfort zone, so in this article I want to talk about how to do that, how to go through that process, how to push yourself, and I'm going to share some concrete examples of ways that I've pushed myself and talk more about my journey toward being uninhibited when it comes to style.

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Are you ready? Let's do this. I would say my process of pushing myself in the style department started way back when I was 25 years old and working for the Miss Universe organization, in new york city i worked for a female boss who was like Miranda Priestley from the Devil Wears Prada. She was terrified.

One day, she called me in her office, and she said you have to go to Bergdorf Goodman to get a gift for one of the former Miss Universes. I said, "Okay, no problem," and walked over to Bergdorf. I've ever been into the New York City Bergdorf. You know, it is a very swanky store. It's eight stories high and the decor is over the top gorgeous, and I was a poor girl from Watertown, New York, with four kids.

I didn't have any money, like this was so far out of my element that my literal body froze, so it's not like you go from a to z, it's not possible. You have to take steps toward z. I don't belong in a store like that. That's the story I told myself. And then you look for evidence to back up your story.

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Well, what's the evidence? The evidence is the people that work there, like sizing you up and down, looking you up and down, or saying in a kind of snotty tone, "May I help you." You want to be like, " Punch him in the face." ( So that was when I was 25. Fast forward 20 years. I'm 48 now. I'm not saying it's going to take you this long.

I started walking back into super high-end swanky stores. It took me that long. That's one of the first most impactful stories I wanted to share with you. That feeling that you get when something is out of your comfort zone. So that was way out of my comfort zone. Another example I have is that when I was at WCBCS in New York, I worked with a very well-known fashion designer who was around my age.

She was an upper east-sider. She was from a very affluent family. She knew all about designers, brands, and brands and all about fashion, and at that time I really didn't know about fashion. I really didn't have that kind of background. We had a Woolworth's in Watertown and then we had a TJ McCann.

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I think that was the shoe store. We didn't have much else. We had to travel like an hour and 20 minutes to get to a shopping mall and the fanciest store. There was a gap. I didn't have a lot of exposure to fashion other than what I saw in fashion magazines. This whole thing is like an opening to this world of fashion and designers and stores and brands.

High-end designers were completely foreign and new to me, so I remember this gal. We had really good rapport, but she would make fun of myself for not knowing who a designer was, and she would make fun of me for not really caring about my hairstyle because I didn't. I wore my hair pulled back in a bun every single day.

I think I just got out of the shower, pulled it back wet and wore it to work like that, so she would make fun of me for that too. I could have used all of that as evidence that I don't know anything about designers. I don't know anything about fashion. I don't belong in that world. I don't care enough about my hair, so you know, that's just who I am and I'm going to be like go on the other side of the spectrum and be a real tomboy.

I could have fed into all of those stories and beliefs, but instead I used them as fuel to learn, explore, and get curious. Now I want to talk about some of the smaller risks that I took to help me get comfortable. With fashion and these, I always say these are seemingly small things, but they can have a huge impact over time, because if you go too big too soon, it's not going to work.

Style risk #1 | bold lips

Style risk #1 | bold lips

The first one, bold lips, I just shared in a reel on Instagram. I don't know, like 10 years ago or something, I had a personal assistant. This is back when I was seeing clients and she was wearing this beautiful bold red lip and I was like, "That looks gorgeous on you, but I couldn't pull that off." She said, "Well, why not?" I was like, yeah, why not, and I realized This thought led to another like "I'm going to buy a bold lipstick and I'm going to try it, and you know what else I decided to buy?" I decided to buy things like green eyeshadow and purple eyeshadow.

The important thing to note, by the way, is that you don't take these fashion risks or these beauty risks and have it all go smoothly; it never goes smoothly. I'll give you an example. I wore this bold lipstick to a wedding recently, and one of my husband's friends came up to me like a deer in the headlights.

I've never seen a lipstick that bright before. Not even kidding. Okay, thank you. I think, you know, it was so awkward. I didn't know what to say. But you think I'm going to stop wearing the lipstick because, you know, Doofus thinks it's too bright. No, I'm not saying he's a doofus, but you know what I'm saying, it never goes smoothly, like someone's always going to comment.

Your spouse may say something to you, your boyfriend may say something to you, your partner may say something to you, your best friend may say something to you, and you can't let that stop you. So that's one small risk that I made another one.

Style risk #2 | turban

Style risk #2 | turban

I don't know how small it is, but I wore a turban. I know I wore a turban in Mexico on vacation. So I think if you are risk-averse in the fashion department, trying to wear things or trying things on vacation is a great way to go about it. I bought it in a store in Tulum, Mexico and wore it with this gorgeous patmo dress turban, which by the way is by Mary Kay Clavierell.

I think it's gorgeous. I think my husband looked at me like, "All right, we're going for the turban tonight." I'm like, "Yep, we are." "Rock on." It's never without incident. My husband's my number one fan. I love him to pieces. Don't let that discourage you; just laugh it off.

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