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And no, I'm not talking about America. Today I'm talking about potatoes. Well, this game answers that age-old question. Finally, we can see a weaponized potato in action, and it's pretty decent. I mean, he shoots the gun at the monsters that are attacking him, but like, look, it's only one gun and he doesn't even chew that quickly, like jeez, that's really slow.

The game is simple. Your potato will automatically attack with their weapon and will evolve and mutate into a gunslinging demigod. So yes, we have solved what happens when you give a potato a gun. It shoots at monsters. Job done wrap it up. It's time to end the article. But wait, we can answer the next most age-old question: what happens if we were to give a potato?

Yes, six guns. Yes, that's right, six entire guns. Okay, it took a bit of time and saving and buying, but here we are. This is a fully weaponized potato equipped with six guns. This is the maximum number of guns a potato can carry. Everyone knows that fact. It is simply impossible for them to hold more.

The game simply wouldn't take it. And as any American will tell you, whilst having one gun is good and having six guns is great, it's not going to be enough. I mean, what happens if the Brits come back and try to reinstate the immortal deity known as Queen Lizzie too? I mean, we need to have at least 10 guns to shoot down one of the giant mind control blimps that we have, and if you don't do that, then we'll be able to use them to assert control and britify those yanks.

So we need more guns, and that's where I step into the picture. This game isn't released yet, which means that for a professional article game exploiter like me, this is a veritable treasure trove of potentially broken features. So yes, it's time for the spiffing Brit to see if Tato is a perfectly balanced game or if perhaps printing infinite guns is a problem .

Multiple guns

Multiple guns

So when I say we're going to be printing infinite guns, there are a few ways in which we can do this and a few characters that we can do this with. For example, with your average potato, you simply select the character you want to play, select the weapon you want to use, and we're bam, you're away with that one weapon.

Look, we have a taser. It's not very good. We are going to die here really, really quickly. But we don't need to limit ourselves to one taser. no no, if we want multiples, then there are a few things we can do. The easiest exploit is simply to select the weapon that you want to have, then click on the weapon, and then very quickly press escape.

This takes us back to the character selection screen. We can then repeat this process multiple times. And this is how we start with three tasers. This is, of course, a lot better than starting with one, but as you can only have up to six weapons, it's still not necessarily a path to infinite success, so could we have more than just those few weapons?

The answer is, of course, yes, and this is where auto-clickers come into the mix. Because as you select your weapon, you can get as many of the starting weapons as you like, provided you click as many times as you want on that weapon before the game actually loads in, so for that reason. I've loaded my auto clicker up on my mouse and I'm about to select the pistol as many times as possible.

We've loaded into the game here with 22 out of six pistols. Now for a game that limits you to just six guns, having 22 of them is pretty useful as we can just simply spawn in here and, as you can hear, the game's sounds are a little bit bugged out at the moment, but generally speaking, we have more guns than we will ever need and enemies are just not able to get close to us.

This is good, but it's not perfect. 22 pistols is fine, but we have a few limitations. They're very slow-firing weapons.

Exploiting potato guns

Exploiting potato guns

So what if we were to try something different? Well, allow me to present to you the perfectly balanced class of the one-armed. The one-armed is someone who only has one arm, but similar to your average Twitch viewer who only watches the hot tub category, that one arm is incredibly powerful.

Consequently, it has a plus 200. Attack speed and all damage gains are increased by 100 percent, with the only drawback being that you can only equip one weapon at a time. This is, of course, very powerful. The starting pistol here is now actually doing really well. It shoots very, very fast indeed, and these enemies, well, they don't really stand up to it, so that's a great success.

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But of course, you're limited to just one weapon, and nobody wants to be limited to just one weapon. We can't even buy another pistol. It's just impossible. We could maybe discard this weapon and pick up a spear, but hey, a spear is not exactly very good looking. We can stab it real quick. Great, and we're just going to die here.

You're the worst weapon in the game. Petty so we need multiples of a weapon, and so for that reason, we're going to do something very majestic. We're going to select the one armed here, and then we're going to get as many SMS as possible. We're going to use a mix of both exploits by using an auto clicker as well as just this escape function to see how many SMGS we can get.

As you can see, we've now spawned in with 33. Of course, this is very good because, as you can see, wave one is now a little easier than it used to be. Having that additional attack speed is very useful and, despite the fact that we're only doing one damage per shot, and that's kind of all the damage we need to do when we fire a million bullets, so bam, wave one complete.

Video Games Tutorials and News - american game

I'm going to stack as many attack speed modifiers as I possibly can, and we're going to see just how easily we can break this game. Every time we level up, we get to mutate ever so slightly, but we can also speed up the game a bit by simply killing people. Because once you kill every wave of monsters, the next wave spawns in, meaning the faster you can clear the waves, the more monsters you fight, and consequently, the more experience you're going to get, and we can pick up a nose here.

Now a nose increases your luck. Everyone knows that it is just scientifically accurate, and then we'll also pick up reflexes. Again, this is fantastic. Our rate of fire is certainly looking very good now. It sounds absolutely glorious. One damage is all we need to pretty much wipe out every enemy in the game.

But of course, the game will get harder as more and more enemies spawn in, and so we must scale accordingly. We must not sit on our potato-based laurels. We must thrive and improve. Luckily, we're starting to face superior enemies, ones that can even fire long-range shots at us, but luckily they also drop more experience, and generally speaking, whenever an enemy spawns in, it dies nearly instantly thanks to the sheer rate of fire of our glorious minigun.

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