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But someone said in the chat earlier, which is maybe kind of what I want to talk about more today, is that, I don't know, it feels like the lore has sort of run dry. The lore in the game is kind of running dry. We're all just making random ass theories, and that's pretty much it. It's because they didn't write any lore.

I am telling you, I don't think they finished the lore and they did it on purpose. Is that too far of a stretch to say here? I don't think they finished writing anything because they didn't need to. They knew the community would just come up with random crap. Are we just writing the DLC for them?

They're like, "That's a cool idea." Let's make that into a DLC. What's your favorite software game? I don't think it's this one. I like Eldon's Ring because it's a fantastic open world game and I really wasn't even a fan of open world games before Elden's Ring, but I don't think it's this one. This game has a lot of cool stuff going on.

I absolutely love how refined it is based on every other game out there. Do you all think that the biggest issue with Eldon Ring is that the game is too big? Also, to answer your question, I would say my favorite software game is Dark Souls 3. I have 1500 hours in Dark Souls 3. Hell no, yes, kind of, I want it bigger.

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Yeah, it's sort of like a kind of right because that was the main appeal in the cell to the game. It was "This is Big Dark Souls." It's really, if you want to describe the Eldren Ring in a very basic way, it's Big Dark Souls, and that's totally fine, but the game is so large, that at least for me, and press one in chat if you agree with me.

The game is so big and there are so many kinds of tedious things that I have to do to make my character somewhat strong, by gathering smithing stones or going way out somewhere to get an item or a weapon or whatever. So it's too much of a hassle to do that, so I just don't want to do that. At least starting a new character is fun, like new game plus runs are fun for a while, and then you get to new, I think it's new game plus seven.

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I might be wrong on that. I think it's a new game plus seven where all the difficulty just kind of plateaus. It's going to be as hard as it gets. Your character is obviously going to be extremely strong and just keep playing through the game with the character that you build or whatever, but then after that, there's like really no point to it.

There's almost no direction. I don't think there needs to be direction. I'm going to sit on the throne right in front of his face. Never mind, yeah, screw direction. I don't play Eldren's Ring to have direction because I think it's the best open world game that there ever was. I don't think you can make an open world game better than they made this one.

In my opinion, I know there are tons of balancing issues, you know, reused bosses all over the place, but I love the fact that they don't give me a quest marker on the map and tell me where to go. That's so awesome. The big issue with that, though, and I think the big issue with the Eldren Ring in general, is that you only get that experience.

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In my opinion, it is the first playthrough of this game, maybe even the second playthrough, just because on a second playthrough, at least for me, there was plenty of stuff that I missed. I completely missed Melania. On my first playthrough, I had to get her a new game plus one. I had no idea where she was, but I saw her in the trailer and I was like, wow, where is this red-haired chick, like where did she go?

I never saw the flame of frenzy. I never went that deep into the sewers. I didn't know how to get there. I got lost in the sewers. I gave up. Went away so you only get that experience, that open world sense of discovery experience, once, maybe two. Playing the game for the second or third time, like we were just talking about, some things feel tedious.

That's just because you know where those tedious things are. In our first and second playthroughs, we didn't know what was tedious or not. I can tell you I've done 100 percent of the game. We did it all on stream. It's boring i didn't like that dungeon. I don't like the item you get at the end of the dungeon.

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I don't like the boss at the end of not just that dungeon but maybe just an area in general. There are areas that I will quite literally just never go back to. And I don't know why I just avoid that area completely. There's not a lot in here besides the one castle that becomes invisible and you have to unlock it, and then the worm-face boss, and that's kind of it.

Yeah, this right here. I think it disappears if I get too close. Yep, there we go, it's gone, but the first time I played this game, on my first playthrough, when I saw that. I was like , That's so cool, right, but just as I just showed you. I'm coming up here and I'm like. I already know it's going to disappear.

I have to do this tedious puzzle. I already know the locations to open up the castle. You're right, but how much goes into, or even gets into, this area after your first playthrough? You have to find either the dectus medallions or one and two, which one is in the lower part where it's like the missing wood, it's in that castle where Kenneth Hyde is, and then the other one is in Kaelin, in the fort.

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If you get both of those, then you can take the deck lift, and then you can become You can get to all of this plateau, and then you can technically get here, or you can go through the mines. How long does it take for you to ride there? Let's say you get a torrent on your next playthrough. You have to see Melania, at whatever you get her, at the gate front or whatever, and then you have to ride.

You can totally skip the castle. You can go this way, you can go the other way, but you have to go all the way through the lake, and mind you, this is just a straight shot. You are just going to the mines to just get to Ulta's plateau to get whatever item you like in this area. That's going to take you so much time, and then you're going to get here way before you want to.

You're not going to have an If you get into any fight, you're going to die, so then you have to go get like smithing stones. I find it so annoying to collect regular smithing stones so that I can upgrade one of my weapons. I don't know if you guys are like that as well. I would rather collect socks.

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They're much easier to get. You know, we have to get the altus plateau to advance the game anyway. I know where all of those good minds are as well. I just beelined it right to those. But the entire point of why I'm talking about that is because you're just beelining at that point. You're like, "I know where those good somber smithing stones are." I know where those good smithing stones are, like mass quantities of them.

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