Video Games Tutorials and News - Texas Tech Steals Home To Win The Game, A Breakdown

Video Games Tutorials and News - a breakdown

Texas and Texas Tech. In the bottom of the 10th inning, these two teams played back-to-back crazy games. If you were there, you're lucky. use seat geek code John Boy gets you 20 off seat geek. Apparently, the first pitch inside was to Kurt Wilson, who looks at him and says, "I didn't like that." Don't come inside again.

Come inside again. Don't like it again. The 2-1 ball, but outside, that's good, and then they say he did not swing, so he's off to first base. He represents the winning run for Texas Tech. He's trying to beat number two seed Texas. He dives back to first, then dives back to first again. They're trying to pick him off.

He's like, "This sucks." I don't like it now. This pitcher on Texas. One just looks like a Texas pitcher, just kind of built like one looks down. 2-0 pitch the next kid is a strike and then another pick off. They're worried about this guy because he's the winning run. He scores, the game's over, and he walks another batter, so now he's got two on and now the winning run is at second base and over here, the pitcher actually does a good job holding him on.

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He looks at him, looks back, looks at him again, looks back. He doesn't do his normal routine. It doesn't last long. They bunt the runner over. They got out at first. Now the third base coach gets in Wilson's ear and he's like, hey, I'm going to need you to watch something. as soon as he gets the sign.

He looks down at one Mississippi, two Mississippis, rocks his foot for three seconds, then looks back up at the pitch. One mississippi, two mississippi, and three mississippi. And then, I hope you're noticing this, Wilson. That's probably what the third base coach is saying. One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi, and then up, real bad rhythm, real bad pattern.

He should probably change it. One mississippi, two mississippi, three miss and up. Okay, here's the one-two pitch and he gets the strikeout, so now this pitcher's third base coach is just letting him know, hey, we get the two strikes or you got to take off. Maybe he said that, maybe he didn't. That's what happens, spoiler.

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So one Mississippi two, Mississippi three, Mississippi up, first pitch to this kid, and they've got a lefty up now, so the lane home to slide in is there. One mississippi two, mississippi three, the o1 pitch, another strike, so now this guy's one strike away from getting out of this jam with the go ahead runner on third, only he never gets the option Watch how this plays out.

He gets the sign and looks down. He's in his own element. Everyone's screaming, everyone's up. Game over he doesn't even know what's happening. Wilson, screaming in his face, steals home to win the game. It's incredible that the pitcher let that happen. I mean, it's an easy fix, and that's a good thing moving forward, but the entire stadium knew what was happening before he did.

I don't think the batter and the umpire knew. I don't think the home plate umpire ever knew what the batter clearly did right here. I don't think he knows what's happening. I think he is like, "What?" and then he looks at him. He goes, "He scored," and you look here. I have the guy up here. He's second to no catch, obviously first because if you go to the beginning of the play, the catcher is looking down.

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The catcher is now looking at the runner, who at this point is taking off. He's still, I don't think he still understands right here. I think it's right there. It's right when his arms kind of drop, like right look at the pitcher's arms. I don't think he knows at all. He's looking down, looking down, looking down.

He gets so far that the fan was easily the first to know that the first one up award went to that he beat his section by a lot, and the guy gets so far, look how far the runner is before the pitcher even looks up, so stupid, and then we have the in the dugout shot matched up, you can see him getting off here.

The guy goes back and then just takes off and nobody notices. The entire stadium notices. The entire stadium, besides the pitcher, notices the guy. He tosses his helmet. You can see on the bottom screen, right here he's running down here and you're going to see him toss his helmet and then up here on the top screen, you're going to see that land right before the coach.

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Well, it's a cool double shot, the dugout and the fan shot. Well, does it get any better than that for Kurt Wilson? It sure does. They do their chant, they sing, they smile. He sticks his tongue out a little bit. The very next day, they're in the 10th inning again. The bases are loaded. They're tied 12 to 12.

And Kurt Wilson is up 1-0. He's rocking and rolling and rocking. He feels good about himself. How could you not walk it off yesterday by stealing home? He's going to hit a walk-off grand slam, absolutely. He is a man. You know, if you had tickets to both of these games, it could have been you.

high five solid contact Hey hey, square it up so they meet in the middle. A perfect high five.

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