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Hi, I'm Agent Davis, and today I'll show you how to set up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership on a few devices. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a membership from Microsoft that gives you access to hundreds of high-quality games and more, plus you get to enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live Gold play and even play across devices from the cloud.

I'll show you how that works later in the article. First, here's what you'll need: an Xbox or a Windows Mobile device. For this article, I'll be using an Xbox series, an ASUS ROG gaming laptop, and a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G smartphone. The steps might be a little different depending on your device.

There are a few ways to join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Today I'm going to show you three. first on an Xbox, second on a computer, and third on a mobile device. Let's get started with the first option, using an Xbox. Start by going to the Microsoft store and then selecting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

On the left hand, select "Redeem." great Now let me show you how to use it. Go to the Xbox Game Pass app on your console and select it. Find the game you're looking for or select "show all" to see all the games that are available with the membership. When you find the winner, select it and choose install.

Video Games Tutorials and News - game pass

I'm going to pick Halo 5. After the game is installed, you can launch it and begin playing. It's that simple. Now let's move on to the second method, using a computer. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to stream games on your computer through the Xbox app or your browser. You can also download through the app and play most of them locally too, if that's what you prefer.

But if you do plan to stream your gameplay, you'll need to pair your Xbox controller to the computer, so I'll show you how to do that. Now press and hold the pairing button on the Xbox controller until the Xbox button starts flashing. Click the start button on your computer, then Settings. Then click on devices.

Click on "Add Bluetooth or other device." Next, click on Bluetooth. Now open a supported browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and go to {913}. Next, click on Sign In and then Log In to your Xbox account. Look through the games and select the one you want to play. I'm going to choose Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Video Games Tutorials and News - game pass ultimate

Select play the stream will start its setup, including connecting the controller and launching the game. That's it play away alright, moving on to the third option of using your Xbox Game Pass ultimate membership through a mobile device, but first a few call outs. The games are streamed from the cloud to your device.

This is useful, especially if you started the game on another device like your Xbox and you want to pick up where you left off on your phone. You can do that because the games are streaming, and internet speeds and connectivity are critical. You need to have a connection speed of at least 10 megabits per second for most, but some require at least 20.

Lastly, some games on your mobile device support using your touch screen. Others might require you to pair a controller that came with your system. Just make sure you check before you start. Alright, call outs are complete. Let me show you how to start using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your mobile device.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gamepass

First, download and install the XBOX Game Pass app. Open the app and sign in with your Xbox account. Select the cloud option. Then find the game you want to play. I'm going to select Halo 5 so I can continue the game I started on my console earlier. Click Play the streaming process will begin, and you'll be gaming in no time.

There you have it, three ways to set up and use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate across three devices. Hopefully this article was helpful. If it was, give it a like.

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