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For the longest time, my little brother's room was mine, and today, we're changing it to his dream gaming setup. So this is my little brother, and for the longest time, he's had the worst setup I've ever seen. One of the things my brother always wanted was a gaming PC. He's always going on about it every single day.

What is your dream of reaching 15, 16, and saving for something like a PC that plays PC? You're saving up for a gaming PC. Okay, for a long time, but since it's his birthday, I'm going to go all out and change his room to his dream gaming setup. I've sent my sister to take him shopping for the day, and we only have five hours to change his entire room before he comes back home, so let's go all right.

We're in my brother's room, and it's time to start checking what we have in here so we can start getting some stuff to change it. So we're changing the TV. We need to get a 50-inch one. His small head can't comprehend the pixels that are on the screen. This table right here, Let me tell you something about this thing.

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I bought this table years and years ago. He's using it as a desk right now. Another thing we're changing is this chair. You know how cheap this chair was when I first bought it in 1942? This guy's been basically sleeping on the floor. I don't like the lighting in this dream. When we need led lights, we need to see stars, we need to see, you know what I mean.

What does it stand for, for what? I don't know. I don't like anything in this room. We're not keeping any of this stuff, so I changed into my work clothes, did some measurements, harnessed the power of Thor, and started destroying his old setup. We cleared out the room and headed outside without 10K worth of furniture, gadgets, and entertainment waiting to be moved in.

Okay, guys, listen up upstairs. It is all clean after smashing it up. We literally got a PC, we got a PS5. On the TV monitor, we got a bunch of stuff. It makes you stay to the end of the article to see all the stuff I bought for this article. But I couldn't do this on my own, so I hired Bob the Builder and his cousin Mark the Maker to help us put it all together while I checked on how my brother was doing all right.

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So you must be wondering where my little brother actually is. Well, it's his 15th birthday, so I told my sister to take him out and buy him 15 presents. So they left earlier today, buying a bunch of gifts, and little did he know that the final gift would be waiting for him in his own bedroom. Why didn't I get this when I was a kid?

On my 15th birthday, I had chicken and chips for supper. Yo, what are you guys doing? What are you guys buying with JT? You're in JD, you're buying shoes. No, he didn't buy shoes. He didn't want shoes. He bought the trucks here. What a wait! What have you guys done? My money is just being rented right now, like seven presents.

Does he have any idea of what's going on? No clue whatsoever. My brother has no clue. He just thinks that my sister's taking him out to spend so much money on him. Even though he's noticing why she's spending so much money, my sister's clearly doing a good job, so you guys should follow her. All right guys, how are we doing?

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Yeah, not bad. We'd be living better if you actually helped us for once. You know me, I'm working hard right now. Look, if you say so, yeah, because otherwise the penny is getting cut. I don't know, I'm going to do some work okay. I had to take a break because I was clearly working too hard and I was not getting paid enough.

Plus, I kept getting notifications about how much money my brother was spending. I was going to go broke, but we were running out of time fast, so I stepped in, and we managed to finish the bed, the new desk, and the TV stand with a good three hours left until my brother got home. All right guys, we've got all the basics done.

We've got a new bed over here, we've got a new desk over here, and we have a new TV bench. That took us a couple of hours, but now it's time for my favorite part of the article. Let's kick this room out and change it into a dream gaming room. Alright, so we're moving on to the TV first. We've got a 1000-pound TV, guys.

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All right, so what do you need to go with your nice new TV? The only thing that matters is a PS5. I bought it. There were only like five left in the world, and I bought it. I had to kill a guy for it. There you go. We've only killed out with two products, and we're already at one thousand five hundred pounds of stuff.

It's too much money. Next up, something a bit cheaper, but it's going to make it look better. These plants were directly imported from Colombia. Sometimes, kids just don't go outside. Okay, Project Tiger Woods is out of the game. This guy is terrible at golf. While he was doing that, I had to set up this TV, and I'm telling you right now, this TV took three years to sell.

Just turn it on and show me Netflix, all right? Guys, we just finished making the entertainment section a PS5, a 50-inch TV, the plants, and the toys over here. I wish I had this when I was 15. Just take a look at this, so yeah, we've got our crystal clear finish mahogany wood with the aluminium.

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The metal holds up the casing. This is an amazing setup. This room has gone from a zero right now to like a four or five, and we haven't even put the rest of the room together all right. It's time for the gaming setup. We've got the best of the best. Let's start with the PC right now. First of all, this has got a better PC than me.

This right here costs too much money to count. Okay, I was kind of worried about how much money was leaving my account, but little did I know how generous my little brother was. He started buying my mom, my sister, and I presents. I got my mom some headphones that she always wanted and some t-shirts.

Skye was the nicest guy ever, who knew but was now running out of time, so I had to get everybody in the room to finish off the remainder of the setup. We added things like led lights to give the room a bit more color, but then I randomly got a call from my sister and she said they were 15 minutes away.

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Roughly how far are you away? Let's go, let's do this. Guys, we worked so hard to get the setup completed on time and with just five minutes left to go, we managed to finish it. You guys have seen the house before; have we made any changes? Come look at it right now. If I was 15 right now and this was my room tour, it'd be nuts.

Look at this crazy new gaming chair. We've got a gaming PC. Over here, this is better for me. We've got a fridge. Check this boy out over here. Any drink you want, homework back to home, yeah, we've got a ps5 over here. This right here was quite expensive, but guess what? This PC right here was so expensive, I didn't want to talk about it.

I Spent 24 Hours and 10,000 Transforming My Little Brother's Room Into His Dream Gaming Room Makeover.
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