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He's had a pretty good camp as well. They're going to go to Anthony McFarland. He goes to the outside looking for a block, and he gets one down there by pickings. McFarland tight ropes his way down to a healthy gain before he's knocked out of bounds and boy, a nice little block there by Pickens. Josh Jones was back there to make the play, a big advantage and they're going to try to take advantage of that as much as they can.

And then there's Gunnar Oszewski. He's also been brought in as a kickoff return specialist, but we've seen this in training camp. He could be effective in the passing game, so it's first and ten now for the Steelers as they go deep into Seattle territory. Trubisky again, this time spending more time rolling to his left.

He can do that. He fires into the end zone for a touchdown. The gunner is Gunner Oshesky with a touchdown. He's been impressive all week and he continues tonight with Mitch Trubisky taking him right down the field for first and 10. This time it's a handoff to Derek Young, with the Steelers up seven or nothing on a Trubisky to Owshewski touchdown pass.

Here's Gino in this impression of Scott trying to get to him, and he's dragged down from the ankles by Henry Mondo. Once again inside and another healthy game for McFarland there , Cody Thompson in motion, they hand off once again and well diagnosed there by the steelers. They had no chance of winning.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 2022 pittsburgh steelers

He was a fifth round pick in 2018. For Seattle, this time it's going to be Steve Sims. He was cut loose by the Washington football team not too long ago. He actually had some success in the playoffs when they took on New England in a wild card game. He makes the catch while trying to get away from the traffic.

He cuts it to the outside, and he has some room to try to make one more move. It's Sims at 30 and 25, a beautiful return. Nobody's happier than Danny Smith right now, third and 13. This is not ideal for an offensive coordinator or a quarterback, for that matter. Here comes the pressure masonry that is going to go in the end zone looking for George Pickens and he makes the catch.

Does he keep his feet in? Yes, he does. It's a touchdown. 13-0 steelers, i think they're going to kind of back off on some of this and raise the burden for roughing so that incidental contact you see in the head, you know, accidentally, they're not going to call that this year, which is kind of good news.

Video Games Tutorials and News - 2022 steelers

There's Joel Warren busting through first down yardage and more Joel Warren showing you why Mike Tomlin's high on him. Second down and six, the Steelers' defense is looking to make some plays. Play action The block fires over the middle and it's knocked away intended for his big receiver, Colby Parkinson, so both have been pretty good.

They know what they have in Carlos Davis to see what Khalil can do. This is a back fade pass deflected by James Pierre. It was intended for someone who had a step on each and every quarterback that was taking rebs. Can you hear the chance? And there's a quick hand off to Stephen Sims, the man who made people miss on that return, got big yardage there and they face it inside the 30 and this stadium is jacked, this offense with alacrity.

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Rolling right again, pressure throwing. Warren, does he get in or is he stopped short? It's a touchdown, the first of the Kenny Pickett era. They signaled a touchdown for the stretch by Jalen Warren with 6:44 left in the third quarter, the Steelers trying to make it an eight-point game. Pick it fires and has his man in the end zone.

That's Conor Hayward. Two more points were added to the total. So that was definitely a positive. They converted the third and short, and so a lot now with play action after the run success. Here comes some pressure, and this is going to be a nice tackle there by Hamilkar Rash, who has just brought in another guy this week, All right.

So Drew Locke has an opportunity here to unlock this tie with a minute and 17 left after the fourth down play fails. Here comes Mark Robinson, and that's us. Blind side fumble by Marvin Liao fumbled it and got his hands on it. Brian Flores is happy because he likes the linebackers. Mark Robinson We talked about him and he made the play right there.

On second down, Pickett slings it down the field in a good out pattern and it goes to Vaughn's Fonz, who is going to dive into the end zone with Tyler Bonds from Kenney

Watch the top plays from the Pittsburgh Steelers 32-25 win over the Seattle Seahawks.
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