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I've been talking a lot about the ultimate wired Xbox controller by 8-bit. That's down there as well. You can buy it at Best Buy if you want to get in on this new generation of Xbox cloud gaming. I also have some links for some Samsung TVs that support the Xbox Game Pass app that they're coming out with.

And here to discuss with me once again is the immaculate, the illustrious, the big bamboozler. Jimmy Champagne It's me and Jimmy. I know you're going to love this first story that we're going to go over because I'm looking. I see it. It is all about cloud gaming once again. Twitter user Nobel posted this, saying that he saw the Xbox cloud gaming logo on certain titles like Eldon Ring GTA and Soul Hackers 2.

I believe we already sort of knew this was going to happen or this is something that Microsoft has been wanting to do to make it to where games that you own can be played on the cloud as well, not just limiting it to the Xbox cloud gaming library or the Xbox Game Pass ultimate library. Now we're faced with the possibility.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gamepass

Maybe being able to play Elton Ring on your phone. Holy crap, I don't know how that would work because Elton Ring historically has run pretty badly across all the platforms. It's not bad, but it's not as optimized on all the platforms. Honestly, this is cool, like giving you a way to play games you already bought through the cloud, and we also heard that they're figuring out a way to do this with disc games, right, like where it'll somehow tie a disc game to your account and then you'll be able to stream it from the cloud.

I feel like it wasn't about the clouds. But digital uses, like if you have a series or something, you can still get like a used copy of a game, get the digital you know authentication to play that game and download it to you. But what if I told you that I had breaking news? Microsoft is saying that this Xbox cloud gaming logo on the Eldon Ring in the Microsoft Store was a bug.

It was a bug. So what if I told you we spent the last five minutes talking about this? Like I said earlier, we know that this is a goal for Xbox. They are saying that they want to give you a way to play the games that you pay for outside of game pass, but people are also talking about this being able to play Eldritch GTA.

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GTA, and other big games like that on the cloud. They could possibly announce that as a feature. At Gamescom coming up in just a couple months, right yeah, I don't know, that'd be kind of a cool feature to announce. They've got to figure something out there to compete with the Steam Deck handheld, Supremacy That's going on.

I feel like this is the next step, but tentatively we know that cloud gaming isn't at the spot right now that it needs to be to be a standalone thing. It's a great option to have. It's a great thing to know. I don't think you can ever You don't think ever. I don't know. I just think there's always going to be some sort of interruption, some sort of latency, there's no way to make it so you always have internet and there's a huge chunk of the country that while we can get gigabit and all these great internet speeds, you can't get that in that is true.

Video Games Tutorials and News - xbox

Maybe it won't be their own standalone thing in favor of console gaming, but it could be. I'm into it. I'm into the idea, so maybe they'll have a huge cloud gaming announcement at G. We gotta talk about this random ass article you sent me when I was about to pretty much go to sleep, and Jimmy sends me this article of this White Elite Series Two.

We talked about it in a previous article just to show me the single host articles, but first of all, when you sent it to me it had like 80 views tops. It's from a YouTuber who has one subscriber, but sure enough, it was legit. The more he unpackaged it, the more legit it looked, because I'm always searching for weird leaked stuff, and it feeds me this stuff as soon as it posts.

So yeah, I found this when I had like two views and it was just a guy playing with it, and honestly, I grabbed my elite two. I don't think you could fake this super easily because of that textured material. You know, you could take apart any controller and just spray paint it and it would probably look pretty good, but that textured material made its way onto this controller and I tried to make it look as good as I could.

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It doesn't look like it was masked off and painted. I think this is real. It's like it's hard to replicate. We were over the moon just a couple of days ago with news from Jess Corden himself, saying on twitter that we might get an elite series three before the end of the year because people this guy this other guy was saying 2023, early 2023, elite series three is gonna be tied to a major release, so is it gonna be Forza Motorsport eight, is it gonna be Red Fall, what's it gonna be and we were like my god, that's dope because we've been sitting with the elite series two for how long?

Over four years. Like a long time it's been a while, it's been a minute since we've had a new controller, which is strange because you think new console, new elite, new pro connection, right because it's an XBOX One controller at its core. I'd really like to see an improved version and knowing that Sony's working on a dual-sense pro.

Video Games Tutorials and News - xbox elite controller

I don't think the Elite Series 2 is going to cut it versus that because you don't have the haptics and you don't have the adaptive triggers. The only thing you really have is the paddles and just the higher premium quality. The big draw was USBC when it came out, but now the regular average series X controller has USBC, so you're really not losing that much by just getting a series X controller.

So yeah. I hope that this is just something they've been working on and maybe the supply chain issues they're having with other controllers stopped them from releasing it when they wanted to and they're actually going to release an elite series three, but they got it when they needed it. They need a better controller.

I think I totally agree that people have been waiting on it. This is a great opportunity to kind of leave behind some of those quality control issues that they've had in the past and start over on a new leaf saying, "Listen, we've improved this." We've got a new controller for you to use with your Series X that gives you that competitive edge.

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But yeah, it begs the question if they drop this elite series 2 controller, if it is a real thing and it goes into mass production. What does that mean? I feel like you don't want to drop an elite series to get people to buy it and then drop the new version because that's such a Microsoft move. They've done stuff like that before.

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