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Ellon Rings has a few incredible occasions for its future DLC. In my last elden rank article. I dropped the ball thinking that the Barbarians of Badlands leak could be real when it had recently become a known fake leak and believed in article 1 that labelled Lance McDonald as obtaining the unused arena footage rather than gardening eyes, throwing off the confidence of many new viewers.

So today I'm faced with making a theory article about DLC the developers could likely be considering. Eldon Rings DLC could change the map by revealing brand new areas and expanding known locations. Like in most games, the developers considered, created, and cut many options for content within their game, with one of the pieces of cut content already having a setup quest and items created for it involving the player simply collecting the dreams or dream myths of NPCs.

The characters who were lying asleep around an area of the map gave us some unique dialogue, but this quest line didn't seem to have much to do with a larger story at all and was eventually, entirely, removed from the game, which does leave the software the option of returning to a more in-depth version of it with the player actually going into and exploring.

Video Games Tutorials and News - elden ring dlc

Whatever twisted dreams might be going on, if they do, it's likely that they won't just do it with a bunch of random npcs. But rather, they will make it using the dreams of either several notable NPCs around the map, like the great jar, or even just one, most likely being this guy. Mikala is an empyrean like her sister Millennia.

Mykola was cursed to be forever young throughout his life. Mykola watched as his sister was afflicted with a scarlet rot and wished to cure her of it forever. Millennia, upon the golden order, realizing that they were unable to cure Millennia of her rot. Mykola, created the hallog tree that we find Millennia sitting underneath, and then placed himself within a cocoon beneath the tree to allow himself And presumably, his powers to fully grow as, after some time, he would emerge as an adult and purge the rod from his sister once and for all, but before Mikola and his hallowed tree could grow to their full potential.

Video Games Tutorials and News - elden ring dlc leak

He was thrown away by Moog, the Lord of Blood. Moog wished for Mikala to be elevated to godhood and, seeking power himself, wished to be Mikela's consort. But for Moog, nothing worked, and he was unable to get any response from Mykola, despite how much blood he tried to share. When speaking to Sir Gideon, off in the distance, he notes that Mikola is alive because one needs to be alive to slumber, and if he continues, his slumber will be within the cocoon.

All will be well, which may be the reason why Mikola remains unresponsive. To anyone that would bother him because he is currently residing within the world of his own dream, a dream that we may find ourselves going into much like the hunter in Bloodborne, who travels throughout many unique dream areas and gives the developers a way to create a fully unique location based off of Mikola's character.

Video Games Tutorials and News - elden ring dlc locations

But what would Mikola's dream look like? Dreams still remain a mystery and, simply put, are our mental imagery or activity that occurs when one is asleep, with the most vivid dreams happening when an individual is asleep. He is in the REM stage of sleep where their brain is the most active, with dreams changing drastically in their form and appearance based off of what has happened to them in the waking world.

As dreams allow someone to process their emotions and memories based off of whatever it is that has happened, what's interesting is that the more stress and anxiety someone is faced with, not only the more vivid their dream is but the more frightening and nightmarish it becomes. The significance we can expect In Micah's nightmare, he, after being born with a helpless ailment and watching his beloved sister rot away, could be a broken and twisted world diluted by the scarlet rot that has caused him so much stress, while at the same time including various young and deformed enemies representing his fight with his own affliction, while the buildings and surrounding area could be a ruined, nightmarish version of the golden order's home that he and Millennia grew up around, within the dream.

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We will probably find Mykola standing in his nearly complete adult form under a dream version of his hallowed tree for us to fight Mikala, who is said to be the most powerful demigod in the elden ring and with millennia of experience. The wards of My Brother will keep his promise. He possessed the wisdom and the allure of a god.

He is the most fearsome, and out of all these, we could be in for an even more difficult fight than the infamous One Millennia gave us at this point. Software doesn't do anything by accident, and omitting Mikala from the game, who still remains dreaming within his egg at the game's end, opens up the possibility of his return.

This could be in addition to several other locations that might come our way. It's customary for Soulsborne DLC to add totally new areas that expand upon the lore of the game, with Bloodborne adding the hunter's nightmare and fishing hamlet, while Dark Souls 3 added areas like the painted world. A new area that may come our way is one that is circulated throughout the community that lies above the scarlet rock-covered land of Caled.

Video Games Tutorials and News - elden ring lore

This area is covered with clouds, and so far there's nothing there but more water, despite the fact that this area lies in between. With all of the game's divine towers, it's possible that this area will end up containing an island of sorts that could house an incredibly difficult boss, along with something more to discover.

Seeing how the island could have something to do with the shards of the elden ring, aka the great runes, whose true power we have to activate via the divine towers, it would be interesting if it contained more of the story behind the elden ring and its creation by the greater will, whose horde plans are the lands between.

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I theorize about it in another article. They get something like an island that gives players that feeling of starting off new again while offering them new content to explore. Of course, it contains a new challenging boss that would make fans happy, so this island may look like something of a place that keeps in line with the style of the divine towers that it lies between, complete with its own stone castle and a larger port area for newcomers to enter through, and if it has anything to do with the other divine towers, it could also contain its own bigger divine tower somewhere near its center or on the other end of the island from the port, or a new boss may lurk in another possibility.

Elden Ring has a few incredible locations coming for it's future DLC. Which may include an entire pack of new content. Solving Elden Ring's Upcoming DLC.
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