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The Smartswap Limited NFTS is a rare collection of only 2100 NFTS. By the end of this article, you are definitely going to want to do exactly that. But before I begin any of the details, a little disclaimer. I'm not a financial advisor, and therefore I'm not accountable for any losses that you may make in the crypto nfc world.

Without further ado, let's get started with their official website. We're on the homepage right now, and we can see that smart finance is revolutionizing. Right now it's built on the avalanche c chain, and the limited entities will split at 21. Of the daily accumulated smartswap transaction fees, smart finance accumulates fees from its multi-chain smart swap decks and then equally distributes the fees to the NFD holders, meaning the more you hold, the larger your share of the daily feed pool.

Having said that, definitely write down this date over here. The drop is on August 20th. You do not want to miss it. Once again, the supply is 2100 nfts. But this date is so important. You definitely want to become a part of them as soon as possible. Let's move on to the smart swap right over here.

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It's very simple. For example, connect your wallet and choose, for example, USDC right over here and press approve. It's as simple as that. Also, definitely give them a follow on their social media. This is their official Twitter page right over here. Watch it grow bigger and bigger and more successful.

Now let's go back over here. Real quick You've got the smartsoft limited nfts right here. It's not the max, it's nft's part per tick, but we're going to go and check out the rarity sniper right now. You've got the NFT Drops calendar right over here. 152, collections, but what we are interested in is on August 20th, the smart top NFDS drop.

You can see it right over here. The websites Twitter and Discord, all of that we're going to check out in a minute, but essentially definitely. Go on to the nft drops calendar, the rarity sniper, and check them out over there. This is also their Twitter page. This is their discord page, so you should definitely become a part of their community over here as well.

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It's very important. They are very regular in posting announcements. You've got the announcements over here. You've got the official links. On their twitter raid on their smart collab, you've got their general chat over here. If you want to know anything, you can go and text them over here, or simply chat with some other people who are similar to yourselves, and find other friends over here.

And speaking of the official links, you've got their smart finance link street right over here. The website discord, twitter, tick tock, even nfd mags, and a few drops in the calendar, you have that right over here. I would definitely go and check them out over there. At Artipedia, and essentially, anything that you need to become a part of their community essentially, and join their world now, once again, this is their twitter page over here.

I'd definitely give them a follow over here. You do not want to miss out on anything going on in their future plans because, trust me, they are yearning for success and they have so many successes coming their way. Their discord channel is over here. Once again, definitely become part of the community over here, and that will be all for today's article.

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I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, definitely give these guys a follow on their socials and become a part of their world as soon as possible.

Smart Finance is a multi chain decentralised exchange DEX that operates to help users create a better passive income for their crypto.
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