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huge spoilers I had I'm not joking. Welcome to Doors is a Roblox horror game that was released on August 10th and has already gained 2.6 million visits.


we'll start off with Rush.


Get me, I was." I was told, "Let's be yes, it doesn't If upon entering the next room, there's a chance that the lights will flicker.

This means that Rush is coming for you and you have to hide either in a closet or under a bed. The lights will flicker, and you'll also see other things, which I'll get to later.


Next up is Screech. When entering the next room, there's a chance that the lights will be turned off. When entering these dark rooms, there's a chance that Screech will show up.

Screech will hide somewhere around you. You have to find them, and once you do, you have to stare at them until he screams at you and leaves. If you don't find him in time, he'll damage you. He does almost half of your health, so yeah, be careful.



next up is halt. This is one of the more difficult ones to understand when you're a beginner. Similar to Rush, if the lights start flickering when you enter the room, there's a chance that once you enter the next room, you'll be teleported into a long hallway. This is where Halt begins to attack you.

He will be slowly creeping up behind you. If you see a glitch effect on your screen followed by a weird sound, then you have to turn around and keep going forward until you reach the end of the hallway, where he will release you .


Now to talk about Ambush. Basically, just use what you learned from Rush.

An ambush is basically the same; he just attacks more than once in one room.


Next is Timothy, Timothy. You're going to hate him once you first see him. He's not really a monster, he's more of a jump scare, and he barely does any health, so yeah, be careful when you're opening drawers.


Yeah next Next up is Jack.

He's similar to Timothy; he just happens way less often and hides in closets and in front of doors and rooms.



Next is Hide. It is hidden. They hide in closets and will only attack you if you're in a closet for too long, taking almost half your health. As you progress further into the game, he'll start to kick you out of closets faster. He will also prevent you from hiding for a short period of time if he kicks you out of a closet.


Next, up is eyes. If you see a very vibrant blue light in one of the rooms, simply look away from it. He will damage you rapidly if you look at him for too long .


Next up is seek and seek, which is probably going to be one of the more annoying monsters to deal with. It'll start small; the lights will start flickering and if you see a couple eyes around the room, that means he is going to spawn soon.

After a while of lights flickering and a bunch of eyes spawning around the room, you'll approach a long hallway, and once you get near to the end, a chase sequence will start and you'll have to run across a hallway dodging. Taking sharp corners while running away from seek during the end of this chase sequence, you'll have to run around under fire and it's basically hell.

Quick tip: if there's an arm that is pretty high up, it's most likely that you can run under it and you don't have to run through the fire. I know that it all sounds horrible, but there is one good thing to seek in the Chase sequence: the soundtrack. What were we talking about again? Yeah, the monsters are right.



Next up is Glitch. He only appears if you're playing multiplayer, but I'm still going to talk about him because he's pretty cool. So in multiplayer, there's this mechanic where if you're too far away from the group, you will speed up because if you're far behind the group for too long, a glitch will appear and take away, basically, half of your health, and I don't know if this is because of the glitch or not, but I've been seeing this unique jump scare ever since I got jump scared by Glitch, but yeah here it is, But yeah, now on to this guy.


He is probably going to be the most annoying monster you are going to encounter. The catch with this figure is that he can't see, but he can definitely hear things very well. That doesn't seem so bad, but when you realize what rooms he's in and what you have to do while he's there, it's shit's tough man.

I'll give more context about him when we get to the levels, but yeah, on to some item descriptions.



There are four items in the game: the flashlight, the lighter, the lock pick, and vitamins, all of which can be randomly spawned in drawers that spawn randomly throughout the rooms. We'll start off with the most basic light source, the flashlight. There are two light sources in the game and they prevent Screech from attacking in the dark rooms, one of which is the flashlight, which is what you would expect out of a flashlight basically.


The flashlight has limited battery life, and it goes out pretty quickly, but to charge it you have to find batteries inside drawers.


the next light source is the cigarette lighter. It's not really anything special either. It's basically the same thing as the flashlight, just with different lighting.

The lighter is also way more common than the flashlight. There's also no way to get more lighter fuel. You can only swap out lighters with other lighters.


Now onto the lock pick. In some rooms, they require a key to get to the next one, but if you have a lock pick, you won't have to go looking for the key. Lock picks are very handy for dark rooms that require a key.



And finally, the vitamins. The only thing these vitamins do is speed you up. That's it however, it is pretty helpful with the search. Also, don't ask me what's in those vitamins; I don't know .

Pre-run shop

Oh, and before I forget, there's also a pre-run shop where you get to buy items with knobs.

Knobs are a currency that is earned based on how far you get in your run. The lighter and lock pick are 50 knobs, and the flashlight and vitamins are 100 knobs.


doors, is based off of a hotel setting, as you can see at the start of your run, so as you can probably guess, every single room is based off of a hotel.

However, there are some specific rooms that I do want to talk about, starting with : 50,.

Door 50

50, is going to be the most annoying room out of any room in this game. This room only houses one monster, which you probably already know by now, and as you heard from before, you can only hear things but he can't see them.

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The catch to room 50 is that you have to look for books that are hidden on shelves that will tell you a piece of code that you use to unlock the giant lock on the exit door, and yes, the code is always different. The books tell you shapes, and there's a glowing piece of paper on a desk that tells you what order to put the shapes in.

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