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As of Episode 38, Espimon is a brand new 2022 digimon that fans have been waiting to see for months now, ever since he was shown to be a new monster on the Ghost Game themed dim card. Espimon is kind of an unofficial 25th anniversary special Digimon. We were wondering if Espimon's arrival would mark the introduction of a fourth digi-type character in the ghost game, a human partner for Espimon.

As of Episode 38, it seems that Espimon has no human partner, but there is some weirdness going on with Espimon and at least one human. Espimon claims to know Hiro Amanokawa. But when he meets him, he says, "No, you're not hiro." "You two look nothing alike." We'll dive more into whatever the heck that means and talk about the villain of the week, one of Renamon's ultimates that isn't as popular as Taoman or Domon.

If that sounds good, be sure to subscribe. At the start of the episode of Salaryman, he is confronted by a digimon that looks a lot like Taomon from Digimon Tamers Domon, not Taumon. This creature flattens a man like he's 2D and folds him up into a talisman. The next day, Hiro and his dormmate, Nomara, are attending a summer festival, and Hiro is tasked with playing the young lord in a staged performance.

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Meanwhile, Domon enacts some kind of spell that causes Hiro to be engulfed in flames while on stage before vanishing from the stage entirely. The people watching mistake this for some kind of performance. They start applauding, but Hiro wakes up across town by Domont's side and has a talisman placed on him.

Gamamon goes looking for his lost partner and finds Esperimon instead, who is also looking for Hiro and who introduces itself as a wandering digimon. Super cute voice acting. Esperimon is instantly charming. It acts like this tough guy, but it's ultimately like a toy teddy bear. He looks like a keychain you'd win in a gachapon, capsule toy, and speaking of winning Before we go any further.

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Video Games Tutorials and News - review

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If that doesn't sound like an amazing deal to you, I have to ask. Jokes aside, thanks to Baye for sponsoring the article. Now back to the discussion. quote Finally, they finally found a vessel after 700 years, and now the Hojo clan can rise again through Hiro as the avatar. Domon folds up another human in front of our eyes again, really gross.

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The way they depict this, the way these people have their lives almost sucked out of them, reminded me of Cell's first appearance in Dragon Ball Z. Like when all that was left of those town people he attacked were the clothes they were wearing before the cell absorbed them. Quote These are shikigami.

They can be made into portable talismans and will serve as soldiers, Domon explains. The government guilts ESPimon into helping by praising how cool and powerful ESPimon was after seeing those jetwings. In action, it works espimon. He kind of gives in to the praise, which is pretty funny. Gorman and Gamamon and espimon call luli and kyoshiro for backup, but they're way across town, and Gorman thinks to call in a favor from Heirdremond, who he recently met through Clockmon.

I like that Clockmon's presence is felt even when he's not in an episode. Our first bad guy is really reformed and there to remind us what can be possible when we save the enemies of the weak instead of writing them off as irredeemable monsters. Airdrummond expects humans to worship him like a god.

I'm loving the personalities. On display with the digimon this week, first espimon and then airdrummond. Though I expected to see more from Air Drummond in the final act of the episode, it didn't happen, but we'll talk about that when we get there, espion. The wanderer fights off some of the talisman shikigami, while Gamamon is kind of frozen, not participating.

I'm unable to accept Hiro in this possessed state. I don't blame him. I could barely look at him. He was either mega creepy with that weird altered face, but ESPiMON theorizes that getting rid of the talisman slapped on Hiro should revert him back to his former self, and it works. Gamamon is able to evolve into Wes and Galamon.

It's always nice when it's not just the battle gamamon. Then in these later episodes, it's wicked to see these two techie digimon, Wesen and Espion, fighting together using rockets and jet packs and whatnot. Kano weissman is brought out to blow espimon's mind, and he attacks the domon with such force that it blasts this sort of white spherical entity right out of the domon, and a voice comes out of the spear claiming it shall return.

It's unclear if this was a digimon possessing domon, as domon describes things, or if it was shamefully consumed by the vengeful spirits of the hojo clan resting in this place. It seems to me that the digimon domon was legitimately possessed by a human ghost or ghosts. Again, these vengeful spirits of the Hojo clan ghost game have often been ambiguous about their stance and believe some other ghosts and spirits really exist in the world.

When the dust settles and things calm down, he sticks around, which is great. He asks Hiro if he knows a guy named Hiro Amanokawa. Hiro, of course, tries to explain that he's Hiro Amanokawa. And ESPiMON insists that it's not true that this hero is not Hiro Amanokawa, because those two people don't look anything alike in the final moments of the episode.

Roolie and the gang show up on Air Drummond, and I have to be honest. I entirely forgot about them and that they were even coming, so it turns out they were kind of a bust, and as far as I can tell, the b-plot was just an excuse to get Airdrummond. I'm into Digimon and Ghost Games. I'm happy to have seen this Digimon, and again, I like the ego they gave it, but I'm kind of perplexed.

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