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Getting the most lakes possible

The lakes of Calandra are certainly going to be more profitable than your average map, especially early on in the league, so having access to as many of them as possible is our number one priority. Every map you run will be offered anywhere between one and three different game board pieces, and the biggest board we've seen is a 5x5, with the maximum number of tiles we've seen being 16.

With the average amount of play, you can see that you get around two per map, and it would take you roughly eight maps to complete a full tablet with the maximum tiles that we've seen so far, pretty fast. With that understanding, it's pretty clear that the Lake of Calandra is a speed-mapping kind of mechanic.

You want to prioritize picking layouts that are as fast as possible for your building materials, like canyon ash and wood mesa waste. They pull all these fantastic picks for this lead mechanic in the end game and in the early game. You want to be looking to kind of churn through your maps as fast as possible and get into as many lakes as possible.

In addition to that, you should be looking to couple your Lake of Calandra farming with lead mechanics that don't take up too much time. Prioritize things like essences of harbinger, the new harvest, etc.; these are all fantastic accompaniments for the new elite mechanic. When constructing, there are four different categories of game board pieces that are available.

Chaos recipe with kalandra

Chaos recipe with kalandra

Your late, the first of , which is the generic monster type tile. This adds stuff like chaos monsters, you know, cold monsters, etc., and the reward for completing these tiles placed on your weight is a generic reward chest now. This one, in particular, is going to be incredibly powerful, in my opinion.

At league start, generic rewards offer stuff like miscellaneous currencies, fusing orbs, etc, but also offer a myriad of rare item drops. Rare item drops are particularly powerful in the very early stages of a league, not only for identifying yourself but also for the chaos recipe. Getting the first few chaos to get your character rolling is essential, and I think doing generic monster tiles early on in white and yellow maps is going to be a fantastic way to get your initial currency going and also get a few kiosk recipes done, and it's also a great alternative to doing stuff like endless heist.

The second type of tile is league mechanics.

The potential of league tiles

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Atlantis seems to have a tile for each specific latent mechanic that is present in the atlas pacifier stuff like bestiary delirium. It's all there and it does seem to be accessible on the lake of Calondra tablets. One thing we don't know is if you can have multiples of a single league type on a single lake of calondra.

Can I have four different essence nodes on my lake? Can I have five harvest types on my lake? These are things we don't know yet but will heavily impact how powerful Lakewood Calandra is in the end game. The ability to cherry pick five different essence tiles on one leg is absolutely crazy and will be very sought after if it's potentially possible.

In addition to that, you can also amplify lead mechanics using the difficulty scaling mechanic by placing them further away from the entrance. This is going to be a massive deal, and I imagine we're going to have to come up with a tier list for each of the lead mechanics and determine which ones are going to be the best.

However, there are a ton of lead mechanics which, in my opinion, have very specific positioning rules which will apply to them. For example, delirium needs to be placed very close to the entrance, as you won't want to pop a delirium mirror at the end of your lake of calandra encounter; you'll want to have that right at the start.

Similarly, you'd want all of the juiciest ones, like harvest and stuff like that, at the very end to get as much loot multiplier as possible from the difficulty bonus.

Kalandra specific rewards

Kalandra specific rewards

The third tile type is the calandra, a specific reward type, and in my opinion, this one is almost always an auto pick and you should always place it as far away from the entrance as possible. As the multiplier on the actual mirrored items gets amplified, the higher the difficulty of the encounter, so if you're trying to get maximum stats and maximum mirror juice, you need to place it as far away as possible, and the reason it's so powerful is the base mirror calandra.

The kind of reward here is going to be giving you new base ring and amulet types, and the one we've seen so far is completely absurd. Having a good roll on one of those new bases is going to be big money, and in addition to that, the one where you're able to customize the item you put in yourself is basically akin to a double corrupted temple, and I imagine it's probably going to demand a reasonably steep price for people trying to go for very coveted amulets and rings with really crazy insane stats, so making sure that you acquire these whenever possible, getting the rings, getting the amulets, and then getting the actual lakes themselves, with the specific tile which allows you to modify the items and selling them is going to be big money.

Manipulating the game board

Manipulating the game board

The final tile type is the ability to manipulate the game board itself, four of which we already know how they work. Each of these options is basically all focused on increasing the difficulty of the board and increasing the distance from the entrance of your best rewards wherever possible. The first and most important of these options is the ability to swap the entrance with an empty tire.

There have been many boards presented in the announcement where the entrance is actually in the middle of the path. Moving this to the start or the end is a massive increase in the potential rewards you can expect. So this is definitely something you're going to be looking for pretty frequently overall, and an interesting gameplay tip here is that you should always leave the end and the start of the lake of Calandra open so that you can potentially move the entrance there to drastically increase the distance of the lake from any given point and reduce the backtracking potential of the lake as well.

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Next up is a swap of a reflection with another reflection, so basically, moving tiles around. This is going to be particularly useful when you move the entrance and you want to move and substitute some tiles to make sure it's all perfect. Or if you place the tile in the wrong place, it could also be useful.

It is definitely not the most mandatory one, but it is definitely a reasonably good quality of life if you need to shuffle some stuff around. Next up, we have it destroyed, a tablet. This one is particularly useful in breaking up big blocks of tiles, so you can create a snaking pattern again to increase the distance from the entrance.

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