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Hey, so real quick, listen up. We got a really cool announcement about live in-person c-e-d-h with Play-Doh Cloud City at Lehigh Valley Mall. On September 11 at 12 noon, we are going to be playing a CDH tournament. It's proxy friendly. Come and hang out. I think there is a cap, probably not too many people, like 30 or something.

I'm Dylan and I'm Cameron. This week we're joined by Tomer from MTG Goldfish to figure out who is playing the best deck in this pod. You can find me at {953}. I run the YouTube channel over on the MTV Goldfish Commander YouTube channel, and yeah, that's where you can find me. So, first up, we have Cam on Tim the Sakashima.

Tyler's playing Curran kennen, I'm playing Ragrak teveshot don't open until doomsday, and Tomer's playing the music curiosity, control. I'll go to a second seven. I think we'll get this. Yeah, I'm going to six. I am going to be five. I'll keep it, and I'll put a card slot in it. I mean, two cards.

I will kick things off the drawing board on a volcanic island and pass. I will draw. Let's cast a moxo pole and play in the verdant catacombs. We're going to cast a chrome box. We're going to put tainted packs underneath that chrome box. I am going to crack. Go get some land and pass the turn.

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We'll draw fully American catacombs. I'm going to crack the virgin catacombs. I will find a trop eyelet. I will cast a flint hornet. So you go untap. Draw a card. Cast rock rack play verdant catacombs, three out of the four of us start on Vertica Catacombs. That's kind of weird. What are the odds of that?

In Crackford and Catacombs, you'll find a badlands casting of chrome ox pitching. Goblin welder cast demonic tutor I know what I'm getting. I will pass the turn. I will drop the cast. I will consider it done. I won't put it in the graveyard. I'll keep it in my hand. And then I will play a flooded strand.

Crack the floodstand. I'm going to grab a steam vent with it. I'm going to lose two more lights. I'll let it enter the battlefield on tap, then I'll say go. I'll get a draw for my teeth, and I'm going to pass a turn. Look how zoomed in I am. Why am I so zoomed in? because you didn't zoom out.

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I never remember to zoom out and cast skin past the turret without making a second picture. Play Command Tower: pastor interesting Okay on time, I'm reading into dark ritual adnaws on an end step here or killing the weak. That would also do it. Drawcard I play an island pass dockside. I have two.

I have one. I will make three treasures when I return from the battlefield. I'll let it go at your turn. I'm going to crack windscrew teeth going down to 38. You'll get some scrub land and a cast of opposition agents. I go to my turn to get a draw. Dylan, I'm going to come at you with an opposition agent.

Yeah, I'll take three on my second main, then I'll lose a life going down to 37 and draw a card off Tim. Now I have to pass from there, tap this fin who knows for two greens. I'm going to use one of them to cast a phantasmal pitch. I'm going to cast submerge for zero mana. Okay, I'm going to be targeting the dockstop expressions.

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Ah, I love that. I am gonna fierce that submerge. I'm going to give one red nod before the end. You can let it happen. I'm going to deflect, swat fierce guardianship, sure it will redirect on itself, fizzle, submerge, resolve, and the dark side will go on top of my library. I think I'll take an oppo of my own.

No Tim, that would be really better for me in the short term, but since I think you're about to resolve an ad nause, if the one thing stopping you from getting an additional piece is an oppo and you can only destroy one oppo. I think this is the very moment Yeah, that's it. I regret it. I will play in that scalding tournament as Lance's return to combat, Dylan.

I'm going to swing at you for two. I'll block sure, and before damage, I'll cast the weak, sacrificing raw crack. You don't say you guys smelled it coming? You're good you're good at telling the story. Okay, this is your chance to mentally misstep ad nauseam. If someone has that, I don't have that.

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I'm passing out four black mana. Cast ad nauseam Yeah, you're nice. I have had no response. This is incredible. Go one more time. We'll go one more way. I'll go to one more grinding station that's good but not great. I'm going to stop at six and take all these cards. Tyler, it's still in your combat.

Do you want to do anything in your second Memphis? Nope, okay, go to my turn. I could have done this when Cameron attacked me with his opposition agent and potentially saved one extra point of damage. I also could have done this on my main phase and just tried to go for a turn two main phase adnaz, but I'm playing against three different blue players, so I thought maybe I should wait and be patient.

Maybe it would pay off, even though it seemed pretty obvious that the table knew I was on ad nauseam. I cracked jewel lotus for three commander red and used two of them on my two man rock rack, exiles, and Simmons spirit guide for a real red cast, Right of Flame two casts I have four camerons. I'll target you four red, and there's a dual-caster mage.

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I am going to use the dark side to at least filter my two red and two treasures. I will sacrifice the treasure for one blue. I will get two treasures. Then I will cast a ball ritual and get five more black regulars, then cast music's mastery targets on the Jessica's. They will be my graveyard, another Jessica.

That's another four red mana and another three cards off the top doomsday. The lightning bolts and lion's eye diamond doomsday would be pretty good if there weren't two opposition agents in the field. Music's mastery should exile Jessica's will to that which does come up. Seeing that come down with a lightning bullet makes me feel so good about my phantasm in this choice.

Yeah, that's funny. Okay, the only thing saving my grace right now is that one half of your combo is exiled, so if we can somehow stop you before going off this turn, maybe you can't win at all. I'm going to use Prater's grasp targeting tool. I'm going to send you my list. Excellent i sent you what I'm getting with the crater's grasp grinding station and grinding station triggers.

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I will ignore step three, the red man, and cast the wheel of fortune. I just got a whole bunch of cards, including cabal therapy, peer into the abyss, swan song, archivist of agma, and notion thief kill the drake seaborne musical, so my knowledge was pretty good, but Tyler's decision to copy the opposition agent actually impacted me a lot because now I have to find two removal spells, and that lightning bolt that you see from Jessica's will is the only one that I've found thus far to use the treasure.

This week we're joined by Tomer from MTG Goldfish to play some cEDH! CHECK OUT MTG Goldfish.
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