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The stuff you put your body on mma face is going to win most fights. Yeah, it's just standard. Meanwhile, I'm at home eating pizza and playing FIFA. That's just a different life. There's no dedication; that's what I'm doing now. I'm good how are you? I'm good i'm good i'm tired i'm happy i'm happy why are you tired?

Talk to me. I literally just got back from Dublin. Literally, like about an hour and a half ago, I got off a plane at John Lennon and rushed down, just jet setting all over the place. Here we went for the Michael Jealous bait. He loved him for this birthday that's been booked for that he's just planned for ages and then now that I've got to get home in about an hour to go to London because then I've got all other stuff on, we've got to go to Chicago on Wednesday.

The Life of the UFCS Superstar It's a mad thing. You're the first guest here in our Liverpool store. Nice game you crowned it, christened it, stood it up with a bang. Exactly where do you want to start, man? Where do you want to go anywhere? I'll just start looking around from here from the start.

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Yeah, why not, but obviously, everyone must ask you about these, but what's going on with the Claudio Vaplan? Yeah, they're not, you know, some people's kids might just start throwing them around, you never know. Yeah, you're like this, especially since some of them have stains on them quickly. What are they doing?

They're foam runners. Yeah, you've never seen them before. No, they're bad wheels. Yeah, move away from them. They're comfortable, though. No, I couldn't wear them. That ain't for me. I want to ask you. I want to start from the beginning. Not many people want to get punched up while putting headlocks on.

Even me i'm like, Nah, everyone always asks why you wanted to go and start getting punched and kicking and need an elbow. Then I'm like, I watched the fight one day like, well. Kyle Wilson in the youth club showed me a fight when he was like 14. Diego Sanchez versus Clegg Reader, and they just ran at each other and started swinging punches. It was a proper, profitable fight.

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Watch it crap i watched that first ever live adventure and it was where was it that was in a minute? I thought it was like six in the morning, so I went through. I went for a run after I was like 15; I went for a run at six in the morning. So I went to the gym like two weeks later. I just started three, you know, and that was it.

I wanted to do it then and there. I was half a natural when I came to jujitsu; I liked the floor, so I just ran with it. Everyone doubted me then. The knuckles still got that MRI though, so that's all right. It's just loads of swells as well, about two on this hand and one on this hand, but it's the ease of the sled.

The canvas ones are the way it's like little scratches off the floor on the cage, and the burns are the wasteland. Well, I'd rather get punched in the face. Yes, they get punched in the face. Then I was a little scared like that when I was getting in bed and it was sticking to the mattress. That is annoying.

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Yeah, what would you say is like the worst injury you've ever had me wrestle with? What actually happened there to get your bone okay? They say take the hardest bone to fix because the least amount of blood goes to that part of your body, but anyway, I'm getting serious. 12 weeks before the fourth six weeks before the fourth.

I got the wires taken out and I'll never forget that I'm just sitting there with the doctors and I'm going, I think they're six weeks in the accordion, and I'm going, You know. I'm going nah," I'm on the go, you're not unlucky." Like three different doctors intercepted me and were like, "You can't fight in six weeks, you're done." I was like nah.

I'm fighting, you know. I've got a fight. I'm not pulling out, the show needs me. I'm not falling out. I'm like I showed up. I should have pulled out though, because I ended up getting them in a choke on the first round and I couldn't finish it because my arm was so weary. I ended up getting beaten.

These are the things you forget about, the things that people don't realize. When you're watching, you're thinking, yeah, this is a sick fighter they're fighting, but with the stuff you put your body through in mma fights, it's going to get injured. Most fighters will get injured. That's just standard.

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In the meantime, I'm at home eating pizza and playing FIFA. That's just a different life. There's no dedication. That's what I'm doing now. And you earned it. Yeah, it took me a few weeks of eating what I wanted. That's what I'm going to do. Yeah, I've got a few pairs of them, if not loads of them like Molly proper collects in one sense.

Yeah, the one sense is like a liverpool shoe, and then everyone wears one sense, but I wear these a lot beyond runs, okay. It's dead simple, and they're just one of the main reasons I wear them, which is because you can just do that, super well enough, I mean just literally on and off. They're quick that's one of the reasons I love them so much as well.

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Yeah, you just turn them on and off. That's probably the shoe of Liverpool. Yeah, it matches the death holders. Okay, are you into kicks like that or not? I'm like. I'm normally pity-playing when it comes to saying he's up okay, probably have to get the missus to help me, give me a shout to you at reckons, definitely into fashion, because sometimes I go to grab stuff and she just goes "no you're not getting them." I had this pair of green-knee lads.

Yeah, I just went a little hard to wear them. I feel like all black, tacky green Nikes, or something like Air Force One. Hey, they're not happy with you there, like literally, they've got like black x on black trainers. I'm like, "What have you got white socks on for?" I'm hearing, I don't know what.

What's your next fact about being in New York? It's like the big apple. Are you on it? What's what they're talking about? I don't really want to fight their life is the taxes every day, so keep it true. He's saying the tax is due too much, there's battery there, like it's not on the lure, maybe Madison Square Garden, it's msg.

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Yeah, there is, like, obviously, you know what you mean, but we'll wait till the tax rate comes down there and fight in Vegas in December. Miami i'll do Miami as well. Okay, yeah, if they're doing a show in Miami in December, which I'm probably not going to fight until the summer, okay, I was just saying he's left this from the whole here look.

He'd just done that like eight weeks before I started fighting tennis. And then, when in the warm-up for the fight, I obviously spat. I was doing four rounds of gloves, so when I was hitting pads, it was like a fourth puncher through with that, and I just went, yep, it went. Yeah, hey, it was just like that.

UFC star Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett heads to our brand new Kick Game store in Liverpool to go Shopping for Sneakers! Right after his win against Jordan Leavitt in London, we find out more about the aftermath of fight, what sneakers he's into and so much more! Watch the video to find out what he picked up! Hosted by Craig Mitch.
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