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Welcome back to the Movie Recap. Today I will show you an action adventure crime film from 2016 titled Nerve. Spoilers ahead watch out and take care. Venus V Del Monaco, a high school senior from Staten Island, logs in on her laptop. She opens Spotify, puts on music and checks her email from Cal Arts University, She got accepted, but she's doubting whether to go because she doesn't want to leave her mother alone on Staten Island.

Venus starts writing an email to politely decline call arts when a notification pops up that her crush, JP Guerrero, tagged her in a photo she took of him. At the same time, her friend Sydney article calls her. They talk about Venus's calarts application and about a new online game called Nerve. Sydney opens up the game and a robotic voice explains how Nerve is like Truth or Dare minus the truth.

The robot also says that you can play either as a watcher or a player. Sydney is a part of the game as a player and thinks it's cool, but Venus tells her that the game looks sketchy. Later, in the kitchen, Venus talks about college with her mom, Nancy. She hasn't told her mom that she applied to CalArts.

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That's why Nancy still thinks her daughter will study on Staten Island and that they will be roommates. Venus suggests to her mom that they rent out Mike's room on Airbnb, but Nancy gets angry and says no. Venus's brother, Mike, died two years ago, and both Venus and her mother are still dealing with the loss.

V is an amateur photographer, so she goes to the school's football match to take photos for the school newspaper. Her friend Sydney is a cheerleader, and before the game starts, she asks a friend to film her for nerves. It turns out she has a dare from the game and has to show her naked. During the match, everybody is shocked, but Sydney completes the challenge and wins a few bucks in the process.

Next, we see all types of challenges completed on nerve. When you enroll as a player, the game takes all of your data and knows what kind of challenges to send your way. Anonymous watchers pay to see their favorite players compete in the finals. The watchers can also give dares to the players and are encouraged to film them at all times.

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Venus and Sydney are sitting in a fast food restaurant with their friends when they start getting into an argument about the game. Sydney insults Venus, telling her she always stays in her comfort zone, so she can't understand the game. She tells V that in real life she's not a player but only a watcher and dares her to make the first step with JP and say hi.

V refuses the dare, so Sydney goes to JP herself and asks him whether he has a girlfriend. When he learns that she's actually asking for Venus, he says that he's not interested in V and that she's not his type. Venus is embarrassed in front of everyone, so she leaves the restaurant, goes home, and in a fit of anger, signs up on nerve as a player.

The robot voice from the game explains how the two players with the most watchers go to the finale and then explains the three rules: All dares must be filmed to be approved; a player will get eliminated if they fail or bail; snitches get stitches. Then the game asks for her fingerprint as a way to get an idea.

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As she puts her finger on the screen, Nerve automatically creates her profile, taking all her information, including bank accounts, pictures, and favorite books. She immediately gets a dare to kiss a stranger in a restaurant for 100 feet. She takes one of her best friends with her, Tommy, who warns her about the game and says that some kids died because of it.

Tommy is a computer geek, so he explains that the game can't be stopped because everybody that logs on becomes a new server. When they arrive at the dinner, where she's supposed to kiss a stranger, V is nervous but decides to kiss a guy reading her favorite book, The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. She goes to the stranger and they start talking about the book.

The guy is curious about what's going to happen in the novel, but V nervously kisses him and completes the dare. In an instant, she runs away and hides in Tommy's booth. Who's filming the dare? The mysterious guy disappears, but Tommy and V quickly notice him dancing and singing in the restaurant.

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Venus thinks she's singing to her, but Tommy explains that it's all part of the game. The guy, Ian, is playing the game too and has a dare just like she did. Ian completes the challenge and sits right next to V and Tommy. Then he tells them how he was reading to the lighthouse because that was a dare too.

While talking, both Ian and Venus get another dare. They have to go to the city together for two hundred dollars. Venus is reluctant at first, but she likes that Ian's having fun, so she decides to go. They get on Ian's motorcycle and start driving toward the city. Meanwhile, Sydney is completing another dare.

She has to pretend to fart on people. She's having a great time until she learns that V entered the game too and that she's rapidly gaining followers. At the same time, Venus is enjoying her time with Ian, but they have to part ways because they completed the challenge. As she awkwardly says her goodbyes, she gets dared to try on a dress in an expensive store.

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Meanwhile, Nancy is confused because she's receiving lots of money in her bank account under B's name. Tommy is concerned about V's safety, so he signs up as a watcher and starts watching her feed in the store. V is having a great time, plus she finds out Ian has the same challenge as her, so they spend more time together.

This time they are dressed in couture, but as they have fun, another player has a dare to steal their clothes from the changing rooms. V and Ian soon notice their clothes are missing. The dress V is wearing costs over two thousand dollars, so she starts panicking because she can't afford it. Wondering what's going on, both of them get another challenge to leave the store for two thousand five hundred dollars.

Since their old clothes are gone and they don't have any money, they must leave without paying, but V figures out another solution. She notices how the dare doesn't specify that they need to leave the store with clothes on, so they start running toward the exit in their underwear. When they arrive at the motorcycle, they find the expensive clothes attached to the handles with receipts.

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Apparently, one of the watchers bought the clothes for them. Tommy still suspects the game, so he calls Sydney and talks about V behind her back. Sydney learns that Ian is in the top 10 players and gets jealous. Tommy also contacts one of his hacker friends to get a passkey to a site called Aroba to find more about Ian and Nerve.

A high school student is tired of living the life on the sidelines and decides to take a part in a popular online game that gives players a series of dares. Other titles. nerve movie review,. nerve movie explained.
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