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New macbook pro m1 max!

New macbook pro m1 max!

But obviously, there are things that I know about the m1 max already, like the fact that it has absolutely taken the world by storm with its performance. So this is the 14-inch version of the new MacBook Pro with the m1 max processor inside.


And immediately, I absolutely love what they've done with the shape of the machine.

You know, like Andy, you know what I'm talking about, like they were kind of uncomfortable to hold, but, man, that is totally not a thing here. With an exception, actually, the hinge at the back where it's opened up for ventilation is a little loose. It just feels really great. I actually think it's harder to pick up from the desk harder to pick up from the desk because you have to really squeeze in your finger.

Yep, I see what you mean. I think it's minor. As long as you've got two hands, you shouldn't have too much trouble picking it up. It's got a lot of heft to it too. I mean, that makes sense.

Battery information

Battery information

The 16-inch version has a 100 watt-hour battery , while the 14-inch version has a 70 watt-hour battery. Those are extremely hefty considering the size of these machines and especially considering that Apple went and put one of the most efficient processors on the market into these machines. So Apple has a long and proud history of building extremely efficient processors in their phones and then putting weak sauce batteries in their phones when they could be putting ones that are three times the capacity because they simply don't need to.

But here, they went, you know, full ham, we're going to an efficient processor and we're going to put in a giant battery, so the 16-inch is actually at the limit of what you are allowed to put in a device that can be carried on an airplane, 100 watt hours.

Frameworks disclosure

As usual, I need to disclose that I'm invested in Framework, Inc.

They make laptops. Nothing like this one, but they definitely do make laptops, Okay, this is cool.

Can you game on an m1 max?

One of the big things that the internet's wondering about with the M1 Max is hey, they've got all of this GPU power right, we've got this 32 core GPU, whatever that means, but how does that actually compare to the kind of GPU that you might find in a PC laptop?

I mean. Apple made comparisons to Nvidia's RTX 3080 mobile and, depending on the application, for some productivity applications, that has actually not looked that crazy, but then if you've got all that power, what about gaming? So we've actually preloaded this machine with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which I'm going to fire up in a minute here, but first I just want to i just want to tinker around with a little bit.

Just take it for a quick drive for a quick test drive.

Sponsor - jackery

Sponsor - jackery

Oh Stop right there, Linus, because these people need to know about our sponsor, Jackery. Their Explorer 1500 portable power station has enough juice to keep all your devices powered and connected. Its huge 1500 watt-hour capacity and 1800 watt-hour output rate allow up to seven devices to be plugged in simultaneously.

It takes only four hours to recharge this thing from zero up to eighty percent.

Laptop hinge

Well, I was like, I was actually okay, that's as far out as it opens. This is something I think Apple could do a better job of. It doesn't happen that often, but there are times when I find myself wanting to open up the hinge of my laptop a little bit more than this. I mean, this even goes back to when I was still in university, and sometimes I would walk around on campus with wireless B and DY, 11 megabits per second, and I would actually have my machine completely opened up 180 degrees, and I'd be like "happy tapping on something while I'm walking around from one place to another." Remember, this is before like touchscreen smartphones, so like okay, maybe it's not part of your life, but it is something that I still find myself doing once in a while.



The pull rate on their track pad, I would say, could be better for a 120 hertz display. You can see there's some irregularity in the gaps between cursor movements. It's good it's not bad. Can you game on a trackpad? I wouldn't try to game on a trackpad. That's really not the point.


Obviously, the most controversial thing about the new m1 max and m1 pro macbooks is the notch.

I've seen arguments both ways. You can actually see that instead of taking the approach that they have with the iPhone, where that part of the screen simply doesn't exist, they've actually made it so it does exist, like you could move your mouse. Quite substantially. And this phantom portion of the screen back here, and this is a trend that Apple is not the only one to be responsible for, so Microsoft, in their most recent surface device, actually has rounded corners, and you can end up hiding the cursor behind it.

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Personally, I'm not a fan. I wish there was another way, but I also recognize the validity of the arguments that go well other than the area with the notch. It's not that far off from 16x9, which is what a lot of your TV shows and YouTube articles are going to be rendered out at, but it gives you that extra little bit of vertical for scrolling documents.

You know, whether you're reading something on reddit or whatever the case may be, in it, you want another couple of tracks in your timeline for, you know, Adobe premiere or final cut? It really does make a big difference. Something Apple has actually done a really good job of here, actually better than the iPhone.

Now that I look at it, it matches the blackness of the display being off to the blackness of the blank part where there is no display, and that's a minor thing, but it is something that I notice on their other devices, like the iPhone, where you can clearly see what the notch is like without a lot of effort.

You see that here, it's a lot harder to pick up, and it's those little things that contribute to the distraction of features like this. I'm not going to sit down with this device for long enough to draw a final conclusion about how distracting the notch is going to be. I oppose taking bites out of displays, but I'm not going to say that I wouldn't be able to get used to it because I'm just not spending enough time with it right now. I want to fire up some HDR content.

Display hdr

Display hdr

That's actually really impressive right there. Like I've been saying about the last couple generations of phone displays, unless you've got like a multi-thousand dollar TV, this is probably going to be the best screen in your house, which is kind of mind-blowing to think about.

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