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Hey DC If you want to relive this game, stealers, do it. Talk about living. I like his shirt. Look at that car they're sitting on. I mean, the whole thing. Lots of swag. It's almost like he knew he was going to have an amazing night. In the first quarter, though, it was Mitch Trubisky at quarterback, and he found Gunner Olszewski wide open for the 13-yard score, as if Tomlin was all smiles there.

He's happy on the other side. Gino Smith gets the start for the Seahawks today after starting three games last year. The final two minutes of the first half, big fella One's going in for the touch down, right before half. I know, that's perfect. That's the way that you want to do it exactly, so then you got Drew Lock.

He would start the second half for the Seahawks, the third quarter, and the third and final goal. He would fire it here for the three-yard touchdown. He would finish 11 of 15 for 102 and make two nice plays, also, you know, interesting, but this was it. The place was going wild. That had to feel so good.

So good in third quarter play action, Jaylen Warren's three-yard touchdown Yeah, smile It's okay to do a touchdown. Yes, at home in the fourth quarter. Let's go pick it rolls out and it's not great. Yeah, it wasn't great. You've got to have something to look at on film. Yeah right, something negative, so he comes right back to me.

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The Steelers get the ball back on the next play and Lock is sacked by Mark Robinson and fumbles. The Steelers' defense is going to bail you out, so pick it and he gets another chance to win the game. It is still tied at 25 with 12 seconds left, and two pickets find Tyler Vaughn, who dives it in for a 24-yard touchdown.

Everyone goes nuts, goes crazy. I know, he finished 13 of 15 for 95 yards with two touchdowns and the Steelers won 32-25. Ben Roethlisberger was watching. I've gotten a lot of questions about this. Yes, it was super fun. I love the love that he's giving out here. I just want to know why he's signing his tweets and then putting a period after Ben too.

There's a lot of punctuation there that maybe isn't necessary. A lot of comments I'm going to go to {964} and find out more. All right, I want to find out more about Kenny Pickett and what you thought about history because I'm yammering over here the highlights, but I want to know what you think.

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You're on it because you saw exactly what the Steelers fans saw. That was his home stadium. I can't imagine I was thinking about that while he was playing. Can you imagine if I got the chance to play in your own college football stadium? You've just got to throw on, you know, an NFL uniform and play this.

He's got to feel comfortable and look at this. He made plays with his legs, thought about throwing it there, and got a great block. He had that one fourth down play that we showed where he probably could have thrown it away. Charlie Batch even mentioned that he'll learn, but he'll learn from that.

What we talked about before the game was that he was really poised, and so you see on these runs he's not forcing it into coverage because he knows he has his legs as an option to get him out of jail free. This was a big time throw. This is the left hash, all the way to the far hash in a tie game.

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That's not easy. That takes a lot of courage, timing with your receiver, confidence that you're going to put a good throw out there and not leave it inside because we've seen that you'll pick six the other way and now you're losing your home opener, so I mean that's a lot of pressure, but he handled it all well.

It was fun to watch. I thought when I saw Mitch play that Mitch was the guy. They got it right. Can you take your time? I don't know if we're going to be able to hold the man off like. I'm waiting for Mitch to have like a fumble, like we even saw when Mason Rudolph came in and he fumbled the first drop back and the blue birds came out and you're like , they're not gonna wait long, they want Kevin Pickett right now.

So Mitch is going to have to be on it if he is the starter in Week One, because they are not going to wait, they want this kid to play. I understand i mean, he looked good, he looked different, he looked really good, but this guy is right here too. I mean, Mitch, he came out, slung it, and found my man, George Pickens, and got him involved.

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He was great on third down right here, nice third down plate guy in his face, you know, so it's not like Mitch is just going to hand the job over. You know, it's a good situation that the Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in because if you lose Ben Roethlisberger, like a lot of teams, you lose a hall of fame quarterback, you go through this drought where it's like we got to find a guy, we got to find a guy, and the Steelers went through a little bit of that.

He's a great defender. They have a good group, and I think that now they're in a great position at quarterback. To be patient, you know, let's let Mitch do his thing. If he can play and show us what he showed us in Buffalo and be that guy, then great, but man. Kelly's ready patience is something that is notable in the NFL, especially with quarterback situations, and Pittsburgh is historically a patient team.

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Yeah, I thought it was really interesting that a few of the beat writers in Pittsburgh were tweeting about the fact that Pickett looked a lot more confident and crisp in the game than he did in camp. It's interesting, so maybe it's a situation where when the lights are shining brightest, it's a great quality to have.

It's a great quality. Yeah, so that was what happened. Welcome, everybody, to NFL Total Access presented by Nerd Wallet with Colleen Wolf and David Carr. What a Saturday in pre-season. The first week is in the books. We've got one more game coming your way tomorrow, but this Saturday, it's a wrap.

Let's talk about this game. The last one that happened, the Broncos, won it 17-7. And the Cowboys, well, they struggled through this one because there were so many penalties. Dallas entered the fourth quarter with more penalty yards than rushing yards and passing yards combined. Like this was a problem last year, it's a problem this year and they couldn't get the ball moving either, but neither team started any offensive.

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Skill position players like that are notable at this point. I think that you hit on a good point there. The one thing that they did improve on. That was definitely something that they've focused on and we heard Jerry Jones talk about it inside training camp. He said we have to be more physical.

When you think back to why that is, it's just a look at how they lost in the playoffs at home. You know you have to get more physical, so what does that say? Well, that's what you're going to see, and that's what we saw here tonight. It wasn't explosive. The Broncos were a much more explosive team.

NFL Network | Michael Irvin "excited" Pickett dazzles in debut, Steelers beat Seahawks in preseason.
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