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It's Elliott for the touchdown. No flags led by Cowboys Gopro left tackle, Tyrant Smith, and then Gavin Escobar. He makes the block. You see the lane right there, and it's good night. Irene Gordon pumps again to the sideline, batted up stokely down the sideline. Can they catch up? touchdown Denver, unbelievable.

My what a play 87 yards. You know what the jets are thinking? He's going to take the bottom throat into the ground. They all start If you take a look at the offensive linemen, all they did was stand up and say the ingram. I mean, that's the communication that they have. Rogers gets out, floats it to Cobb, touchdown.

Randall Cobb, his second of the game. Chris Conte. You see it, he's jumping, he settles right at the first down marker and Randall Cobb goes right by 40 yards and here is Stafford's pass and Calvin Johnson. He's calling the clock but he's got some kind of verbiage or something to tell that offensive line or he just did it on his own.

I'm watching the offensive line of the Detroit Lions. They had no idea Matthew Stafford was doing that. Brady to the end zone and Topkins, he's in a position where you just got to make a play on the ball, just like we saw the other way. Jabari Greer is in a position where he's just unable to get his hand on the ball.

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A good high kick by Peterson looks around the back pedals, takes it into two trying to get outside, turns it up field, and Peterson gets by the punter, Peter Shemigo, all the way. He will win it for the Cardinals. Can the receivers get far enough down the field? Rogers is in trouble. It's going to get there.

He turned 32 yesterday. Does he have a vintage moment in him in the end zone for the win? Richard Rogers with a walk-off touchdown, a game-ender for the Packers, It bounces off the crossbar and it's good. Roethlisberger looks across the field. He caught it. He fights to the goal line. He breaks the plane's touchdown.

Pittsburgh might win the division. Is he down before he's down before he is done? Yeah, it does his car's quick pass to the inside of his cat and the flag is down. The flag is down. Crabtree caught it, but did he push off, a past interference offense? He could throw it to Patterson. Here's Carr stepping up.

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And now the flag is down. It was right in Cook's hands. You're going to get another place prior to the pass holding defense number 38 by rule. The game will be extended by one here. We go on time down to the side. The one-on-one match-up is up top inside, looking left across the middle. Another flag is on the field.

Patterson got another play completed. However, he's holding defense number 21. Half of this is the goal. One for the books. We will play another untimed down throw to anybody on this play. He's one-on-one up top right here, one more time to

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