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Let's start with the desk itself. The piece of wood I'm using is an oak kitchen worktop that I picked up from a local store. I just cut it down to size and then I stained it with some American Walnut. I dyed this darker and the overall appearance gave it a more rustic look, plus it removed most of the orange.

I'm not sure if standing desks are still popular now, but the reason that I went for one was having the option to change between sitting and standing. With the press of a button, you might think that having a standing desk is a bit of a gimmick, and you'd be right. I probably only use it standing once a week now, whereas when I first got it was every single day.

Either way, it's nice to swap between the two when I want to, and I can adjust the height really easily using this panel. I also get a lot of questions about the size of my desk, so here are the dimensions. I'd like it to be bigger too, but sometimes you've just got to work with what you have right.



So I have been using the autonomous Ergo chair for about two years now and it's done me really well, but a few weeks ago I changed this to the Herman Miller Aeron. Now this isn't my first home and mellow as I have also got the embodied.

This chair, but this air chair, is without doubt the coziest and most supportive chair that I've used, and first thing when the chairs arrive, they come fully assembled, you just remove the packaging and you're ready to go. I opted for their new Onyx color, which is basically black on black. They do have some other options too, but this is definitely the best color to go for.

I think aesthetically, this is a really nice looking chair, especially with a mess of fabric on the back and the seat, but that's not the reason I went for it. This is the fact that it's ridiculously comfortable. It's supportive and has so many adjustments. They will fit my body and posture perfectly.

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You can obviously move the chair up and down. There's a little lever on the side of the chair, and the arms can be individually adjusted for both height and tilt. But where it gets really impressive is around the back. That's the lumber support. Well, this can actually be moved up and down as well as in and out, and then, depending on how I'm feeling, I can sit upright or I can slouch all the way back using those adjustments.

That was really hard to explain, but when you're sitting in it, it kind of feels like you're floating as the seat itself is suspended. Rather than being a solid base, it's got a supportive feel to it, but it's bouncy as well. If that makes sense now. Herman Miller chairs are not cheap, but they do come with a 12-year warranty, and if you are sitting in a chair for five to ten hours a day, you do need something that supports you, although the wheels on this are multi-purpose and will work on both carpet and hard flooring.

I still have a plastic mat down to protect my floor. It makes it a little easier to move the chair around, but the real reason is to stop my carpet from wearing out under my feet.



Next is my monitor, so I'm using the 40-inch LG WP-95c, which is a 5K x 2K Ultra wide monitor. I've only had this for about two months now, but it's the best one I've ever had.

I think in my last setup tour I had a 32-inch monitor, so this ultrawide is a nice step up. It's wide enough that it's ideal for working or editing articles or having multiple windows open at the same time, but it's not too wide that it looks ridiculous on the desk and I struggle to see around the screen.

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It's also got USBC, and it can charge my MacBook at the same time as transferring the image to the screen, so it's a pretty good all-rounder, and I much prefer having one ultra-wide display over multiple displays under the monitor. I'm using this monitor riser from Grovemade. If you've followed me for a while, you know how much I like their products, so this riser is their Walnut one, and I like the fact that it heightens the screen slightly and it gives me some space under the screen to hide things away, like my keyboard or mouse or anything else.

Then there's a shelf on the left hand side where I store some random things.

Desk accessories

Now I don't actually have that many accessories on my desk as I've tried to keep it clutter free and clean, but here I've got my original PlayStation Vita and, believe it or not. I still play this today. It's one of those devices that I usually take away with me on holiday, but I often wonder if we'll ever see another PlayStation handheld console from Sony.

I also have a pair of Airpod gen 3s and I often use these for listening to music or making phone calls while I'm sitting at my desk. Next to that is this little box, which is actually a charger that I've been using to keep all my devices charged. Up until now. Now I've been using it to charge my mobile gimbal, via USBC, my Nintendo switch, and even my iPad, but if I wanted to, I could actually charge my MacBook Air using this charger as well.

Ports 1 and 2 can deliver a maximum of 100 watts; ports 3, four, and five are 65 watts; and the 2A ports are 22.5 watts. It works with pretty much every device or charging protocol out there, including PPS, so that means it will work with Android phones as well. It also comes with a braided USB C to lightning cable for your iPhone, but what I like most about this is just how clean and minimalist it looks.

Most chargers look bulky or out of place, but this one has a really nice design to it. I also like the fact there's no LED lights on the front, which I much prefer, as most of the time if something has an LED. I try and cover it up anyway, but if you're interested in this charger.



You might have noticed that above my screen I'm using a BenQ light bar now. I've only added this within the last few weeks, and that's because I've seen so many people online using these that I had to give it a go, and you know what, these are a wait for it A game changer So the bar clicks onto the top and is powered by USB, then there's this little wireless box you can place anywhere on your desk and it lets you control the brightness temperature and turn it on or off.

Not only do I think this looks neat, but I was amazed at just how much light it projects down onto your desk without even hitting the screen. It also means I don't need a lamp on nearby, and I think it keeps the desk clutter free. And then, behind the screen, I'm using a one-meter strip of lifx LEDs.

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I don't really need these with the light bar that I have, but I think it adds a nice glow and it means if I want to, I can change the colors and theme through the app. I don't normally have these set to white during the day while I'm working, but at night I switch over to an RGB vibe to completely change the style I'm in.

This is my ultimate 2022 desk setup tour. A productivity setup Including a 40 LG UltraWide monitor, Herman Miller Aeron, standing desk and loads of wooden desk accessories.
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