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Fba ohara here and welcome back to another article game. Week two is drawing to a close, so you know what time it is. It is time to have a look towards game week three and my first transfer plans. Welcome back to another article. I'm having a look at my current setup and how my team is lining up for the upcoming game week three, talking you through some of the potential transfers that I'm thinking of and how my team might end up lining up for the upcoming game week as a sort of first knee-jerk reaction.

So I didn't make a transfer last week, so you can see that I have two free transfers to play with this week, which is great. I imagine a lot of you are in a similar situation to me as well, with naught million in the bank as well as nothing really to play with, so I will potentially need to upgrade some players and downgrade elsewhere in terms of my starting eleven.

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in goal at the moment, because it is a good home feature against Southampton. However, Sanchez and Brighton have been really impressive. I haven't quite decided. I am a big fixture person and I again favor that home feature that we have for Ward in goal. In defense, we have dropped Trippier, who has Manchester City, and in comes Patterson, of Everton.

It was always the plan for me to bring in Patterson for that good fixture at home to Nottingham Forest in Gameweek 3. I can then also play Tren, I can also play Robinson, and I can also play Canto. This article was recorded before the Chelsea versus Tottenham game on Sunday, so of course. I don't know the result of the Liverpool game taking place on Monday night either.

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In midfield we have also dropped, netto to the bench, Andrés Pereira, who's actually currently yellow-flagged. So it has come into my starting eleven. Fulham looked good in game week one, they didn't score against Walton in game week two, so I'll be keeping an eye on his fitness and the other players in that Fulham team, whether they're expected to come back and do well at home to Brentford in game week three, but he is starting for me over Neta, who's been very disappointing, so far one of the big flops for all of us, those of us with neto, those of us with leon bailey in our starting elevens, you'll be looking to move them on for sure, and then, of course, we still have Saka.

We still have Martinelli, scoring in both of the opening two. I'm very happy with him, very happy that he's still in my squad, and then Sakura, just one assist in the first two. He's looked good, but not necessarily a player that I'm particularly happy with, and we might discuss a few replacements.

He has options for him going forward. Then, of course. Mohamed Salah is here, currently my vice captain. Going into game week three away at Manchester United Manchester, losing four nil to Brentford, and gameweek two losing to Brighton, in game week one as well, there's gotta be chances for goals in that game, and then up front, harlan starts again as a captain in game week two, only picking up an assist.

I would have hoped for more. Let's see what Salah does on Monday night, see how badly that decision went, and then Gabrielle Jesus as well, currently my captain. So it looks so good in game week two. Arse Love looked so good at the start of the season with a really nice fixture a way out of Bournemouth, as well as Walmart didn't look good in game week two against Manchester City, and I really think that Jesus and Arsenal can get something there now in terms of the players that I'm not happy with.

Two of them are actually sitting on my bench. We've got Neto, who hasn't really done anything really. He's got two blanks so far; we've got Trippy, who now has a difficult run of fixtures, and then we've also got Bakayo, saka We might have to review the Liverpool defense depending on how they get on against Crystal Palace in Monday night's game.

However, the three players I'm really looking at selling are Netto, Trippier, and Bakayosaka. So let's have a look at some of their potential replacements.

Neto replacements

Neto replacements

First up, the player that I'm considering selling, Pedro Netto of the Wolves. 5.5 million he plays at Tottenham away and has three red fixtures in their next six and has Newcastle as well. A team are yet to concede a goal. The Wolves do not look good enough going forward.

They scored just one goal in their opening two games and then failed to score at home against Fulham in Gameweek Two. I don't think he's really worth keeping for me, and those fixtures are definitely not worth it. There are a couple in there, like that Bournemouth fixture that I might like to have him for, but I don't think it's worth keeping him given how unreliable he and Wolves have been at the start of the season.

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I've got two free transfers, so it is likely that Neto is one of my transfers out. I have no money in the bank in terms of his replacement. I've got to Silva, a very highly transferred player from Brentford for 4.5, now 4.6 million, so I haven't made the transfer. I let that price rise go. The reason I didn't buy him last night, and I did consider it, was that he had less than 0.1 Xg.

So far this season, so less than 0.1. Expected goals in the score twice. The chances of him continuing on that run of form are very, very minimal, so I let that go. I might still be going with him because I do prefer him to the other 4.5. Given that audio and per hour, I don't expect that much from him now.

If I wanted to go for a like-for-like replacement, I also have Aron of Leeds here, and I spoke about him last time. Leeds didn't necessarily look as good going forward this week, particularly since Aron didn't get involved in the points, but I still think of 5.5 million. He could be an absolute And now Harrison at 6 million and Rodrigo at 6 million might be better, but I currently don't have the money to go out and buy one of those guys.

And Rodrigo has risen in price as well, so it makes it very difficult for me to go and get him. And the final option that I could go to is just any 4.5 million option. If I need that point, one that I can't get with the silver because I don't love him very much, it could basically be any 4.5, midfield It could be reed, for example, at Fulham, or it could be lavior at Southampton.

Do i keep saka?

Do i keep saka?

Next up we have Bayayosaka, just one assist from his opening two and costing eight million. The only thing is, those features we see out there are so nice. Bournemouth, Fulham, and Aston Villa in their next three, then Manchester United, but I still expect Arsenal to win that game, and then they also have Everton and Brentford after that, so six fixes.

I really expect them to win, and I expect Saka to be involved. He does need to start getting some returns while Martinell and Jesus are doing really well at soccer blanking. It's not really what I'd want in terms of those replacements. There are quite a few that I'm looking at right now. Kula Sevsky has taught him again.

Welcome back to another FPL video, My Gameweek 3 Transfer Plans and initial Kneejerk reactions to Gameweek 1 and 2 of FPL.
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