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Now in today's article, you may notice that I do have a different background behind me. It is because I have been traveling a little bit. You have got to experience the world. You've got to get inspired. And speaking of some inspiration, we are looking at the modern times nft project right now. So these guys were released just recently, not minted yet, but there are 3 000 modern people living on the fringes of society in some unique way.

That's all I can say. It's pretty cool. The artwork looks delicious. It looks fantastic, and what I want to do right now is talk a little bit about these socials. You know, if you enjoyed the trailer itself, I enjoyed it pretty much. The artwork is really cool. It does remind you of some modern modernistic types of art; you know, very jagged lines, jagged edges, and generally some pretty cool people in the salon.

Blockchain So if you do want to get, first of all, an OG roll for a free mint they're giving away. A lot of these are in the Discord, so you are able to check that out now. I'm going to scroll through the Discord as well, in a minute, so don't be too worried about that. You have a few more characters.

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Modern Times Some promoted tweets, but you have more modern tweets right here. You do have a few other examples of the actual, huge engagement. As I said, all of their tweets are getting a lot of different, you know, likes, comments, and all this other stuff. It's just generally a really cool concept.

Having a free mint of this sort, you know, it's a drop that you don't really expect. You don't know when it's going to come, but when it does come, you've got to rush over there and do it as fast as possible, so if you're vibing to this, you're pretty early. This is on July 4th. Well, we've caught on to the train one month later, and we are still very early.

Trust me when I tell you this. Now, moving on into the discord itself, you can find out a lot more about the announcements, however I personally. I use Twitter for all of the announcements, you know, but it's not bad to check it out. You have the founder right here. You have the admin and everybody else.

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You are able to just message if you have any questions, concerns, or if you want to know anything else about the community. There are 7, 000 total members in this community; 200 online doesn't really matter, but most importantly, you can find all of the official links on the Twitter page. They do have a YouTube channel as well that you can watch.

Check it out. That's why there's only one sneak peek. There is a dose of mystery within this project because they are releasing these free mints and they're not trying to give away too much info before they get in there. How do you actually get a free mint? Well, it's pretty simple, right? First of all, you reach level five on Discord, and you can get the winner role automatically.

It's pretty easy, pretty simple, and pretty straightforward. Right now, a little bit more about the roadmap itself. This is probably the most important and most detailed part of their actual plan, and it makes perfect sense because the roadmap is the most important thing in basically Well, first of all, the nft min, it's basically 3 000 abstracts, class profiles, and picture nfts.

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So you have a reward system, you have top ents, and you just have the fact that the more early you are and the more nfts you hold, the more you're able to take advantage. That sounds pretty cool to me right now. Also, the modern times token is coming out later on the solana blockchain to buy and receive sales of minting and anything else going on in the actual nft community, and basically it can be used to hold trades, play games, stake rewards and also obviously withdraw your profits if you create some yourself.

Only 500 million MDP tokens will be minted, so stay tuned for that. And if these are coming out as well, it's pretty straightforward. As you know, you're able to leave your NFTS and earn a passive income by just leaving them on the platform. And of the evolution as well, so basically you have your nfts and they become cooler nfts over time because they're evolving.

Pretty cool a lot of rewards. You can check out the Modern Times website as well. I'm going to show you that in a second or two, so from the official links, you have the Twitter page right here, and if you actually want to check out the website. I'm just going to be back in a second because I haven't opened it yet.

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So the website will be out soon. You should hold tight. You will be notified if you press this button or if you press the notification bell on their twitter page. It looks very modern. The artwork is quite abstract. I don't even know what other young words to use, but I'm very excited to see the app coming out, the whole website, and all of these other utilities actually coming to life in the future, so that was it about modern times.

If you did enjoy it, you know, check these guys out on Twitter and their socials. Show some love and support as we always do as a community.

Modern times is a relatively new project starting off with a free mint concept for the first NFT collection, of 3000 beautiful pieces of artwork.
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