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Today we're building survival forts only using Minecraft's crafting guide, so we have to craft our shelter, our food, and our weapons. All the materials we need to find are in the wild. For example, I found all this leather. I want to make a hat. I'm going to make a shovel. Let me show you how it's done.

I found these sticks, one and two, and a stone. Here we go, and voila! This is going to come in handy for building a survival shelter. We've got five hours to build our force, and then we're going to have a Minecraft expert come. You ready yes, good luck. All right so I found all of these random supplies inside the garage and, like we said, if you put stuff on the crafting table and you don't know what you're doing, you don't know what you're going to get.

Chicken wigs, Ninja Turtles, basketball skateboards, all right, let's see what we get. Leb I was just trying to play my article game and eat my cheeseburger. I didn't want you. Now you've got me. Get out of here. I'm going to need lots of plywood and two-by-fours. As you can see, we're in the middle of the woods surrounded by wood.

Video Games Tutorials and News - minecraft

Look at this. Whoa all right, this is kind of fun, all right. All right, look what I found in the woods, guys. It was right in the middle. It was something big, all right, plywood. I'm going to need some plywood as well, so I found this big stump right here, but check this out. I've got a big pile of sand which is going to come in handy later.

Hey, nice two-by-four all right. I think I have a lot of my base materials done and crafted, so my plan is to try and build something like an A-frame Fort. I don't know if that's really possible in Minecraft, but you can build anything in Minecraft. I need some tools. I need an ax, so we need three stones and two sticks.

All right so with Minecraft, you have to assemble these things in the right order on the crafting table or you won't know what it's going to make. I think this is correct all right. Ready ah yes, and my ax and my ax, No, I think this angle is completely off. This is going to be the shortest fort of all time.

Video Games Tutorials and News - minecraft crafting guide

I'm going to have to use my action to redesign my Minecraft blocks. Look at that science. Once we get the fort structure up, there's a lot of stuff we have to craft to put on the inside, like beds, decorations, armor axes, toys, and food. It's a big list, but it's a survival list for it, so I haven't even built it yet.

My survival shelter is empty and I am desperate for a furnace, so I found eight stones laying around outside, the outside of the crafting table with the stones, and I got a furnace. I'm going to be making some food because I'm hungry. How's your fort looking? I'm just figuring out the mechanics.

Creeper We need to craft a bow. Yeah, we need three sticks and three strings. He's coming closer, so hurry. He's going to blow up the house. Hurry he's coming one, two, three. Push it yes, hurry load it up. Sure fire, that was close to our house being almost exploded by a creeper, but now we have a bow to defend ourselves all right.

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Come on in, take a look at my fort. I've got the whole structure done. Now what I'm thinking is that I might want to put some windows. Here, Justin crafted a furnace, so if I get, I'm pretty sure if I just throw sand in the furnace it gives me glass, and I can make windows all right. Minecrafters, I'm searching through the jungle right now with my shovel because I'm trying to find sand that I can throw in the furnace and create some glass for my windows.

I don't know how much sand I need. All right, all right. This is the stove, so we got our fuel from our craft earlier. We take the sand, you pour it into the furnace. How many minutes till it makes glass? We don't know, all right. Let's go install it on our window. Just like that, a beautiful window The best part about Minecraft is that you can create whatever you want, so I am making a mallet with a stone pinecone, some weed, and some wood.

Check it out. Perfect i got my structure up, as you can see right behind me, and now I am going to work on building a fence on the outside so I can install some chickens. It's going to be great. Let's go craft a fence. A fence is super easy to build, too. Just stick in four planks. Now guys, let's go to build a fence.

Video Games Tutorials and News - minecraft survival

All right, so I just gotta find some sort of animal that I can get some wool from and then I can make a bed. I can make other things. Let's go exploring right up here. Hey, check this out. A bunch of wild pumpkins Do you know what we can do with these pumpkin pies? How do the Minecraft guys hold so much stuff?

I cannot wait for the Minecraft judge to see my survival fort. There are literally two levels of comfort all over the place. This is legit. It is time for me to catch a wild chicken because collecting resources is key and chickens are a great resource. He's literally a wild chicken out here. Hey, would you like to come with me to my house?

Yeah, let's be friends, perfect guys. Let's bring it back to the fence. See, there's a reason why it's key to build a fence in Minecraft so the chickens can't escape and keep laying eggs for you. Hey Blake, Do you have any more iron soda cans? All right let's go, boy. Let's go, boys. My strategy is to build up my armor and weapons collection.

Video Games Tutorials and News - minecraft survival forts

Justin over here is working on his chop and Joanna Gaines impression. One of the cool things about Minecraft is that the farther you dig, the more cool resources you find. With Great Scott diamonds, we can make a diamond sword plus two diamonds equal. Yes, I'm wielding this sword to be a great decoration.

No, no carpet. When did Justin get the chicken? You know, I do need an egg for my pumpkin pie recipe. Don't mind if I do okay. All right, all right, we have all of our ingredients for a pumpkin pie. Okay, so we've got some nice sugar here that we borrowed from {915}. Anyway, ready, perfect pumpkin pie.

I'm going to save this to try to bribe the judge to pick my survival for it as the better one right here right now. We go three, two, one, and that's it. Time for judging. It is time to meet our Minecraft expert to judge our fort's medium legends. Well, cringe i'm going to start. Let's go see my fort.

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So, as you can see, we went with the A-frame cabin structure, which is a very advanced technique in Minecraft. I'm sure you're familiar with it. Yes, very fancy. Come on in to the Fort. Go take a look. I'll let you look around. I like this chair right here and I went with the defense style, so as you can see, we have the bow and arrow here and then up here we have our iron helmet.

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