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You know, they didn't score in the Champions League, they didn't score in the FA Cup final. You know, last weekend they weren't looking like Liverpool at all. And in this game today, yes they dominated, but you know what, you don't win the championship. By dominating possession, you win a championship by scoring goals.

Taking advantage of your dominance and winning games, Liverpool have drawn two games this season, and in both games, they haven't looked great going forward. It doesn't help that we're talking about a part of going forward, but defensively. Liverpool are allowing goals far too often and, sometimes far too early in the game where they seem to be trailing, they seem to have the need to come back in order for them to get points, and eventually you're not going to find the explosive dynamic productivity in the final third.

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There are times in which you're not going to score goals and, to me, as much as I look at Liverpool as a team that perhaps is not creating as many opportunities as they should, they're also giving up opportunities themselves. If you look at Wilfred Zaha today, there were at least three or four opportunities where he takes a better touch on the ball or makes a better decision he is scoring a second goal, and then he had the one where he was sliding in with his right foot rather than sliding with his left foot and hit it off the post, and now, while it is disappointing for Liverpool that they got a point out of this game, you could actually argue that they were fortunate at times to get that point because Crystal Palace had the more clear chances and Wilfred Zaha, though he took his first chance really well, there were a couple of other chances that he did not take very well at all because Darwin Nunia is going to be okay.

Yeah, he's young, he's, he's. He's got a lot of growing to do, but the guy's got quality. What's going to happen, though, over the next three games where he's suspended? What if Liverpool go on to win those three games comfortably? How does that change the dynamic of the season going forward? Well, I don't think it changes the dynamic too much.

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Klopp would bite your hands off for that damn but I think what I'm seeing now with Liverpool, and it's hard to try and criticize the job that Jurgen Klopp has done over the years. It's been sensational, but I looked at Liverpool probably 18 months ago, but more so at the start of this season, where I'm thinking, you've probably only got three players on the pitch that can score a goal.

The midfield players do not score goals for Liverpool. They've got people like Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. They've got goals all over the park. Liverpool's three, Throughout the years, we have been efficient by closing down, working hard, and supplying the front three, because those are the guys that get the goals.

The scourge of the earth are midfielders. They're trying you know, maybe they want to try and wait for someone like Jude Bellingham or Declan Rice next season, but I just look at that midfield at the moment, and it doesn't matter which three play, they don't score any goals, and that's the worry for me.

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Is that concerning Steve? They won't finish without a point in the city without a midfield scorer last season. Yeah, they did, but it's very difficult, as Don said, to complain about what Liverpool do right, but the fact is that recently it hasn't been working to the level of what it was, and in order to get back to that.

There's no real. I don't see any real. Well, in it right, it's just a bunch of guys that chase and get the ball and try and give it to the front. Well, Chicago offers that diversity, doesn't he? He's obviously injured at the moment when he's playing well. Tiago hasn't played, hasn't played two games in a row since he came.

I'm sure he has. I'll tell you what, all right. I'll give them to you. I'll give them a maximum of three years, right, but after that, we're looking at runners winning the ball. That's what we're looking at, so eventually. You know, you just don't get away with that, particularly when your front three are struggling to score goals.

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You need somebody, or somebody to chip in, whether it's your midfield or your back line, and it ain't coming from the middle of the park. That's what cater was bought for a hundred percent. That's why Naby Cater was bought by Jurgen Klopp to not only get around the field and win the ball back but get in the box and score some goals, and he hasn't delivered, and as the club said, it's not easy to find those guys.

Can I go back to Darwin Nunes for a second? No, we got him one. Okay, thank you, Dan. I think I appreciate that. He's got to calm down. First of all, he just has to settle down. What we're seeing in some of the sequences in front of the goal where he seems like he's rushing, he seems like he's slashing at the ball, he's just taking a swipe at it.

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It's because he wants to do so well, so badly, so soon. Right, you better, didn't he? Yes, and so you bought me for all this money, and here I am. I'm excited about going to Liverpool. I want to prove that I belong here. He's trying to do 10 things at a time, so maybe, and I know this is very glass half full, maybe the fact that he gets this red car, he's going to be suspended, he's not going to be around for the next few games, it allows him to actually calm down for there to be a conversation.

With Jurgen Klopp and saying, Hey. Darwin, this is not what we do here. Okay, you're gonna be good for us and this is how you're gonna be good for us. He has to settle down. The talent is there. You see some of the movement. You say Okay, there are certain things that he brings to this team, but in front of the goal, where you need to be calm, where you need to show composure.

He's been all over the place. It's almost as if there are a ton of thoughts going through his head rather than just reacting and doing the thing that has been instinctive for him in the past. Liverpool still have to win the title. I knew you were going to say that. I knew you were going to say that.

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Listen, how can I back out of it? I mean, 108 points to play for with two games in. I mean, what was the city clean like last season? Was it 15 points and they got it all the way back to one? I'm not giving up on them just yet, Steve. What's wrong with your face? [Laughter] It's just when you say, "Liverpool won the title." I can't honestly say my brain didn't go Yes, i'm a little worried already, right yeah i'm a little worried already but I have one optimism about how good Lewis Diaz's goal was.

ESPN FC reacts to Liverpool's draw vs. Crystal Palace and Darwin Nunez's red card.
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