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I'm your nft guide for the day, and in today's article I'm going to be talking to you guys about Legends of Ludo. Trust me, by the end of this article you are definitely going to want to do exactly that, but before I begin, a little disclaimer. I'm not a financial advisor and, therefore, I'm not accountable for any losses that you may make in the crypto nft world, so please do your own due diligence.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it. Starting off with their official website, the legendary treasure raid begins now. This is a polygon-powered project, and the team behind this project—I definitely have to display this at the start of the article—is the Hike team. RGU is an Indian money gaming app, and they've got more than 2 million monthly active users and more than 100 million annualized winnings, as you can see right over here.

Legends of Ludo, is in very good hands. So starting off, Legends of Ludo is a brand new plan earned cross and circle game where players can use their skills to battle earn and grow for the treasure of the real world. Now we're going to go through their official website, and I'm going to tell you guys all the basics about their project, but then we will be going into detail in their live papers.

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By defeating other heroes in battle or becoming a lord, you aim to rule lands and amass tremendous wealth and power. As you can see over here, they look absolutely incredible on the mobile phone, and the hero path is a place where you can mint NFT warriors across four different realms and engage in battle to capture and treasure and earn your order, so you've got the elves, the humans, the wizards, and finally the orcs.

You can choose whichever one you want, and speaking of their superpowers, you can recruit, upgrade, breed, and craft warriors to strengthen your army. They've got the abilities: power, endurance, fortune, force, and cover. You've got 50 levels over here, and rarities vary from common to legendary.

Taking a look at becoming a lord of the realm, you can acquire land parcels and build structures to support the heroes in the legends of Ludo. You can check out their land over here, Urdrink's le minthia delcat and ortok, and once again, the rarity varies from common to legendary in the land as well.

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You can join their legendary community over here, and that's exactly what I'm going to show you guys right now. They're social this is their official Twitter page. I would definitely give them a follow over here. Essentially, definitely give them a follow on their socials and we are going to move on right now.

On here, we're going to move on to their light paper, and check out in detail what you guys need to know. So, first of all, the blockchain gaming part you have over here. This is the welcome page. I want to share with you their principles. The economic principles over here are that meritocratic earning ability depends entirely on skills and commitment, which is very fair for players and owners.

Players will own their assets and have opportunities to own a piece of the economy. On their socials and in their community, actually give them a follow over here. Join their discord channel and become a part of shaping the legends of Ludo's future. Now moving on, we're going to check out Their gameplay is over here.

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You've got the hero path, where the goal is to ensure that your warriors, or nfts, raid the treasure before your opponent, for which there will be rewards and riches, otherwise known as tokens. The heroes will need to meticulously manage the well-being of their warriors by tweaking their abilities so that they are in optimal condition to continue to raid the treasure.

The choices the heroes make are what give them an advantage over their opponents, and this is exactly what it looks like. You can check it out right here. You've got the ability to summon warriors to battle against other warriors, earning rewards in bolts and leveling up. You've got the recruiting and bonding warriors to rinse and repeat.

Once again, you've got 50 levels in this game, and you absolutely cannot get bored. Speaking of the warrior nft, to take part in the past of the hero, you have to equip yourself with warriors, and the players need to own at least four warriors to get started with gameplay, and every warrior is unique and minted as an nft on the blockchain polygon.

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You can check out all of them over here. As I've already mentioned, you've got elves, humans, wizards, and orcs. You've also got the warrior rarities over here, the quality, and the total points. You can see on the right hand side you've got the abilities, you've got the power, endurance, fortune under development, still force under development, and cover.

The warrior levels and the OG edition are once again on the left-hand side, and on the right-hand side you've got more information on that. At the beginning of the game, each hero selects exactly four warriors to be staged in the player's yard. As we've already mentioned, the goal of the battle is to be the first to reach the treasure.

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Now you've got so many wards over here, the player versus environment. In player versus player, you can fend off enemy attacks while ensuring all of your warriors reach the treasure faster than anyone else. That is in player versus environment and in pvp. You've got to go ahead. You're battling with other heroes in a battle of epic proportions while ensuring all of your warriors reach the treasure faster than your opponent, so it's very competitive and it's very exciting, so you should definitely once again become a part of it.

Go check out their game right now and see what I'm talking about in real life. You've got the energy, determining how frequently a player can engage in battle with their warriors, their stamina, and their earning part over here. You can see the stamina range penalty on vault earnings and. Also, when leveling up your warrior, the quantum of points regarded per level up to allocate towards an ability is dependent on the rarity of the warrior, obviously, so you've got it once again over here.

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The rarity of your warriors and the leveling up points, so all the details that you need to know are over here. The operating level also comes with additional benefits at higher ranks, and once again, you can see the ranks over here and the special unlocks are to be published. As we already mentioned, this game is still under construction, if I could put it that way, so you do have to wait a bit longer for it to be released and to see all of it.

I guess that is why you should definitely once again give them a follow on their socials and find out all of the updates that you need to know as soon as possible and put the notifications on as well, because trust me, you are going to want to hear about it first when it does come out. Speaking of the bulk token over here, this is a high velocity in-game currency in Legends of Pluto.

Legends of Ludo is a turn based strategy game where the objective of the player is to ensure that all their pawnstokens can move from their base to their home, crossing around the entire board, while killing your opponent and keeping yourself safe. Ludo's simplicity and elegant design makes the game extremely fun for all age groups! Rush Gaming Universe boasts a whopping 2. 25 million monthly active users, so it is no surprise I am bringing you this project today.
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