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G'day Welcome to the laser beam office tour. This is where the magic happens, or lately, the lack of magic because I don't upload. You know, the kids on Twitter are right. I fell off. Have you seen how many gaming monitors I have? You know what they say about a guy with four monitors? They're very good with women.

Isa was supposed to kiss me, but then she kissed me with her blind dog. He didn't know what he was doing, so what the shitup? Yep, having a girlfriend in a gaming setup is very rare. Normally, it's just a box of tissues or something. Last year, I got 12 million views per article. This year I can barely upload.

Like there's just been a lot of real life challenges, like real shit going on, but we have the second channel now and we're trying to get consistent. That's where this article is going to Make sure you subscribe. yadda I don't normally like doing office tours because I think flexing shit is kind of cringe-worthy, but I have a PS5.

And that means I'm better than you, all right. Let's do this office tour properly and start from outside. So this is my garage, and I have massive mirrors. You may have seen me flex my incredible muscles in these mirrors if you follow my instagram. I have shit tons of timber. For some reason, it's currently 9 a.m.

So I guess you could call that my morning wood. My shoes, which make up about half of my shoe collection, and my giant, six-foot gingy painting. Everyone says I abandoned gingy when I got my Fortnite skin, but I legitimately see a giant gingy every single day. This is my laundry. I occasionally get stuck there.

Yeah, sometimes Ilza has to help me get unstuck. I'm just kidding. I never went into that room. Don't do that at all. We opened this door up. And there we have it. Let's get an overarching shot of the entire setup, all looking really pretty. This is normally full of absolute garbage, like literally trash on the ground, but I cleaned it up just for you, so I have a gigantic lounge.

Since this is the only room in my house with a television, Ginny gets an entire painting. My laser beam skin only gets a cardboard cut out, like trying to tell me I'm picking favorites and shit. I have this smiley face to try and remind me to be happy with my life-size R2D2, and my cute little baby Yoda.

You may remember this from the time that I cosplayed as Princess Leia. It does beep and shit, but I don't know where the batteries are. This is my super comfy chair. You can see how much dust is down there, and shit, I have my life-sized Tom Brady painting. I have a Buccaneers helmet signed by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

I think it is unhealthy how much I love Batman. I think I need him. I need a hug. You know, if we come in here, we have a nice big storage area. If I open this up, yeah, look at that giant laser face sticker. I've got three signed Patriots helmets: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman.

I have two lightsabers. One lightsaber might make you a virgin, but two is like a double negative, which means women love you once again. Yeah, I had my dad come and install these shelves because I'm a lazy piece of shit and he's an old man. He's old why should I ruin my body? Let's just use him up while he's still here.

So this is random, but this camera I'm filming on I had to buy three times. The first time it got stolen was when the office was broken into. The second time I tried to use it as a face cam, I used the wrong battery, and it exploded. So this is the third time I've bought it. This is it. This is where I poop.

That's where I shit. Here we have my Captain America shield and my crocs. He also made these for me. There's a Boba Fett, there's a football, a dinosaur. But yeah, this is the main setup right here. Boy does it look nice. It looks good. I'll turn my lights off over here because I'm incredibly attractive.

I have four gaming monitors. I have two keyboards. I have a ninja final mouse. I have my phone over here. I have my air pods. I have something my girlfriend painted for me. My second favorite person in my life's daily dose of the internet gave me a free figurine. I have all this gear and I can still barely post once a week.

So yes, I have two keyboards because I have two computers. Prepare to be flexed on this thing. It is legitimately the sexiest thing in my life. It has a 3090 in it and 128 gigabytes of RAM. This is the granddaddy of computers. It's got like six terabytes of SSD storage space. If you have no idea what that means, it's like nerd talk for really shitgood.

So this is my main computer that's on that monitor, and then there's this one, which is also really good. It's recording my face cam over here. Yeah, it's honestly How do I not upload? How do I not upload more? I just realized this is also the big computer I do all of my editing on. You can see I'm working on Fortnite, satisfying, Me and my creamy film This one has that tommy in it.

I've also been working on a project where I 1v1 everyone, like a bunch of youtubers. Don't tell anyone, but that's taking like three weeks to put together, so this is pretty much how it looks when I work. I got the editing. I got the recording. I usually have some discord up here. I've wiped it so you can't see any leaks.

I can browse YouTube over here. So for main channel articles I still edit because I'm an idiot, so uploads are harder. I like doing it. I don't know why I'm weird, but that's why I'm trying to do the second channel so much. I can get some help. I can learn to, you know, offload responsibilities.

Maybe you can edit it. Maybe you can help us plan. Also, if you're wondering about my desk, I just have a two and a half meter door. It is quite literally just a door. I just don't want people to think I need this level of shit to become a youtuber. I started YouTube, like, in a tiny little closet office, with a desk lamp and a shitty old laptop.

I just don't need this stuff. I just love what I do. You don't need to do that. All right, I hope you enjoyed this shit, All right, now you've seen the behind the scenes. I'm sorry, there's not really much going on here. I do not have a hot tub that comes from the ceiling. All right, hopefully I'm uploading more.

Love you,

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