Video Games Tutorials and News - Last To Take Hand Off Lamborghini, Keeps It

I grab 50 random people in a brand new Lamborghini. Everyone put their right hand on the car. Whoever takes their hand off last gets the $300,000 car. And I have over 50 different cameras monitoring every single hand in the car. They will know if they take it off. Do you see how beautiful this car is?

It will be mine as long as it takes. We're not going home. You're probably wondering how you use the bathroom. Chris rips off the windshield wiper. We now have a windshield wiper that if you're touching with your right hand, you are still technically touching the car. There you go, you can get off the car.

I expected people to get out in weird ways, but I wasn't expecting a little bit of water to be one of them. What happened was all in my face, and I reacted by saying, Congratulations on being first out. Here's a thousand dollars. 49 of you remain. What's the exact Lamborghini of that man? I know it's not too bad, Carl.

Someone's been eliminated. I feel bad for them. I'm not going to be one of them. I think a lot of people are going to start slipping up because my brain's already slipping up. It's only been three hours. Raise your hand if you're hungry, One of these times, we're going to get someone. We brought you all pizza.

Give me a second, crush it back. Yeah, good stuff. I'm hoping that while they're all eating, some people slip up and take their hands off. And with so many people packed together, it didn't take long for something to happen. Somebody stepped on my foot. I moved my hand. I got to see my kid, though.

It's harder than it looks to remember not to use one of your hands. All it takes is one little slip up and one of our 50 cameras will catch it. When the water bottle falls, yep, you go to pick it up, you then stare at the camera. Whoever gets out next gets a special prize, but you have 10 seconds.

It is a brand new Nissan. Congratulations on the brand new Nissan. Later, the nerds drive off. I don't know where we're going. You should subscribe so you can compete in one of these articles. It's almost midnight and I'm going to give them sleeping bags because I want them to fall asleep and accidentally take their hands off the Lamborghini.

Who wants a sleeping bag? They certainly did not mean to hit them in the nuts. There are some sleeping bags, all right. Everybody gets a good night's rest. We don't trust ourselves to sleep because our hands are going to move. It turns out he was right. I fell asleep, and I don't feel like waking him up.

I'm going to give him a thousand dollars with this sticky note. Who put that there? I don't know. Good morning, everybody. 28, you survived the night. How are you feeling? Does the team here hate me? I don't know, I hate him. He talks too much. Hey, there we go. Truth be told, I was going to feed them anyway because I can't starve people, but at least we got someone else conveniently.

We have a beast of a burger on the set. Give them the burgers everybody shares. You said you've never had a beef burger. I'm going to be brutally honest. I want you to be brutal. Do you think it's pretty good? It's pretty good there. We went to Delicious. My first time as well. It's a brand new moist burger.

We just clap with our voices. What do you think? It's better than the first one. There we go. I really like the moistness. I'm going to be honest, boys. You've been pretty tame in this article. Let's create mischief and mayhem. Can I scooch past you? Do you think that'd scare anybody if I did one of those really loud ones?

Here are some prizes. Thanks so much, I still walked out with something. Let's go get a wonderland. It's time we did something special. Okay, bring in the ramp. Really, let's go. We are now in the top 20. Only 19 people stand between you and a Lamborghini. Attention everybody, I have an announcement.

We just dropped our brand new documentary. While I'm telling the viewers about it, if one of you makes a basketball shot, I'll give you ten grand. Our brand new documentary is only available on Curiosity Stream. Did someone make it? I need to do this quickly. Curiosity Stream is the number one streaming server for science shows, space shows, history shows, and basically anything educational.

The Curiosity Stream has it. Somehow, while being jam-packed full of educational information, the shows are also very entertaining. All right, and stop shooting. Stop shooting and like I said, it also has our documentary, which I'll tell you how to watch at the end of this article. Of course, David freaking won the ten thousand dollars.

This guy's always winning money. Thank you and congratulations. Corey At least this time you didn't get out during the show. Yeah, we're a little over a day into this challenge and so far 30 people have gone out. I want to get to the top 10 as soon as possible, so I'm going to bring out the big guns.

As you can see, we have another car to give away. How many of you would like to walk away with this brand new mustang? It's a Camaro. I don't know anything about cars. Chris, can you drive it back down and go hide it? Yeah, I'll go ahead. Whoever touches the Camaro first can keep it. Oh, congrats on the new car.

That's a good commercial for the car. Good thing we got the other cars right. And now that those four contestants are out, only 16 of you remain. Since these contestants have survived this far, I decided to reward them with some steak. I didn't realize how hard it is to eat steak with only one hand.

It's so hard. You got caught in 4K. Here's the typical thousand-dollar prize. Give it to random children if you want. I will do that. Jimmy took a nap, but before he did, he gave us a bunch of money. So we put it in a cannon. Our next person in question is asleep. She did it again. We don't have to show the footage.

We are one person off of 10 people left, which is exactly when this challenge starts to get hard, Final 10 And then it's going to get crazy. We're about to do something crazy. I've been waiting for this moment the whole time. Tomorrow's going to be a very big day for all of you, so I'm going to allow you to duct tape your hands to the car for the night so you can get some sleep.

I don't know if this is good or bad, but I can relax my hand at some point. Okay, maybe not. I lied i didn't interact with them for a few hours so they could fall asleep and I could see what happened. Let's just say that people aren't that great at keeping their hands off of Lamborghinis. While they're asleep, let's go break the news to them all right.

Everybody knows, as you can tell by the red lights of Armageddon, that it has happened. fadius, How many people do you think got out? I hate to break the news to you, but half of you are literally out. My God, everyone put your eyeballs on the projector. Up first is our boy Danny. Both your hands are closed.

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