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This is real life. This is Minecraft, and this is Minecraft with real-life graphics. This graphics pack is insane. A real life day is 24 hours; a Minecraft day is 20 minutes. I'm going to do some quick math. They are not the same amount of time. 100 Minecraft days is equal to 33 hours in real life, and that's how long I'm spending in real life.

A few minutes into Minecraft VR, I was already so mystified by my own shadow that it felt like I was really there. That's not a good look. The first several days were boring. I collected resources, found these blue rocks, blah blah, but things got crazy when I got a vision for my base. A place like no other base.

A place where no mobs could ever get me. a place that I'm calling the platform. So yeah, the rest of day five, I kind of just got started on that. On day seven, I had my first visitors. Good to meet you. What's your name? I said what's your name? I worked day and night on this vision of what I'm calling the platform, and before long, it was complete, Dr.

Video Games Tutorials and News - i spent

Phil's fan club. It's time to show you what I've been building for the past nine days. It's a platform, calling it the platform, pretty safe for mobs. It looks cool at night, all right. I like it, and that's all that matters. I needed to go on a journey. I needed to find a village, and on the night of Day 14, that's exactly what we did.

I came to this village for one reason: business. I was checking to see what trades were available and one of the farmers and I just hit it off. I'm following you around for the day. Okay, hey, what's your name? I didn't get your name. Joseph, your name is Joseph. Now I'm going to be honest; I have no idea what his name is.

If you put what he said into Google translate, nothing happens. I need a friend, so I'm naming him Joseph. And that's really none of your business. On day 17, our friendship deepened. Can we talk in private? What do you have to say? I hate farming. I hate my dad. I want to leave this village and see the world.

Maybe even go to a Taylor Swift concert, but most of all I want to slay the ender dragon. So yeah, that's what we're rolling with. The game plan is simple. The first thing I'm doing is destroying Joseph's dad's crops, effectively making Joseph the best farmer in town. Joseph I don't know if you're asleep right now.

Video Games Tutorials and News - i spent 100 days

I literally can't believe your eyes are wide open. Joseph, goodness, okay, you're awake. I'll come back for you and we'll beat that dragon. Okay, I've never beaten that dragon, but we're going to do it. Dragon D's nuts on your chin. Joseph's dad is so occupied with replanting his crops, we're going to bust him out of the village, take him to the end, defeat the ender dragon, and all without dying for the next 80 days.

But on day 20, we hit our first big roadblock. No, my hunger bar's low. I spent the next several days doing more boring stuff, but it was all to prepare for Joseph's escape, so it matters. So here's the updated platform. Yeah, whatever, okay, I need to get back to Joseph, and on my way to Joseph, I wanted to see if moving my arms in real life made me run faster.

Video Games Tutorials and News - i survived 100 days in realistic minecraft

It didn't have Joseph. Has anyone seen Joseph? That's when I ran into Joseph's dad. Hey, I don't mean to bother you. I see you're replanting your crops. Where's your son? Joseph was exactly where he was designed to be, on top of the hill tending to his crops. The crops are looking nice. The crops are looking good.

How have you been? That might just be the saddest thing I've ever heard. Joseph essentially said to Ryan, "Get me out of this stink hole." I haven't taken this head off ever, like I was born with it on my head. I do not have free will. Help me at this point, I've been in this VR world for 10 hours straight.

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I need to go to bed myself. I need to sleep for real. Like irl so far it's been 30 days. We're at level 28. We haven't died yet. We need to get Joseph to the end. This is the strongest emotional connection I've ever made. Don't tell my wife. Wake up joseph, in my world, six hours had passed since I last saw Joseph in his three weeks, and no, that time didn't count towards my hundred days, so I've got a lot of work to do.

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I left the village before Joseph could notice. I decided that before I could get Joseph to escape, I needed to get him a name tag. Name tags allow you to name NPCs. One of the only ways to get name tags is through fishing. The only catch? They're extremely rare, so I needed to make an enchanted fishing pole.

Certain enchantments increase the odds of you getting rare items like name tags, so I started slaughtering cows for the enchantment table. I promise it's necessary. On the night of day 34, I almost died, and on day 36, we finally had our enchantment table. Ryan, are you really going to enchant a fishing pole on your first enchantment?

Yes, and our first fishing pole was really bad. It's probably the worst you could get. You see, we're looking for the enchanted luck of the sea, which allows us to get the name tag faster. Then we enchanted it again, and we got it. That thing's heavy. I combined our two enchanted fishing poles and gave them a name that the world would remember: hashtag free Joseph.

Video Games Tutorials and News - minecraft vr

So on day 39. I started fishing with the hashtag # freeJoseph and before long days turned into weeks, well like hours, days I don't know anymore, on the night of day 49. I was doing some fishing thinking about how I would get Joseph out of that village when something crazy happened. Don't mess with my boat.

Now I'm pretty bad at Minecraft, but even I know that zombies and villagers go into boats and you can move them that way, but I just forgot, and now I had confirmation that I could really get Joseph out of there. Thank you so much. You are so sweet. On day 51, I luckily caught a really good bow, like really good, and finally, after 14 days of fishing, Tags There's nothing in this world that is more precious to us than our names.

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I'm on my way to Joseph. I'm on my way to Joseph. I have a surprise for you: three, two, and one. Seeing Joseph's name hover above his straw hat gave me goosebumps. Those piercing green eyes were looking into mine. I don't know, it's like he was really in the room with me and there was just this understanding that we would never leave each other's side.

Video Games Tutorials and News - realistic minecraft

He's leaving what the heck, when I got to the village, I saw a disproportionate number of farmers making out with each other. It was at this moment that I realized the perfect plan to help Joseph escape. I would need a distraction. In a village full of testosterone-charged farmers, there was only one thing that could get their attention: A 200 foot tall farmersonly, com, billboard that casts shadows so wide the entire town would be hypnotized by it.

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