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If you're familiar with Fiverr, if you're not, Fiverr is essentially a website where you can pay people for freelance services like graphic design, animation, and most importantly, game development. So I thought it would be a good idea to pay different game developers on Fiverr to make the exact same game.

I would provide them all with the same game brief and it was up to them to make the game. But before we get into the article, a lot of you guys have asked me what software I use to make my games. The answer is Game Maker, which has also sponsored today's article. Game Maker is the fastest and friendliest cross-platform game development software out there.

Whether you already create games or you're looking to start, a game maker is the software for you. Some of the biggest indie games out there, such as Undertale, Hyperlite, and more, have been made using Game Maker, proving how powerful of a tool it is for game developers. Art coding game design It can all be done in Game Maker with no barrier to entry, making Game Maker Studio 2 the ultimate 2D development environment.

Video Games Tutorials and News - fiverr

Another feature that makes Game Maker special is its drag and drop system. You can create a game without ever having to write code. Just choose what you need from their extensive library of events and actions to create any game you want. Game Maker provides a wide range of both article and written tutorials for you as well, so you can learn and create your game all in one place, from endless runners to platformers.

RPGs, and classic arcade games. The learning content has you covered. You can also meet thousands of other game developers by joining game makers' forums, discord, and reddit. Here you can talk to others about your favorite games. Learn from other game developers and, most importantly, get fixes for bugs in your game.

I highly recommend you give Game Maker a try, as it is my favorite way to make games and the game development software I use the most. Back to the article, so, here's the plan: I was going to write up a brief for a game and find three different fiverr game developers. Send them the brief and play and review the games when they arrive.

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Let's start with the game brief. The endless runner genre has been a popular game genre over the past few years, so I wanted to make one with guns. The name of the game I wanted to create was Gunner Runner, and the brief is as follows: It's like an endless runner platform game but with shooting elements.

Whilst jumping over obstacles in an endless runner gameplay environment, you also have a gun and can shoot enemies for extra points. Some enemies also have weapons and will try to shoot at you. The game should get progressively harder as it goes on. Please be creative. Please also use royalty-free graphics, assets, or graphics you create and give me permission to use them.

An endless runner with shooting mechanics. Now that we've got our brief, let's head on over to Fiverr and see what we can find. When I first started looking through the Fiverr gigs, I noticed a lot of them had something in common. The starting app price would be pretty cheap, especially for a game development gig.

Video Games Tutorials and News - fiverr game development

However, their first package was simple bug fixes. If you wanted a game developed, it would cost upwards of a thousand dollars. However, I tried contacting some of these sellers anyway, but when I told them my budget for the project, I didn't get a response. I eventually found someone that was interested.

I found a gig, contacted the seller, we agreed on ten dollars for my project requirements, and with that, our first order was made. For the second order, I found another gig that was ten dollars, sent my offer, the seller accepted, and we had our second order. For the third order, the seller offered to do it for $25.

And our third and final order was made. Within a week, I had all three games back, and I was ready to play. All right, so here we are with the first game, Endless Runner, so let's start by checking out how to play. Don't run into blocks. Shoot enemies for extra points. Up to jump right to shoot and f11 for full screen.

Video Games Tutorials and News - fiverr i paid

Let's start and give it a shot. Okay, I like it so far, so let's shoot. It's nice and obviously a block, so let's jump. Okay, pretty simple, pretty simple, so essentially what it looks like is that this is going to be tricky and we've died. All right, so we got our distance and we got our score, so let's restart.

Let's have another shot, All right, this is getting tricky, so it looks like there's only one obstacle left, and that is this reoccurring block, and obviously the monsters. They're not really an obstacle; they're just there for extra points. You know, the game's pretty simple, but it does the trick.

It's pretty much what I asked for. It's an endless runner with shooting mechanics. The enemies don't really attack; they're just there for points, but that's cool as well. But yeah, overall, pretty fun. I'm about to hit a high score. There we go. Okay, cool game. One was called Endless Runner.

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This game had a nice pixel art design, and the game also got progressively faster and more difficult as time went on, which helped with the gameplay. The endless runner system was good too. The shooting worked well, and overall the game was simple yet effective for only ten dollars. This game was great as a possible prototype or starting point for a future project.

Alright, here we are with the second game, Gunner Runner, so let's press any key to start it and let's give it a go. We can jump, we can also shoot, we can collect gems. This is pretty good. So far, I see that our first enemy is ourselves. Let's take him out. I think it's okay that I just died, but I respawned because I have a heart.

That's awesome all right, let's try to play. I really like the endless running obstacles. They're sort of randomly generated. That's pretty cool, so let's do that and continue playing on. What I like about both the games so far is that the distance run is not exactly your score. You can do other things to get more points, so you can obviously kill enemies in this one and collect gems.

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Man, this feels like a great arcade game. It feels like it's got a consistent gameplay loop, so you can basically keep playing for as long as you can maintain your heart, so we've just died, then as long as we collect another heart, we can keep playing, which is great. It's great for doing high scores, and the variety of obstacles is really awesome.

So I like this one. Let's try to go for ten thousand. See if we can get ten thousand. All right, we're down to one heart. We've got a thousand points left that we want to get. Let's try to avoid as many enemy bullets as possible. The game's actually getting faster, I've noticed. That's awesome so it does get progressively more difficult.

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