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So, sponsored by Witch Song Miniatures, I think it's finally time to finally start building on the insanest, moodiest, coolest gaming table the world has ever seen. Three years ago, Luke from Geek Gaming and I started working on our dream gaming table to make something as detailed as if it were a small diorama but a full-scale gaming table.

The only problem was that after we had booked sponsors, we had started planning, we had a day for him to fly up here and then go with it, and since then the projects have just been on ice, but as you know from my last couple of articles. I've been super excited about Mordheim and Diablo 3, so I think the time has finally come for me to start planning and building on the most epic gaming table I could ever build.

So let me lay the idea down in Diablo 3. They have all the roads and streets on different platforms, so you're playing on different levels and plateaus throughout the entire city. Another really cool thing about West March is that it has a lot of hidden doors, entrances, and sewers. All of that kind of stuff, I think, would be amazing to explore on a gaming table, and even more so, just the way that the streets look.

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There are small paths where there's water running around, you have these grass tufts flopping up in between the different stones on the streets, and it just really feels like a cool, moody abandoned city. For one cool detail that I've never seen on a gaming table before, and there's probably a good reason for it, it's these different lines and ropes that go between the different houses in the city.

I understand it will be difficult to move figures in between different things like this, but for me and this idea, I just want the atmosphere to be spot on. So throughout the past couple of days, we've done a bunch of sketches of different houses that we like and how to make these houses get more layers on top of them.

Maybe plateaus that you can walk on or maybe ladders or wooden stairs that go around the towers or bridges between different parts of the cities, as well as unique ways to make your way across from one house to another without having to take the regular street path, so maybe suspension bridges or something like that.

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I would prefer it if the city is intact. Maybe the city has been left for, I don't know, 20 or 30 years, so things are starting to fall into despair and many of the buildings could look more ramshackled than freshly built. A few years ago, I listened to an audiobook from the Games Workshop game Warhammer and the World, specifically, Shadespire.

And that game takes place in a city called Mirror City, where the inhabitants have found a way to trap people's souls into something called Shade Glass, so people's souls and their minds can live on forever, meaning that history, knowledge, and memories will be left behind for the next generation. But because Nagash was so jealous and considered all of these souls to belong to him, he put a curse on the entire city, so that the entire city had sort of become frozen in time, but because of the value of these and the people trapped inside of this mirrored glass, there were a lot of different warbands who tried to enter the city and find this valuable.

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And most of these they never leave because the city is cursed and they get trapped as well, and the idea of that city and the atmosphere of it just speaks to me so much. I love the artwork of it. I love the stories from it. So maybe we can combine the best from these three worlds: from Mordheim, from Diablo, and Shadespire.

Okay, so let's bring out the table. I really want to have a big gaming table. So this one is slightly bigger than six times four feet, or about the size of the old Warhammer gaming tables. It's bigger than the ones they have now, but for what we want to do. I think that's fair, and one of the things that I mentioned is that I want to have many different tattoos, so I think that building up the city like this, where the river is down in the center, maybe have some piers coming across, and then have dogs and houses the further out we move from the center,.

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Witch Song Miniatures, and they have a line of ultra high-detail, big baddies for home 3D printing, and there are a lot of awesome patrons and memberships out there, but Witch Song Miniatures is here to shake all of that up by offering the 3D printable subscription for only one dollar. It's very simple.

And the big bad guys range in size from 140 millimeters all the way up to 170. All of them come on these pretty scenic bases. If you like, you can pay three dollars per month and not only get this awesome looking boss, but you will also get busts, stat sheets for your games, additional pulses, and just a ton more.

You don't even have to join to get one free miniature. No pledge is necessary. You get one for free no matter what you're going to do, so there's no reason not to check it out. And with that, let's start painting some houses, and because we're going to have to paint about two-thirds of these houses, we've had to figure out a way to paint them fast at a high level.

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We start off with a scented spray of white through the airbrush. The green for the bricks is a mix between the contrast paints, warp lightning, and dark oath flesh. I then spray the mountain side with dark oath flesh, paint all of the wood parts with a brush with the wild wood contrast paint, and that is our foundation for most of the parts of the houses.

The roofs, however, are super important. When we recorded this article, we used a kilian green mixed with plague bearer flesh to make the perfect turquoise. However, since the article was recorded, there's a new citadel paint called Alderi Emerald that's pretty much the same tone straight out of the pot.

For having the dark and gritty contrasted with a luminous and bright fiery orange, helps your brain understand that the light from the windows is coming from a fire or maybe just a candle, and that, in its turn, makes you understand how much darker the environment outside of the houses really is. With that, I think it's time for a grand house reveal.

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So I'm really happy with how these ended up looking. I feel like the atmosphere is just spot on once we have it in the city, and the city is dark and gloomy as well. It'll be super beautiful. Another idea I've had just now as we've built this is to maybe have something like aqueducts with water coming out from the sides of the table and then pouring down to the river in the center, and of course we need to add sewers, so maybe people could play on these areas underneath, the streets, and under the buildings and just open up for new ways to play games on a gaming table.

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