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I'm a 3D artist, and today I'm designing entirely new Minecraft bosses for biomes that don't have them yet because right now there aren't a lot of them, but here's a catch: in three days, a real mod developer is going to judge whatever I make from 1 to 10. Last time he told me to seek therapy, so I really hope I can make a good impression this time.

These are some of my favorites I've made yet, so if you like what you see, I'd appreciate it if you subscribe. If you've played Minecraft, you know it has a lot of biomes. So to keep things simple, the first biome I'm making in custom boss 4 is the force bi, which is one of the most common. But where it gets complicated is that there's not just one forest biome, there's like 10 different options, things like the dark forest or the birch forest, and even those have a bunch of their own variants, but the one I'm focusing on first is the flower forest.

It's a rare biome with fewer trees and other biomes but enough flowers that maybe even instagramers couldn't ruin it. On top of that, it generates an abnormally large number of bee hives, which is going to be important later. If I'm going to impress the mod developer, I need to make something that actually fits thematically with the biome it's made for, and that's where the Venus flytrap comes in.

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Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that trap insects when at least two of the hairs in their mouth get triggered, but they don't just catch flies and small insects; they've even been known to catch bees. A venus flytrap, boss, would make so much sense in this biome, so that's exactly what I made.

I started by making the stem in the mouth and even added some 2D planes that will eventually be leaf arms, but now the natural question is how it will move, leaf legs. Let's get weird fast. I added 2d planes for the teeth and also some thorns along the stem. Finally, I started the process of texturing.

I did the basic colors first, and then I used other textures as stencils to add some variation. It's looking pretty cool, but if I'm going to impress the mod developer, I need to decide not only how it looks but also how it's going to work. The flytrap boss would spawn whenever a bee tries to pollinate a flytrap plant, which means pretty rarely in the flower forest.

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As for how it attacks, just think of this but. The boss will also heal itself by burrowing underground, forcing the player to dig it out when it reaches half health. It sprouts legs and does all the same stuff whilst running around like a maniac. When it's finally defeated, it drops thorns for these thorn bushes, which are basically cobwebs that cause damage but only down to having a heart, which would make them very overpowered for farming.

I'm really happy with how this one turned out, but I'm not looking forward to explaining the leaves and legs to a professional or mod developer. And real quickly, before I design, probably the coolest thing I've made in this article is partnered with Core, so I want to tell you about them super quickly.

Core is a free PC gaming platform where anyone can create and share their own games, either from scratch or using the thousands of pre-made assets they have available. You can download it from the Epic Games store. It can be difficult to learn, but a lot of the difficult stuff, like coding and networking, isn't required with the core.

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That being said, if you do like pain, you can still dive into the coding if that's what you want. On top of all that. Core offers a very competitive revenue share model in a society where Roblox takes 75 percent. Fortnite takes 95 percent, and Core really takes one for the team, offering a 50/50 split and covering all fees and marketplace taxes.

The next biome I wanted to do was the jungle biome. It's a lush environment that's usually hard to navigate because of the dense plant life and obstacles. It's also home to jungle temples and watermelon. For some reason, for such a unique biome, I wanted to make a boss with unique challenges based on the landscape.

Who built these temples? Who eats the watermelon? Lemurs lemurs are native to Madagascar, which I guess technically is more savannah, but there are jungles too. Lemurs wouldn't be the boss; they'd be a new neutral mob that would spawn mostly in jungles and be able to climb walls and jump between them.

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For the jungle boss. I wanted to make the lemur king, but unlike most bosses, the lemur king wouldn't attack the player; instead he'd run as fast as possible in the opposite direction while spawning endless hordes of angry lemurs to harass the player. It's definitely not annoying at all, and I'm sure it will be lots of fun to deal with when it's defeated.

It would remove the jungle staff, which would allow players to stick to walls and propel them forward like the trident. I had to make the regular lemur first, then I used the ocelot model as reference, with a couple of major differences, like more joints on the limbs. This way, it can stand upright without looking.

Next, I made a crown and a few more tweaks, and with that, the model was complete for the texturing. I referenced real lemurs while using stencil textures just like before, and finally the lemur king's design was done. It's a bit simpler than the flytrap, but the next boss ended up blowing them both out of the water.

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I'm still happy with how they turned out and I think they fit the jungle theme well, but unfortunately, the day of judgment was almost upon me. A mod developer would be judging my work so far, so I needed the final boss to be a 10 out of 10. The next biome I wanted to do was another biome. The nether was completely revamped fairly recently, adding several unique biomes from the basalt, deltas, and warp forest, so it would be cool to make a boss that incorporates some of these new elements.

I wanted this one to be a true final boss, much stronger than all the other ones. The idea I had was the nether dragon, and it would only be available after defeating the regular ender dragon. A lot to live up to. I started my design with the original Ender Dragon model but with a number of key differences.

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For starters, the tail has a trident formation on it now, and there are three heads instead of one. A lot of the design will have to depend on the texturing, and this is where it really starts to shine. I started the texturing with a few main things in mind. This boss would basically be the Ender Dragon re-animated.

By pure rage, it exists as an unstable collection of lava and netherrack protected by netherrite, armor that heals it over time. The only way to stop it from healing would be to get it down to half health, at which point the armor would break, exposing it. More of the lava and netherrack. I started the texturing with the head and really did my best to make it fit the theme of the mouth.

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