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There's no doubt that hidden rooms are super cool. It's something I would always dream of having as a kid, so today I did just that. But this all started because I wanted to solve a problem, over and over again, so much so that I can't find a room in the house where I can escape the noise. I need to make myself a soundproof room no matter what it takes, so here's the plan.

This is my parents' old office, and they don't use it that much, so I'm going to use it as my blank canvas to make this room now. In order to get this project started, I had to replace the whole upstairs floor. Like we're 15 seconds into the article, I already spent over eight thousand dollars just on this dumpster and to redo the floor.

You know, we didn't even start on the actual room yet. I'm giving myself the next 12 days to finish this project, and that's because Mom, Dad, and I I'm flying my friend Dan from the UK, and he's coming in two weeks. What should I do? I'ma just make an extra room wait. I bought my first song. This is probably the craziest project I've ever gotten into because I have to learn about making walls and engineering stuff that I probably didn't listen to when I was in high school, so yeah, let's get started.

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The lights don't work; nothing works. Got electrical problems? We're in the middle of construction right now. This, Video is literally costing me more than I ever thought, and if you think things couldn't get worse, that was only the start. So when you do the framing, make sure that's like the most important thing because that's your base.

If you mess up your base, then you're going to have to start all over again. When you're done well, do you see the air bubble? It's not in the middle. Can you see that face? That's a face of frustration because I had to spend an extra day to completely remove and restart, making this project two days behind schedule.

Okay, so at this point I really don't know if we can get this done on time. I don't have building experience. I do is build Ikea furniture and paint, so I mean, the logical thing to do is just hire some people to help. I actually asked a few contractors out at the last minute, but just to do the walls, they were asking for over twenty thousand dollars, so we needed to find someone else.

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He's a mess again and just like that, I think we might have found her person. I need help. I can't do it by myself. I have to go to my job and come back home. You're going to kill me. Hey, I'm not 20 years old anymore. Yeah, you're 21. Yeah, Okay, so it's currently midnight right now and both of my parents are sleeping.

I need to keep working because Dan is coming by the end of the week, so yeah, pretty much I'm going to be cutting all the wood down here. Hopefully, when I hammer the wood, it won't wake them up. I just have to get this done. I'm sorry Mom and Dad, but this has to get done. Try not to make any noise right now.

Mom I needed to get this done before Dan came, so I had to get up. So I sent my parents off to watch a show, and the following night I sent them to the nightclub. This is just to buy me some extra time to work at night. This is too nice. I could be as loud as I wanted to be. It just doesn't even matter.

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I could just yell. I think I screwed over a thousand screws. I don't know why, but every single time I close my eyes or try to go to sleep, I like it. Here are the screws. The next day, it was finally time to do the one thing my mom absolutely did not want me to do, so I'm doing it in my window.

Well, I'm still doing it anyway. I'm not happy about it. She's just really scared that the room's going to be too dark, but I wasn't going to work in complete darkness, so I used my engineering skills to figure out how to turn the ceiling fan into an outlet and look. I'm a genius. Let's just hope the house doesn't burn down.

My mom's afraid I'm destroying her house rather than renovating it. And Mom, I can't guarantee that, but what I can guarantee is that this is going to be cool because not only did I find a bookcase door online. I mean, check this out. It's literally a door that's a bookshelf, but I can also guarantee that this room will be completely soundproof.

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I hope this is how bad it sounded before we started getting very echoy. You could probably hear me, so. We're going to need some help, and here's how: I used to work at this cafe with my dad, and right next to the cafe, this crazy music studio opened, and I'll always remember walking into it and just telling myself I need this for me one day, which got me thinking.

What if I just go and ask the same companies that helped make the music studio and see if they can help me make a soundproofed room? I sent a super intricate email to the same company that made the music studio that I love so much, and to my surprise, we actually got a reply. Okay, I'm not a sound expert, but let me break this down.

My guy Josh here set my room measurements, all the way to Portugal for the acoustic sound. The engineers worked their magic and came back with this 3D render of what the room will look like, and to make it easier to understand, they showed me that each screen dot you see in this room is a sound particle, and without the acoustic panels, the sound just becomes super echo.

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But the moment you slap them on, the sound becomes nice and crisp. Go back to that car to the left. We got my fellow French-speaking man. Kelly, and he was like, "We love your articles, and we want your room to not only be made with the best but also some of the best, so how would you like it if we sent you ten thousand dollars?" An acoustic panel and a pair of focala speakers to help you make this happen.

Dad, Mom, I hope you're proud of that French accent right there. There's over ten thousand dollars' worth of stuff here. Let's open it. So yeah, the room needs to be like airtight and if I don't do it properly, they pretty much said that all of this is just a waste of tens of thousands of dollars, so yeah.

I just wanted to know about my sister. I worked over 200 hours just to construct the actual room, and even though we got over ten thousand dollars' worth of free stuff, this article still cost me over twenty thousand to make. And when I said that to my friend, you told me something that I should have thought of before.

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It could be like renovating your own place. That's like a whole car, but you see, the problem with that is that it's not a hidden room. But honestly, I think this is the coolest thing I've ever done to date. Ah, I just finished ascending. Now onto the painting. It is extremely dusty and it's arriving tomorrow, which is going to give us just over 24 hours to make this room.

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