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I'm going to be hiding from my mom in a secret hidden gaming room in our house. She'll have 20 minutes to try and find me. Here is the secret room. There is no space to fit a gaming setup, of course, which is really good and I'm actually quite excited about doing this, but obviously it's pretty hard to get a whole game set up in this room, so I'm going to ask my dad for some help.

I'll also show you where this room is located in the house later on in the article. Dad, I need to ask you something. You know how long it takes mom to go shopping? You mean, how long does mom normally take when she's shopping? So basically, this might sound weird, but I just have to say yes anyway, so I need you to film me.

Put the gaming setup in the secret room in the house, and hold on, where's the secret room? I'll show you in a minute, but like it doesn't matter why you know, because basically what I'm going to do is tell Mom she has 20 minutes to try and find me and I'll just be in the secret room. Where's the secret room?

i said i'll show you, come in, look at this. Are you serious, Diana? This is in my gym. Yeah, well that's a good thing because she wouldn't like expect to find me in the gym. She's never going to know about this room yeah because she doesn't go in the gym so she probably doesn't know what this is here, it's tiny though, wouldn't it?

Video Games Tutorials and News - gaming room

I wouldn't call it tiny. Well, it is obviously tiny. Look at it. It's got room for maybe all of my stuff and I've already got things in mind what else i'm gonna put in here not just gaming stuff will this work yeah obviously. If only you could come up with these article ideas. Is this trending on YouTube or something?

Maybe you've watched it on YouTube. Maybe first we have to get the table in there because we need that for the computer monitor and all that kind of stuff. Obviously, let me see first. I would test with like the pinky slash, galaxy, There we go, sort of a vibe here, keyboard, all of that kind of stuff.

Video Games Tutorials and News - gaming setup

We also have a table over here with a plant and snacks. Yeah, this thing right here that I'm sitting on is like, I don't know what it's called actually. It's like a pillow or a chair, I guess, but you don't sit on it. You sit against it. Then we have the mini fridge, which you can see with the snacks and drinks in, and on top of that you've got a little star candle, which isn't lit but you get the point, and of course, stuff for the jigs, and up here we have the flamingo lamp, which is very nice and actually does a lot.

It's like it made the whole room go pink. So let me just turn the flamingo off so you can see what it would look like. So that's like sort of nighttime vibes, so it's all blue and purple, but I think I prefer different vinegar because it's brighter. We've got a very nice blanket from the guest room.

hello, wait a minute. Tiana, you're phoning me. Dad's got a camera in my face. What's going on? First of all, calm down. Second of all, let me explain. Basically, what's going on is that I have turned one of the secret rooms in this house into a hidden gaming room. Right, first of all, let me ask you something.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden gaming room

Have you made any messes? No, it's very nice actually. Okay, but the whole point of you being filmed is that I've given you 20 minutes to try it one day because obviously I'm hidden. Okay tiana I'm a bit late, I'm a bit tired [laughs]. Around the house, can I have a clue then? It's not even 20 minutes long, and the only clue you get is that it's a secret room.

There are no secret rooms here, Tiiana. I know every room in the house. That means you'll find her easily then, but bye bye. That's all I have to say. Okay bye, the clock's ticking, I need to go. I'm definitely thinking about keeping this here for quite a while, at least because I like it, but yeah, I wonder how long it will take her to find me if you don't give me a clue.

My first one is in there though. Hold on a minute, that's the toilet. Yeah, she is a weirdo. How can you put a gaming setup in the toilet? I don't know, she's full of surprises. If you don't help me or give me little hints or clues, your dinner is going to be late. Come on, come on. It's a challenge.

Video Games Tutorials and News - hidden room

You've accepted the challenge. You've got 20 minutes. I've got dinner to cook. Okay, one clue. You're going to get one, and it's upstairs. That's where it is upstairs. But obviously. I said in one of my last articles that because this is our new house. I've been exploring it a lot since we sort of just moved in here, and I guess that's just what you do when you leave a house.

You can even see a door. Can you see that I don't like it there? There are two of those in this room. I think there are like two other rooms in this secret room, but I don't think you can go inside of them. I think it's just like a storage loft. I think I have good shirts at the desk [laughter].

What's left of it, I can't believe what I'm watching. I'll say it again, she's full of surprises. You're never gonna find it at this rate, and my dinner's gonna be like, I'm not gonna get it if you're going to look in places like that. I'm not eating tonight. Stop looking in silly places. This is a dark room.

Video Games Tutorials and News - i built a secret hidden gaming room

Are you in there? It's a wardrobe. Listen to this. This is your last clue. It's a secret room. Do you know what a room means? It's a secret one, and it's hidden. That doesn't mean it's a drawer. It's not a drawer wardrobe. It's a kitchen sink dustbin. It's a secret room. I forgot about any more secret rooms.

Not sponsored if it was me who would have set this challenge, yeah, it would have been over within a minute. No, because when we did hide and seek, we couldn't find her. I thought that was the only secret I was hiding and seeking differently. That's someone hiding and me seeking. This is a gaming setup.

Yeah, you're not going to find a secret room here, are you? Well, what about in that box? There's never going to be a secret gaming room in that box? Come on, my belly's rumbling now. You need to find her. You've got five minutes. The clock's ticking well. Stop it because your dinner's nearly done.

I love it. It was hard to find, though. Look, you did very well. I put my flamingo on. That's cute i like it. I think you should leave it like this. You know, I think you should stay here. Yeah, I'll get a lock for the door and lock you in. That's it that's not very nice. A really good team.

I love it. If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram.

I built a secret hidden gaming room in my house and gave my parents 20 minutes to find me.
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